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  1. As others have said, this is a CQ. It looks like the car Ken Durham restored - a very nice car. Ken also has a big Imperial, that is gone out of the area. He was a craftsman. The CQ was still in the Walla Walla area a few years ago. I was particularly interested in the vacuum starter and declutching (free wheeling) linkage on the car, as those were pulled off of mine and I’ve slowly accumulated the pieces. I imagine I understand why it was removed after having an interesting experience in a 1932 Plymouth that went into freewheeling when I was young and first got the car.
  2. I like the lines of this car. I’m trying to recall a tour I’ve been on that had a 1920s or 1930s Lincoln that didn’t have a break down. I wonder, do these KA V12’s run rather warm on a summers day - does anyone have experience with them?
  3. SparkEE


    Edmunds heated intake, Fenton exhaust headers(?), factory overdrive - I suspect it’s a very nice driver. I can attest that the later “cruise and climb” overdrive that came out in ‘39 makes a good Chrysler six pretty great on the open road. I wonder, when was the last year or the rumble seat in desoto?
  5. I thought the replica was 8/10ths the size of the original...
  6. @34studepres The Desoto business coupe is re-listed with pic of engine. Would be a fun car for a cross country strip - lots of trunk space and I suspect an overdrive. I’m curious about the door to the trunk behind the passenger’s side seat - was this the businessman’s hotel door? Current bid is under 7k at the moment.
  7. High and low range self shift? My brother has a 1948 DeSoto with that sort of transmission - easy car to drive with a surprising amount of power and an unmatchable burble coming from split exhaust (there’s something about split headers on a flathead Mopar that’s hard to match - particularly with high flow mufflers). We had a lot of fun in that car. ...sorry about the thread, beautiful Cord!
  8. There can’t be too many that nice. Enjoy!
  9. This is how the convertible rear windows go down (46-48 anyway).
  10. Looks like you have something that fits my car. Email sent
  11. This is also one of the radiator caps reproduced by American Arrow, according to their site. Of this is the route you have to take, remember to tell them it’s going on a car.
  12. Slow to see this. That would have been worthwhile if usable. If it comes back, I could be interested in the engine - especially if it’s an 8. ...I lived in Bloomington, MN for a few years right out of school.
  13. Maryland is the wrong side of the country for me, but this should make the next owner a nice car - the overdrive and hydraulic brakes make it a pleasant driver - though maybe that’s my Chrysler bias. Even if the motor is totally gone, there are very affordable replacements out there. if anyone has a stash of ‘42 Chrysler Windsor interior pieces, I know a 19 year old with a big project. Here’s the eBay posted YouTube link:
  14. It looks like later model 4 cylinders had an F-head rather than an L, if I’m reading this correctly: I was curious what the reasonable cruising speed of these 4 cylinder Jeepsters with an overdrive was. My ‘32 Plymouth has a similar horsepower (60) L-Head four and runs nicely at around 45mph in 3rd (has no OD). Nice looking vehicle!
  15. I understand, and largely agree. How, as a large collective group of auto enthusiasts, do we effect a positive change to that trend?