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  1. As everyone here who has purchased any old car the loving hands of time have touched them all. I bought a Model T years ago that did not have one, not even one cotter pin installed anywhere visible! I think I checked bolts, nuts and installed over 40 pins. The more you dig into these cars...........
  2. Good Story (English one!). I have a friend in Norway who sends me the monthly Model A Ford Club of Norway magazine, called Avisen. Great pictures but I cannot read it at all. It is not online so I cannot have it translated. I will email Keith’s link of the Norwegian story to Ivar. This, another somewhat related note. A friend here in Minnesota currently owns a Model A Ford Phaeton that his grandfather hid from the Nazis. He kept it in an abandoned mine shaft until the end of WWll.
  3. From John Mereness: “Basically, enjoy your car, make it better every time you touch - little stuff, and after you have driven it a while then make more major decisions.” It took me a long time to learn that. Too many friends bogged down on “projects” I am having a sign painter friend make one with that quote for my shop. Now back to our topic, well, sort of. I vote for deep maroon wheels and whitewalls on the Auburn. I always wanted to do that with my Model A Cabriolet but never did.
  4. Ya better post a picture when installed! This one received a wash, wax and complete inside and top detail today.
  5. I will tackle that project on my 1930 A Tudor next winter. I will also add a Mel Gross F-100 steering box.
  6. Sounds like the Klaxon is out of adjustment. It likely needs internal cleaning. There is an article in a fairly recent issue of Skinned Knuckles which explains cleaning and adjustments of these. Should be on the internet.
  7. I have followed this forum off and on in the past. I find the effort and perseverance of the people who post progress on their long term projects fascinating and inspiring. Not enough inspiration though for me to take on some of these big projects. I have often thought it would be interesting to learn what others have done to their cars on a short term basis. Like “what have you done today” or this week or this month to fix, improve or whatever your car(s). I will start by posting a picture of my humble Model T with its newly rebuilt and installed front suspension. The driving nature of this car was totally changed by this procedure. Very rewarding. What are you doing to your car now?
  8. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s we always thought of the ‘56 Chevy as the “poor sister” of the tri-five crew. NOT anymore.....a red and white ‘56 convert would be my first choice of ownership among those three years. Now I think the 1956 Chevys are the best looking of the three years. That is a very nice color combo on this one for sale.
  9. Thanks for posting these Bob, I wasn’t there (Midwest) but always enjoy old home movies of car shows. There are a few among some guys here, I will try to dig some up.
  10. Gordy, the “artist” who built that car years ago, told me that was his idea too but never got around to it.
  11. Here is one I know is for sale in Minnesota.......
  12. Some pics of interesting accessories one seldom sees on a Model T.....
  13. The most accessorized (or “excessorized”) Model T I have ever see was one I unearthed in 2015 after an almost 50 year slumber. If I recall there were over 20 accessories. First picture is after I cleaned it up, second picture is Louis Secon, builder of the car. This b/w picture was taken at a car show celebrating 25 years of the AACA!
  14. Yes, I have the same disease as you........this from last Saturday, 15 deg. F. and I could not be happier. First drive since total front suspension and rear differential rebuild. I could not have been happier. I also started and drove my Model A that same day. Nothing like bringing them back to life to keep us motivated! Thanks again for posting your videos, excellent!!