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  1. Years ago Dad bought a 1927 Stutz out of the north east just from pictures. It was somewhat less than described. As he was pulling the door panels off to address some of the problems, he found a parking stub for the University of Washington - it had been a “local” car at one time. Not a fascinating piece on its own, but fun to trace where the car had been. I bought a 1933 Chrysler a couple decades ago when I was young and thought I’d discovered a hidden bootlegging compartment under the rear carpet. Years later I was to find out, that’s where the optional radio box went.
  2. Hans, if you search out the Pontiac Bulletin / Pontiac club, there’s a fellow in the Midwest that will recast your steering wheel with modern UV resistant plastic (mine looks terrific - i have a four door sedan 8/hydramatic in the exact same color scheme). He also reproduces the hood ornament plastic “feathers” in original translucent red and non-original translucent blue (also UV resistant plastic). It wa several years ago jay I had it done, so don’t have the contact info handy nor can I guarantee he’s still in business. Worth trying to find, though.