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  1. @JamesR times have changed (for now): http://www.langdonsstovebolt.com/store/#!/Exhaust-Headers/c/18665943
  2. @JACK MI think it has your name on it. I vividly recall hearing the rumble of a pair of Fenton headers through glass packs on a 1949 Plymouth convertible when I was a kid. A beautiful sound! I never forgot. I have a pair of Phillips Performance headers like this - don’t think he made them for more than a few years about a decade ago. ...I think this car might be a fair amount of work. Body, paint, engine, top. ...but fun to use along the way.
  3. In case you aren’t a Facebook user, Ad says, 1936 653
  4. @edinmassThrown rod? What’s the cause of the failures? I know someone with a 27 needing rebuilt, though they will likely do it themselves. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind knowing about any marque specific gremlins lurking. To your point, I have talked to a recent sellers of 1930’s cars who say their car have had a top notch engine rebuilds by so-and-so, however when I ask them what was done, they don’t know what they paid for.
  5. @Graham Man33, great guess from an engine compartment shot.
  6. Thanks all for your replies. Very interesting car, but not interested in it based on circumstances of sale (not related to the above). Looks like similar conditions occurring on the fan belt and maybe a few other spots. Visible portions easily remedied and if it is simply a sign of slight moisture and not submersion, I’ve learned something. Thanks all!
  7. I contacted the person who posted it. They don’t own the car. ...they anticipate owning it soon.
  8. Thank you for your answers. Picture is from an ad in the cars for sale section, from the North East. Easily cleaned / changed - just wondering what conditions that may have contributed to the cause. I’ve seen cars sit on dirt floors of barns in the Pacific Northwest and never exhibit this.
  9. I didn’t want to cross link a live ad, but I am wondering what is occurring around the distributor dust boots for the spark plug wires in the attached picture. Thoughts? It looks like mold to me. How does that happen without being really wet? Is that a sign of potential water damage / submersion? Maybe this is just something typically of damper climates?
  10. That makes sense, thank you. It’s pretty close to one of the cars I’m after, just a year too early. The four cylinder Plymouth’s are surprisingly powerful little cars. Someone will enjoy this!
  11. @gwellsmy apologies, wasn’t paying attention to the fact I was in the “not mine” sub forum
  12. Is the intake flipped upside down or modified for the downdraft carb?
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