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  1. Hello sir, Thank you for your generous offer. Imperial left hand thread is no problem, one of these days I will make the nut. Btw, I am very impressed by your outstanding work on the Mitchell. If needed, I guess you are able to build an engine from scratch. Regards, Harm
  2. Hello all, Today I went searching for the rear axle parts of the Cleveland. No to bad, on the end of the day I found all of them (I think / hope 😏). Most parts are OK, but I found something which displeased me to no end (years ago, and still increases my blood pressure). New 1/2" bearing balls, used for the 2 axle bearings. Balance gear -differential that is-, with sleeve gear not pictured here One of the six pinions As can be seen at the pictures at the introduction of this project, the pinions were missing and the two housing drums got a lot of beating to them. But after some patience and hammering, I got them in shape again. I had the pinions made by a company in England. The reason for this was, that to get the proper number of teeth with the given diameter, some undercutting is necessary. Could not find a company in the Netherlands who would do it for me, but got the name of the English company. I called them and told what my problem was. Well long story short, 6 weeks later I got six perfect pinions. I am very pleased with the result, and did not need to rob a bank for it😁 . Sleeve axle with gear and nut for fixing the wheel hub on the sleeve axle. As can be seen on the picture, the sleeve axle was also damaged by many hammer blows, it sat solid on the long live axle. It took a lot of effort (big hydraulic press and heat) to separate the two. Had the sleeve center-less grind-ed and polished. And now the part I really hate to report. When I disassembled the rear axle, and after some machining of the parts, I assembled it again. I could not get the axle running straight between centers, it wobbled. First I thought, well to much pressure or heat when I disassembled it. But after looking better, I saw some odd color differences on the solid steel axle. I took it with me to my work, and asked some friendly colleagues of the material research department for their opinion. Long story short, the rear axle bar was made up of three parts, welded together. Welding number 1 Welding number two I asked for a material analysis, both parts at welding picture number 1 are the same material. The steel properties are not bad (for 1902), but it has a very high carbon content and as such totally unsuitable to be welded. The pieces on the second welding picture are different. One is of 1902 or so, but the other is modern, something like C45k, and both are not suitable for welding. It really pissed me off then. I consider this kind of 'repair' very dangerous and very irresponsible of some previous owner. So I made a new one, safe but not original ☹️, end of story. Blood pressure decreases.....a bit. End of rant. The two sprocket 11 and 38 teeth 1"pitch, must be machined to fit on the balance gear and the gear box. Someone destroyed the nut which secures the hub on the axle, well its just left hand threat... Axle stay irons, have to make 2 new bolts Regards, Harm
  3. Hello Alan, Yes, I could not find a better description for the process I went through today. But on the end of the day, success (I think I re discovered all partsπŸ˜ƒ). Regards, Harm
  4. Hello Al, Cleaned the shop somewhat, sorted out the tools and had to do some household chores. Today another storm arrived, lots of rain again. According to the weather forecast, its the fifth storm this year. Slowly we getting some problems with the water, just to much rain. Our pasture changed into a swamp (no alligators -yet-). Coming week I will start with the assembly of the rear axle. First I must find all the parts πŸ˜‰. Regards, Harm
  5. Hello Mike, That is a really nice set of machines, and the tools come by the pallet load! Am i jealous, not at all, well maybe a tiny bit πŸ˜‡. As is mentioned before, I can only dream of it! Well, the McLaren, that super car is only meant to tease us, we are just a humble lot very old car drivers (both ways that is), aren't we? Mike, on a serious note, I hope your health will improve and wish that you may use your machines a lot, during many years to come. Regards, Harm
  6. Hello Alan, Whats in a name, they say.... well, to my humble opinion, a lot! Today the (new to me) 2nd hand tractor arrived. Yes the weather calmed down but it still rained a lot, no tractor activities. Furthermore the land is soaking wet. After 40 years of good use, servicing the loader is not too bad. Its seems a quality product to me. Regards, Harm
  7. Hello Alan, Very nice hinges you have. Are the made of steel or brass? I guess the name Harm is uncommon in the USA, even Harmon is not that common? Regarding the Cleveland: first of all, cleaning the shop, it is a dusty mess now. Tools all over the place, its a real nuisance. I hope on the end of the next week, to start with cleaning the chassis and make a fresh start assembling the springs, axles at the chassis. Regards, Harm
  8. Hello Mike, My name -Harm- is not that common in the Netherlands, most "Harms" can be found in the Northern part of our country. Furthermore, the name Hermann (2 n' s) is a Germanic equivalent of Harm, and much more common in some form, all over Europe. The meaning of the name is: warrior or soldier. In my family (with the surname Slot), as far as we can go back in time, the eldest son of a generation was named Harm. His eldest son was named Klaas, then Harm again, followed by a Klaas and so on. Tradition is strong here 😊. The equivalent in English is Harmon or Herman (with just one n). Just an anecdote, in which I could use my name to good use -more or less πŸ˜„-. In my professional life, I was head of a R&D department. It was a really tight knit bunch of nice people. One day a department member made a cartoon of the members of a particular group (tribe that is...) of the department. The cartoon was loosely based on the comic strip "Astrix and Obelix" (well known in Europe, no idea for the USA). The reason for this cartoon was as follows: a few years ago we build a new laboratory. But some of the department members ( the tribe...) where situated in a separate very old building (they lived there for ages...), the tribe refused to move to the new building. Well long story short, I was portrayed as standing on a warrior shield, which was held up by two strong men. I was told, it was my rightful place as head of the troupes including the tribe. They had given me the name: chief "Harmless", because I got things done but was harmless to my colleges. Well you could be depicted worse! But after some friendly meetings πŸ˜’, every one, (including the tribe) moved to the new building 🀭. You can achieve a lot with humor. It is one of my dearest memories.... Regards, Harm
  9. Hello gentlemen, no Valentine pictures for sitting in the tonneau (Al, sorry to disappoint you). Being not so athletic anymore 😁, we did not take any risk to climb into the tonneau (which, at the time, is not firmly secured to the under body). Today, I spend some time adjusting the rear entrance door, it fits a bit better now. Further, I made 2 hold down brackets, for securing the tonneau to the under body. Went well, I will assemble them tomorrow. Made them of hot rolled steel. The long parts are 1" x 6" x 1/4" thick. The square plates are 2" x 2" x 1/4". Thumb screw thread = 3/8" UNC, wing width 1 1/2". Hold down brackets. Regards, Harm
  10. Hello, Today, I inserted the door into the body. The hinges are perfect, good quality and stiff fitting. Fitting the door was not easy and took more time than I thought. I am not satisfied, the gap on the left side is not parallel with the doorpost, furthermore the door is not flush on the left side with the body. I wait making corrections till the body is on the chassis and the chassis is on the wheels. As the body and the door are very rigid, there is not much "wiggling" room, well I can always make another door 😒. Open rear entrance door. Rear entrance door, not flush with body (1/4" deviation) Inside view rear entrance door. Sanding and filling again. After looking at the sales brochure again, it became clear to me that I forgot something quite important. The tonneau seats 3 persons! So I have to make a seat between the right seat and the left seat. I must say I have no idea how it was made in 1903. Never seen a car with a three seat rear entrance tonneau. Regards, Harm
  11. Hello Alan, Good of you to learn grafting, its not an easy thing to do. Yes, we will replace the tree, at the moment no idea with variety we will buy. Anna may decide on that πŸ˜‡. Regards, Harm
  12. Hello Alan, thanks. No evergreen trees over here, all trees in my neighborhood are at the moment leafless. Only the Ivy is has some green leaves. We have some large old Oaks, Birches and Willows. Further a variety of Apple trees, Prunes, Cherry trees and some Acacia trees, and one Walnut tree. In the spring most of them bloom very well, its a nice and colorful sight. A few years ago we lost a very large apple tree (she was at least 30 feet high), this, due to a summer storm with strong whirlwinds. I was very fond of that tree. The stump is still standing, could not bring myself to bring it down, maybe this spring. Regards, Harm
  13. Hello, today Anna and I started removing a lot of branches, blown off the trees. We are happy that no damage to our property is done. But we have still a lot of bad weather, wet snow, rain, hail and a lot of wind. After a while, we got wet and cold, so we retreated to the shop, where it is dry and warm. Started filling and continued to sand the body. Regards, Harm
  14. Yesterday, removing excess glue and started sanding the Cleveland body. Had not much energy and a terrible headache (not a hangover 😊, just an area of low pressure is approaching, that means bad weather!). Woke up this morning, a lot of noise outside. At the moment a heavy storm is blowing. They called her "Ciara", and a strong girl she is. The forecast for the next hours: she will increase in strength. Furthermore, thunder and a lot of rain, I think, we can do without this kind of weather. Mike you may keep Ciara πŸ˜„. Regards, Harm
  15. Hello Mike, no damage done I hope? At the moment Ciara -the storm that isπŸ˜ƒ- is blowing mightily over here. Two threes down and a lot of flying branches, and way to much water in the trenches. No Cleveland work today.