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  1. It was possibly identified as a 1925 or so Star/Durant frame with a different front axle.
  2. I will relay that information.
  3. The rear two cross braces were yanked and bent. I am pretty sure they should be straight.
  4. I am pretty certain the frame was used on a farm or as a wagon to be towed. That is a homemade swivel assembly from what I see. A steel plate was added to the front axle and the swivel unit incorporated. With all of those leaves on the springs and no rear rise in the frame, I was thinking truck.
  5. From another site, this frame seems like maybe a truck frame. What do you think?
  6. Looks almost like a cardboard prop with the wrinkle in the body.
  7. Can we get a peek at the whole car, Tim?
  8. Can you provide a photo of your manifold? I have a couple, but not sure if I have the one you need.
  9. Next to one of my favorite cars....I am the beardless one....
  10. 1934 Ford. The '34 had two hood latches per side. The '33 had one.
  11. I used to see a few of those running around San Diego when I lived there. Neat cars.
  12. It's a 1934 Hudson (1935 has a split rear window) is the 4 door version slightly customized....
  13. I see a lot of 1935 and 1936 Fords across the street. Trying to figure out the sedan across the street on the left. Second from left could be a 1931 DeSoto sedan.
  14. 1966. Here is the color chart....Regal Red
  15. Would LOVE to see photos of your 1931 Dodge.
  16. Try here....
  17. Some Maxwells had the full spoked wheel mounted on the rear.