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  1. Hello Al, Thank you for your kind words. Didn't know what an Apple-Betty is. Looked up the recipe for Apple-Betty. As we have a lot of apples an Apple Betty is foreseen in the very near futureπŸ˜„. At the moment we are still suffering from a heatwave. Weather forecast told us, this heatwave will continue till the end of next week. So Anna and I doing not much, the temperature in the shop is about 90F. Outside temperature 96F, and no cool breeze at all. Saturday we started cleaning the shop. Started early this morning 6:00 o'clockπŸ˜ͺ , this morning we brought a lot of scrap iron to an old iron merchant. Didn't get much money for it, old iron is not very valuable these days. Regards, Harm
  2. Hello Al, Mostly late season apples and pears, the pear trees are full of pears. Looks like we will have a very good year for pears, further we had lots of prunes. This year the zucchinis harvest is very good, 3 plants and more than 30 zucchinis of a very nice quality. We use them for spaghetti with meatballs and rice with several kinds of spicy curries (medium and hot). Stitching the crack in the engine is a bit on the back burner. At the moment we are "enjoying" a heat wave, way to hot to do anything in the shop. But anyhow, when I start with the stitching, I must be sure not to be interrupted by small chores....πŸ˜‰. Regards, Harm
  3. Hello, after a very busy period of work at the farm and the garden, I expect/hope to have more time for continuing the restoration of the Cleveland. Below some pictures of the new pavement and a some of the cobble stone pavement. Driveway between shops and farm Completed driveway Small part of cobble stone pavement Cobble stones detail Furthermore, in between, I rebuild Anna's pottery kiln, the old one was to small πŸ˜‰ . We bought a larger secondhand kiln, but that one was like a 80 year old car out of a muddy field. So, some rebuilding activities where needed. Replaced some heat resistant bricks, new steel frame etc. Took 2 weeks of hard work to finish the thing. Today we are painting it. But as this kiln needs 11 KW, I have to lay a new and heavier power cable, sigh ☹️. Kiln inside As the shop is now a big mess, cleaning is in order. But at the moment a heat wave is building up, yesterday temperature 85 F. The weather forecast, predicts temperatures in the region of 95 F and higher. They also predict that this heatwave will continue at least till the last week of august. But because of these temperatures, Anna and I only work during the morning when it is still relatively cool. Afternoon and evening are spent at (in) the swimming pool. Cleveland activities: not so much to report. Because of the nice weather, I hope to paint all the radiator parts. Regards, Harm
  4. Hello Al, At the moment I think, just a stripe under the moldings, chassis green stripe on red body. Stripes on the hood I am not sure where to apply stripes. Regards, Harm
  5. Hello Mike, As these cars looked to me as a mid 1960's Wolseley (6/110 if I am not wrong...), you are certainly not overrun by the police 😁. As far as I know, they are driving now a days in less frivolous machines, at those times they seemed to drove around in classic cars (very good taste they had) πŸ˜‰. Regards, Harm
  6. Alan, me lacks a steady hand... πŸ˜„. Regards, Harm
  7. Hello Al, Good for you, picking up a Warner clock. It certainly a very nice addition for the Locomobile. Yes, home grown fruit and vegetables usually taste way better than bought at the store. At the moment we are till our armpits in zucchinis... Eggplant is coming. And that's one of the problems growing your own vegetables, it starts early with all the lettuce at the same moment ready for consumption, same for the green beans and so on. Its becoming a very good year for prunes, apples and pears. Our walnut tree is full of walnuts, and because of that, old people in our neighborhood (hear me..really old people that is) say we must prepare for a harsh and cold winter. But, last year the same lot predicted, that we should prepare for the meanest winter of the century. Well, at the end we had not a single day with substantial frost, on the contrary, it became one of the warmest winters in history. So much for long term predictions based on nuts πŸ˜†, length of fur of our cats and so on... At last, the paving is complete. We are now busy with leveling the garden edges to the same height as the new pavement. At the moment Anna and I are paving cobble stones around the farmhouse just 3 feet wide, measured from the walls. (Those cobble stones are small boulders which where used in the past for paving roads -very uncomfortable type of paving!). Its quite a puzzle to lay the boulders level and flat, so on the end your are not breaking your neck stumbling over them. You can rightfully ask me, why are you using these boulders, well tradition! Furthermore, they are very useful for spreading the water which falls from the thatched roof. When using flat pavers, the water always splashes in the same direction against the underside of the bricks of the walls, After some years the brick are starting to deteriorate. When using cobble stones, because they are very uneven and round(ish), they break the water into small droplets, leaving the walls unharmed. Some 25 years ago, most farms used this type of cheap pavement (now a days very expensive). But I must say I am very happy with the result of the paving project. Just some serious hedge cutting is left (250 yards two row Hornbeam) which is getting a bit out of control..... waiting for some dry weather. During the month of July it rained a lot, not much wind but a lot of rain and moderate temperatures. All the farmers in the neighborhood seemed happy 😁, a good harvest this year. Sorry to say, but the Cleveland is a bit on the background πŸ˜₯. I hope to continue with the Cleveland project during the coming weeks.... In between, I ordered and received all the stuff needed for stitching the engine. Looking forward to start with it. Regards, Harm
  8. Hello Al, You are right, still busy with the paving project.... Last week we had not much luck with the weather, occasional heavy showers. But last Thursday it rained heavily, the whole day long. So the contractor people came at 8:00 hr and went home at 10:00 hr. Friday the driveway was soaking wet, so not much done. Saturday nice and dry, the contractor came with extra people to finish the job. Not so, he miscalculated the number of pavers needed 😠, they were not amused to say the least. Now we are waiting for pavers again. After the contractor finish the paving, Anna and I have to do a lot of garden work. Removing excess soil, leveling the garden to the new driveway height etc. I am not looking forward to it...πŸ™„. I must admit that at the moment, I have not the peace of mind to do anything with the Cleveland. I wanted to start with the repair of the engine, but postponed it to a later date. Regards, Harm
  9. Hello Al, No, they are not the same color. We have selected the plain gray (concrete gray), the existing reddish/pink color pavers, are not available at this moment. The contractor expected a "few" month delivery time, this did not sound good to me..... So, at the end we had to chose the yellow, black or grey ones, we selected the grey pavers. Another point with the colored pavers is color fading, after a year or two, the colors start to fade and become dull, and after ten years the pavers are all grayish. Compaction: as most of the driveway is more than a 100 years old, the sand below the pavers compacted through the years as a rock hard layer of 2 feet thickness. Furthermore, the sand they used a 100 years ago (yellow/red color) contains loam. The contractor fills the holes etc, with the same kind of sand, and after leveling the driveway, they will put on top a few inches of paving sand (sand that does not contain loam or clay). After some months the pavers are settled, and we can use it without a problem. Good to read about buying the Beugler, it will help a lot with the stripping. Regards, Harm
  10. This week no progress at the Cleveland, instead we were very busy with outdoor tasks. After 60 years of service the concrete paving stones disintegrated slowly, so we decided to have the paving stones replaced by new ones. At long last, the contractor called Monday morning to announce that he would start Thursday morning 02 July. Lo and behold, at the promised date they showed up πŸ˜ƒ. Delayed by 8 weeks because of the Corona crisis and the non availability of paving stones, last week they resumed business. They brought with them some heavy equipment. They made short work by removing 4500 square feet of old pavers. Anna and I are happy now! Also they are putting in some extra water drains. Tuesday very early, a large truck delivered the first batch of the new pavers, production date 26 of June.... Yesterday day the second truck arrived with the remaining batch. So, Anna and I did a lot of preparation work the the days before the contractor came, removing potted plants (large and heavy), removing tables and seats and so on. As we are not 20 anymore, at the moment we are a bit tired (very much that is). Some pictures: Part of the drive way, old pavers gone, new ones at the side. We need 36 of those pallets with pavers. Square between farmhouse and shop Square between the shops The contractor needs 2 weeks, to complete all activities. I hope, I can find some time to continue restoring the Cleveland. Regards, Harm
  11. Hello Terry, You are right, that are the vestiges of a part line. I will try to make a more detailed picture, the line is clearly visible at the engine in front of me, but does not show clearly on a picture. Thank you for your kind words about the chassis. Took much time to get it that far 😁. Regards, Harm
  12. Hello Joe, According to the literature, Cleveland made the engines themselves. It seems that they had the capabilities to do so, although I have my doubts.... As Ben stated in an earlier post, the Oldsmobile engine and the Cleveland engine look very much the same. Interesting subject to explore further, I have a few friends who own Curved Dashes. As soon as the Corona virus crisis is more or less gone, I will visit them and take pictures and measurements of the engine block. But my first preference is repairing the original Cleveland engine. Regards, Harm
  13. Hello Garry, That are really very nice drawings, I am properly impressed. You are good with it, what program do you use? The weight is not far off, 27.8kg / 61.4 pound. Thank you for spending the time to make these nice 3D drawings. Regards, Harm
  14. Gentlemen, as promised, some detail pictures of the Cleveland engine block. Botom side Right side (as seen from the top deck) Left side (as seen from the top deck) Up side Crank shaft bearing side Cylinder deck Some dimensions: Length of block as pictured: 20.375" Outside dimensions crank shaft bearing side: 11.22" x 4.33" Width of ears at crank shaft bearing side: 5.7" Inside dimensions at crank shaft bearing side: 10" x 3.35 Diameter of cylinder outside: 6" Diameter of cylinder inside: 4.8 Length of cylinder outside: 6" Gentlemen, if you need more dimensions or pictures, please feel free to ask. Regards, Harm