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  1. On the road with my recently purchased 1948 Chrysler New Yorker. A thorough cleaning (inside, outside and under hood) followed by a complete tuneup, new hoses and fan belt, fluids changed, and brakes adjusted. (Thanks Keithb7 for the adjustment tool!) Now awaiting the arrival of the Diamondback radial tires to add a much needed upgrade.
  2. HW, FWIW I have chrome welting on my ‘48 Chrysler New Yorker. Pretty certain it is original, left side rear for sure.
  3. I meant that the car started life as a wagon, wood is not factory of course.
  4. George, Yes, appears to be a factory built 150-B. I had a ‘29 150-A about 12 years ago. The market is soft on these, the guy who bought mine is trying to sell it and is asking 6K less than he paid me.
  5. I have looked at this car at a couple of car shows over the years, very nice.
  6. There was one of these stored in the basement of the Bayport (MN) garage for many years. The middle color was dark green and the roof color was the lighter green. It is still somewhere around the St. Croix Valley showing up at local car shows periodically. It is a spring time special edition Coronado, I have seen the original sales invoice.
  7. Thanks for the update! We have used our Chrysler for an “unwinder” cruise as well.
  8. Oh my….and I called you for advice??? 😀😀😀
  9. My first car was a ‘60 Buick (VIN 6G4001285…..will never forget that!) and I loved it. I have always had a soft spot for those so I welcome your posting!
  10. Roger, I have several reliable sources for tuning information on your car. I just purchased. 1948 New Yorker and am in the process of recommissioning it. The factory setting for timing is 2 deg. ATDC. The recommended idle setting is 300 rpm. I felt that was a little low so I set mine at 350 rpm. Mine also is very quiet. I sent you a PM. Jeff P.
  11. I looked at a NYer business coupe when I looked at a NYer club coupe for sale. Seller also had a NYer convert for sale. All ‘48’s. I walked away as the seller was really bad news……..
  12. BB, I had the same car, same color from 1978-88. I looked for a nice one for the last two years w/no luck. Finally opened up my search and found a solid and nice ‘48 NY’er. Love those ‘41-‘48 Mopars!
  13. I had a ‘46 D-24 club coupe for 10 years and loved it. A lady car friend had one like this. We would park them together at the shows, hers got all the attention (the car that is…ya right!). I really like this one.
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