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  1. Thought I might have done something wrong and yes, the little City of Tehama is a great place to live. There are a couple of things though that folks need to know. We are also known for the fact that we are the most often flooded city on the Sacramento River and , If you screw up every one in town will know it in a hour. I see you are a Dodge Brothers fan. I have a 1924 Dodge Brothers Screen Side that was running when I brought it home but it has been up on blocks and covered for about 10 years now. Thinking about selling it and all the parts I have bought for it.
  2. Have I done something wrong ?? I sure hope not, I was looking for info on my 28 Desoto and it grew into a couple of guys getting to know each other. Sorry if I broke some rule.
  3. Yup, I live in a rural area with miles of back roads. I have Mount Lassen to the east of me about 50 miles and Mt. Shasta 80 miles to the north of me.. As for the fire's the Car fire which burned a lot of homes in the Redding area was 50 Miles to the North West of me and then the Camp fire which destroyed Paradice, Ca. was 40 miles to the south east of me. Being a retired firefighter from southern Ca. I almost burnt up my scanner. I was the Mayor of The City of Tehama for 12 years and then a Tehama County Supervisor for 8 years but retired from all of that in 2012, now I just fish and Garden and do car shows. How about you ? what are you into ?? Do you do Facebook ? I'm there also Just look for Ron Warner Tehama Calif. I forgot to mention that they lost about 300 show and collector cars and truckes and motorcycles in the Camp fire and more than a hundred in the Redding fire. My friend did save his 1961 Desoto, the last year they built them and sometimes at car shows we park our cars nose to nose to show the folks the first and last Desoto's to be built
  4. I give up, it is a 29 model built in 28, I will still show it as a 28. By the way, she has won 45 Best in her class which some times is 1904 to 54 and other times its 1928-31 and 2 Concourse d Elegance, and 5 best of show. Had judge tell me that he has judged shows all over the west coast and Nevada and she is the oldest DeSoto he has ever seen. It is one of 4 known on the west coast and one of 8 in the world according to the National Desoto club records. Would love to see a picture your car.
  5. They started building the DeSoto in August ? of 1928, my car came off the line in the second week of Oct. 1928, this would be about the 5th or 6th week of production according to the antique auto club of America who found it by using the fedco # on the Dash.
  6. I'm about50 ? miles south of there. 15 miles south of Red Bluff.
  7. I just think that if a car is built in 1928 than it is a 1928, not a 1929 the year it was sold. Have talked to couple of 28 owners and they were upset when they had to register them as 29 making them a year newer and dropped the value of the cars. If my car is a 28 then that makes her 92 years old and I will be 82 years old in June. My goal is to show her when she is 100 and I'm 90. I live here in Northern Calif. 125 miles north of Sacramento and 6 miles east of I-5. The little town of Tehama,( Pop.400?). My deck sits 20ft.above the Sacramento River.
  8. Carl, in some states you must register your car by the year it was built not the model year. I have talked to other members of the National Desoto club who have 28's and they have to register them as 1928's.
  9. It was first sold in 1929 and has been regestered as a 1929 here in Calif. Trying to get it changed to 28 and find another set of plates for California 1928.
  10. Built in Oct. of 1928, all metal no glass.
  11. I don't remember where I saw the name Conquistador, but it is very possible that I am getting the name wrong at 81, I sometimes don't remember what I had for Breakfast. The Fed co # shows it was built in the 1st or 2nd week of Oct in 1928. and is a K model 6 cylinder. I cant read one number of the fed co. But what I can make out is KC then something that might be a 2 then 940. KC_940
  12. My fed co number tells me it was built in Oct of 28 but first sold in 1929.
  13. This my 1928, K model DeSoto Conquistador, DeLujo Rumble seat coupe. I'm trying to find out how many of them were built.