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  1. I am looking for crank hole cover. Do you have one available? 32 Buickman
  2. I am looking for a 1932 crankcase cover and tie rod ends for 80/90 series. 32Buickman
  3. Oldpinpusher, The rear fender in the picture is not a 1932 Buick fender. It looks like 1931. 32Buickman
  4. Lurii, Are you still in search of an engine, front end and rear end? 32buickman
  5. There is another example of a 1931 model 96s on eBay under 1931 Buick for sale. Willis
  6. Both 80 and 90 Series are considered classic by CCCA. Slight correction, there was no 89 in 1931, there was 80 series. There are some slight differences with intake manifold and other components between the 1931 and1932 however previously mentioned the 80 and 90 series are interchangeable. Willis
  7. Brett: Sorry to hear of the death of your Uncle Bob. For me it's been a while since I've seen the 57s. It would great if you could post some pictures. John is correct in that the best place to get an idea of club interest in Allentown Pa. Willis
  8. 1931and 1932 used the same radiator cap (figure 8,flying 8)..1933 is a box or square 8. The mercury hood ornament was used on 1931 and 1932 Buicks only.1933 hood ornament was a woman with a wind blown vale. Create after the actress of the time.
  9. I agree with tigersdad.. Bob is correct of 1932. The cap in the middle is an after market for 1932 and stated earlier the far right is a 30/31 hubcap.
  10. dhMartin59: There is a 1931/32 flying 8 on Ebay. 32 Buickman
  11. Pint4: 1933 60 Series cars used 17inch x 650 tires. Coker and Universal tire (just to name a few) carry the size you want. 32 Buickman
  12. Do you have any pictures? JR
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