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  1. I have seen those on a few cars. Some were dealer accessories, others were aftermarket.
  2. Don't feel bad....we have all done similar (or worse) goofs.
  3. I will try to get the piston back out and get a photo or two. Thanks for the replies, folks.
  4. Years ago I was in the process of installing the pistons in my 1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 coupe engine and chipped a babbitted rod bearing. It is a small chip about 1/8" at the most in width. I gave up finishing the engine rebuild as I did not want to put a chipped bearing in. Was I wrong in worrying about it? I just had three guys who drive Model A Fords tell me to just finish the engine as the chip would only act as a pool for oil to sit in. I REALLY want to finish my original 1931 coupe that I have had since I was 15, but am worried about the chip. What say you guys about this?
  5. Another Model A tour is in progress. My honey said she heard an old car horn so I went out to investigate. There was also a 1957 Thunderbird....
  6. This one shows three places for screws.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/153752455324?hash=item23cc5c489c:g:LQEAAOSw~Wpd6ql5
  7. To tell the truth, my most memorable car ride was when I street raced a 1967 Camaro in my 1968 Road Runner and avoided getting busted by three police cars full of cops. I should probably say no more about it....
  8. My original 1931 DB coupe is called the "red '31" and the other is the "blue and black '31".
  9. I can tell you that it is upside down. Looks like from a roadster or touring car.
  10. Type in "vintage bumper" on Ebay and see the model car bumpers available. You may just get lucky. I see many model car bumpers on there all the time. Here is one for a 1961 Falcon.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/334088908331?hash=item4dc9402e2b:g:ZCQAAOSwj5RgzOab
  11. I cannot count the times I have been impressed by a car ride, but riding in this Imperial while looking through the top at the stars was MOST impressive in my childhood. My Dad was a Chrysler executive and had access to the car provided by Chrysler for the Queen of England's Canadian tour. He brought it home and took us five kids for a ride at night. Fun stuff....
  12. The different amount on deterioration may have to do with the climate the speedometer spent it's life in. I think a lot of heat and cold expansion may have more stress on the pot metal than say a full time moderate climate would.
  13. Could be 1946-early 1949.
  14. I was 15 when I got my first old car. I hope he is better than me at restoring his.
  15. This is sort of a cool item for me since I am a Chrysler Corporation fanatic (thanks Dad).
  16. I have a small collection of items from various world's fairs. Here are a few. The small, bronze tray has a view from above like on the paperweight. It was among a bunch of cookie sheets at a yard sale. I looked closely at it and saw the etchings on it. I showed the guy and asked if he was sure he only wanted a dime for it and he said yes.
  17. Terry....I have the same paper weights as yours. My honey got me the Dort item and I got the Chalmers item from an antique mall. A good friend gave me the ashtray. He said i would appreciate it more than he would. They all sit right in front of me as I type and I enjoy them every day.
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