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  1. Same glass for all models of 1939 Chrysler. You can find the business on eBay that refaces old glass, or will sell a flat glass of the correct size with correct face on it. They do come up from time to time, in case you are wanting an original.
  2. More info “1951 KAISER DRAGON CONVERTIBLE VERY RARE VEHICLE WITH OLDSMOBILE 303 V-8 AND HYDRA-MATIC TRANSMISSION...” Ref. https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1384183/1951-kaiser-dragon-for-sale-in-lawrence-kansas-66049
  3. @Macsmopars I was wondering the same thing. I have some ‘39 Mopars and they don’t look ungainly like that.
  4. @TAKerryI think the child’s seat is behind the driver’s seat.
  5. Here’s what the Model T Ford Club of America have for production numbers: https://www.mtfca.com/encyclo/fdprod.htm
  6. Redhead came standard in the model 72 roadster and the difference is perceivable. The original carb could be a headache, it it’s still on there.
  7. Nice progress @cevensky! To tag some in a post, type the “@“ symbol and then start typing their forum name. From there you can pick from a list ...assuming they are on the forum.
  8. Though this may be optimistic, the extra wiring and relay you see on the cowl may be a sign that the over drive added is the model R10 used later in the 30’s in Chryslers (admittedly could be something else). I’ve toured with a four cylinder Plymouth convertible setup that way, and it’s a car I would like to have had.
  9. @JamesR times have changed (for now): http://www.langdonsstovebolt.com/store/#!/Exhaust-Headers/c/18665943
  10. @JACK MI think it has your name on it. I vividly recall hearing the rumble of a pair of Fenton headers through glass packs on a 1949 Plymouth convertible when I was a kid. A beautiful sound! I never forgot. I have a pair of Phillips Performance headers like this - don’t think he made them for more than a few years about a decade ago. ...I think this car might be a fair amount of work. Body, paint, engine, top. ...but fun to use along the way.
  11. In case you aren’t a Facebook user, Ad says, 1936 653
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