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  1. Perhaps as a child, your mother saw the "folded in half" windshield as 2 windshields.
  2. Can you please post more photos here?
  3. This one has the finger grips on the inside of the rim....
  4. Odd that they would let the crooked bumper clamp go in a show like that. I know. I am just too picky.
  5. Looks like a two door hardtop to me. I see only one door handle and the top for the sedan is different.
  6. First one looks to be about a 1926 Jordan....second one is a Model T Ford, maybe about a 1926? Here is the Jordan.
  7. Do you think they may have used the DeSoto handles on the Canadian built Dodges? Just curious.
  8. Chrysler push button transmission control started in 1956.
  9. NOT a Lincoln. This Continental was from a separate division, the Continental division.
  10. I'll take the Chrysler roadster around the corner, please.
  11. 4th car with arrow is a 1930 Ford Model A. Last photo is of a Model T Ford.
  12. I came up with these years ago....
  13. I would suggest getting a FACTORY shop manual before trying any repairs.
  14. Interesting. I have not seen one in years. After the post about them, I went up to the post office and some guy rode by me on one.
  15. The car in question has squared lower corners of the windshield and the hood vents have corners more squared off than the Hudson.
  16. I have a few of those if you still need one.