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    1930 cf fuse size

    Rhode Island Wiring is where I got my 1931 DB harness. EXCELLENT quality and price.
  2. More about the car....
  3. I saw that serrated radiator shell and thought Daimler, but could not find a like example of the chassis/running board area.
  4. I am thinking that they may go between the side windows and the roof.
  5. Does the choke plate not cover the intake hole enough to draw fuel?
  6. This shows more complete front detail....
  7. Middle is a 1933 Chevrolet.
  8. Far left is a 1934 Plymouth DeLuxe Town Sedan.
  9. Sorry....I meant to say that it doesn't have the radius like the other examples I see. My bad typing.
  10. Looks like a 1927 Dodge Brothers Standard sedan with newer bumper and added cowl lamps to me.
  11. The wood hood edge does seem to have a radius like on all of the other examples I see.
  12. With those rubber channels(?), it looks like they go on a window to me.
  13. The "Instruction Book" IS the owner's manual for Chrysler products. Here is an example and it will have the timing information in it. You might go to Bishko Books for the Model 50 Instruction Book. There were no shop manuals for those years.
  14. Just in front of the right rear tire....very light colored. Looks kinda like dirt or a rock, but is a foot.
  15. That GIANT/tall hood is what is baffling me on this one.