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  1. Well, around here in my part of the country, the car hobby will be fine, I suspect. I'm 44, can't currently afford the type of vehicles at Pebble Beach, ect. due to family constraints now, but I enjoy driving and wrenching on my '52 Chevy truck that is slowly getting a driver quality re-do, and my '46 Chevy truck that was purchased already somewhat street rodded. (It looks original, but is actually on S10 running gear complete with the 4 cylinder five speed- my daily when I'm not in a state owned ride) The kids around here all love the old rides. There's not a time I take one of them out
  2. Add me to the C4 bandwagon...this '96 Lt4 car was my daily for a couple of years. 28mpg , cold A/c, hot heat, and overall comfortable, although it had been modified by a previous owner for Autocross and sat a bit low and rode a bit rougher than stock. That Lt4 sounded like angels singing, when it was wrapped up close to redline and shifted properly. Of course if I didn't have the benefit of knowing and training many of the local boys in blue already, I probably would have gotten to know them real quick... on ramps and roundabouts were major fun. This was my fourth C4, having previously ow
  3. I rarely post- in fact, I'm not sure I ever have, but I lurk here everyday. Love to read about some of the beautiful old classics, although I am confined to owning old pickups, all of which have in some form been modified. ('46 Chevy pickup, mild street rod; '52 Chevy 3100, stock-ish) Someday, though, a late 30s Packard WILL find a home with me. Been a ham for the past seven years after they removed morse, which I never could get a grasp on. It's a great hobby when conditions are right. Nice to talk to folks and learn about their part of the world. I may never get to see the Holy Land,
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