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  1. Is that a hammertone finish on those parts? Looks great.
  2. I just picked up this brass lamp and haven't even hit Google yet. It's in pretty nice shape including the gas nozzle and a 3/16" flat glass lens but it does have a few dents. It's 7" in diameter, 7 1/2" long by 9 1/2" total length. Is anyone familiar with the Sunlyte brand made in New York? I would like to know the age of this and what makes of cars would have originally used it if possible, TIA.
  3. One surprising and slightly alarming thing I noticed at this show was how many cars with wide whitewall tires had dirty or cracked whitewalls. Dirty always surprises me since the whitewall is such a noticeable part of a classic but cracked indicates age damage and makes me hope this car doesn't spend much time on the road. There were a large amount of trailers on site so maybe....
  4. Unfortunately I did not take many pictures of the white car because I thought I already had at a previous show - turns out I was wrong! These are the only others, I have never seen hubcaps like those before. The owner also put every kind of Packard emblem on the front.
  5. That would be one of my choices but the Bentley would top my list.
  6. After almost two years of car gathering drought I was very fortunate to attend the Westlake show this past Saturday. They were celebrating their 10th anniversary and I have been to about half of those, but it was canceled last year. The weather cooperated and gave us a cool and totally clear day and they had a great turnout of about 100 cars, most of which were very high quality. They expanded their age range to 1900 - 1969 this year so there was a lot to see. The prewar era was well represented by everything from Model A Fords to Rolls-Royces, and even a fabulous blower Bentley. Later models included everything from 50s cruisers to a 1969 Hemi Charger. Here is a sampling:
  7. Generally any metal-on-wood-frame car should be judged on how tightly the doors and trunk fit without any sagging or dragging. Inspect the car carefully, get underneath with a light and examine the exposed wood parts. If the car has a trunk see if the wood structure is exposed and check it out. Panel alignment is a good tipoff, narrow gap at the top of a door and wide gap at the bottom is not good. I purchased an all-original 34 Packard sedan sight unseen and part of what sold me the car was video showing all four doors with even gaps, opening easily and closing with one-finger pressure.
  8. Move along, nothing to see here. You made the right call.
  9. Interesting, never saw that before. Much better than drilling holes in the front of the cap for a zerk fitting!
  10. My father was a company rep for Oakite in the 1940s and 50s in the Chicago area. We had lots of samples all over the house and garage.
  11. Messko meters were originally made from 1922-35 by the Hauser company in Frankfurt, then again after WW2. That fliptop dogbone is very nice and desirable because it is brass instead of pot metal. The male threads do indicate it may fit a Model T but there were other cars that used the same design radiator neck.
  12. I have a 66 Monaco wagon and would be glad to answer any questions. I have found the best source for all kinds of info is the "For C Bodies Only" online forum at Welcome to For C Bodies Only Mopar Forum | For C Bodies Only Classic Mopar Forum. It is a typical forum in regard to accuracy of information but it is quite busy and great for researching, looking at photos, etc. The full size Mopars are great overbuilt cars that are still a bit of a secret in the car hobby, the 66 Monaco is a fine choice but of course I am prejudiced!
  13. No drive train or interior for $21,500 - absolutely ridiculous.
  14. Generic pot metal, threads look iffy.
  15. Amazing to see the battlefield where two armies marched in wide straight lines to a point where they were close enough to see each other's faces, then fired single shot guns that took a long time to reload, and continued to stand in those lines without running away. Wow.
  16. Was your car noisy inside before or is heat insulation the main issue? My 60 seems very quiet inside the few times I have driven it with the windows closed...
  17. Way too much money spent fixing "problems" that did not need fixing. Did the 59 Buick have rear leaf springs? I doubt it. Wheels, tires and pipes look cheap and detract from the appearance.
  18. More than the size, the fact it is plated brass is more unique for a generic cap, most were cheaply made from stamped aluminum.
  19. Not really that large, could be a generic replacement for many vehicles.
  20. The one glaring spot in my interior is the drivers side door armrest patched with very attractive red duct tape. I posted on the Facebook group for suggestions on recovering but got generic "take it to a trim shop" responses. Has anyone actually done one of these who can share photos and specifics on how it is done? My main concern is how the foam underneath is handled if it crumbles from age. Thanks in advance.
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