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  1. An oily affair. This morning I had planned to turn the two bushings for the main bearing shells of the Cleveland engine. Saturday and yesterday I cleaned the lathe and put oil into 4 the gear boxes and the ways, as is described in the TOS MAS 18S lathe manual. All nice and done on Saturday and yesterday. This morning at 7:30 hr, off to the shop, to make it a long and useful day. Well not so, I was greeted by a large puddle of oil on the floor around the lathe 😠. First thought, I overfilled the main gearbox. But after some investigation, I saw that some oil leaked behind the drive pulley.
  2. Hello Jeff, Thank you for the good wishes. The frame is completed and ready now. So tomorrow back to the shop and the Cleveland engine, for making a mock-up of the line boring tool (wood again..). Anna and I limit the time we will spend on the renovation to two days a week. Progress will be slow but we are not in a hurry. Regards, Harm
  3. Hello Al, After replacing the bad part of the frame, I decided to replace the whole frame. And so it became a lot more work than foreseen. I finish it tomorrow, I am to old to wrestle with 300 Lbs wooden beamsπŸ˜“ . Furthermore, we started renovating the second floor. We never thought about doing it. Working together on this job, is really satisfying πŸ₯°. But as we are now in a partial lock down, due to the rapid increasing spread of Covid-19 infections, our social life is very restricted. Well, to be honest, no social life anymore to speak about. Yesterday evening, our prime minister
  4. Hello Mike, The beam strengthening looks well done, and sound. I expect that the beams are much larger than can be seen. But you should tell to the BMW parts selling person, that the incandescent light is way too heavy πŸ˜‰ . I guess that is the root course of the beams to sag. Regards, Harm
  5. Warning: not car related content. πŸ˜„ Dear gentlemen, Last days I got a bit distracted. During an early thunder storm (4 month ago), we heard some serious creaking of the wooden farm frame. After an inspection, we found one of the joints of the heavy wooden roof cross beams gave way a bit. At a closer look, not much of the joint was left (bad quality Oak, just only 200 years old.... πŸ˜‰) . Well, we needed to do something rather quick. So I tried to order new oak beams. Called several lumber yards and saw mills. No Oak beams available, try again in December... Asking what was avail
  6. Hello Mike, Sounds good to me, a tribe of "Grumpy old car and machine restorers"? Well, on a serious note, a lot of farmers in my neighborhood are ending farming. Most of them own very large stables. Their farms are unsaleable (too large) and too many of them. But for one who needs a large hobby shop its ideal, although I must admit, the cost of maintenance would be high (how do I know...πŸ˜…). Nowadays, getting rid of these large agricultural buildings proved a real problem for the (ex)farmers. Selling the land, no problem, selling the farm with the buildings, impossible! Regards
  7. Hello Jeff Thank you for your kind words. Sure you can live with us, no problem. But please take your beautiful cars with you 😏. In my neck of the woods, more brass cars restored by its owners would do us a lot of good (at least me..... πŸ˜„). Very few people around me are restoring brass cars... so very few restorers to talk with. Regards, Harm PS Don't forget your machines, I love your Hendey 😏! I think you will need some electronic frequency converters (our power supply standard: 230V or 400V 3 phase 50Hz).
  8. Today, we had a nice and warm day, so I could do some painting work outside. I painted the lower body and seat with West System epoxy. Weather forecast for the coming week is good, so I will sanding the body and hope to put on some thin layer of spray filler. Seat Lower body Regards, Harm
  9. Today, I painted the engine parts (black). The temperature was A bit on the high side, 90 F (32 C) The paint ( MIPA, Poly Urethane) did not flow well, dried nearly immediately, found a new unopened tin of retarder (due date 2017.... πŸ™„). That did the trick, used it during the last spray turn. Engine parts, the two lids on the right look bad. But in reality they are just nice and shiny. Has it something to do with the Iphone camera?? Now its time to think about making bearing shells and poring Babbitt. Must not forget to do this also for the bearing block, located a
  10. Hello Terry, For me, this would be a tempting project. But having already too many projects underhand, I guess my better half would object very strongly πŸ˜‰. But building this engine has all the challenges I like: making models for casting, machine work (a lot of it I think), and so on. Thank you for your extensive reaction. Regards, Harm
  11. Today, I started very early (7:30 o'clock, not bad for a Sunday πŸ˜„). The plan was to paint all motor and carburetor parts with epoxy primer. As we had very nice weather (a bit windy, but in the right direction) I could spay the parts outside. It took quite some preparation time, but I am satisfied with the result. Tomorrow I hope to put some black paint on. Weather forecast is quite good, no wind at all and a temperature of 75 F (25 C), perfect for 2K painting. The result of a days work. Regards, Harm
  12. Hello Gary, I guess 500 - 600 RPM max. I took 500 RPM to calculate the teeth on the sprockets, given a max speed of 25 miles / hour on a flat road. Regards, Harm
  13. Hello Gary, Thank you for your answer. Ah yes, some simple equationsπŸ™„. Looking at them and remembering struggling at technical college with integral and differential calculus, I think, it is better just get the engine running and do some experimenting what settings are needed to have it run nicely. That would be the shortest way to happiness and a good night sleep πŸ˜„. Calculating and interpretation of the results would be nearly impossible for me, as I have no reference background (no experience at all with this kind of engines), being just a simple electronics engineer/designer by prof
  14. Hello Mike, that is a very nice picture. Anna and I like the car very much. I am happy to learn that the car now runs well (and brakes well πŸ˜‰). In "normal" times Anna and I would travel to London to attend the sale at Bonhams (hoped to see the car in person) and enjoy the rally as spectators. But not this year. Gentlemen, I read your comment about about the two piece valves and took this very serious. Making valves would not be much of a problem. But as I used to have a big box with new valves somewhere, I raised this morning early and started searching the box with the valves. Aft
  15. After some adjusting of the position of the engine, at last, both large and small sprocket line up. So I can be sure that the chain is keeping its position on both. Today, I looked for the necessary tools and part for pouring the engine bearings. Also inspected the head, the valve seats are not bad. But the valves and valve guides are very worn. The inlet valve is automatic (atmospheric), small and light. Head and stem are separate parts, the head is screwed on the stem. When opened by the vacuum of the engine, the valve spring is just capable to get the valve closed again . Timing of this eng
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