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  1. https://nmi.craigslist.org/cto/d/cheboygan-1972-riviera/7201023178.html Not Mine
  2. Not sure if this is proper or going to work.
  3. My neighbor has a Pontiac for sale that is very similar to what you are looking for. If you would like I could check it out for you. Rob.
  4. I would like to see photos myself, very similar to my first car, Nova
  5. I think this car / truck is really cool. Very curious about the price. Thanks, Rob.
  6. Yes there is a rust hole in spare tire storage area. Rear window motor is weak but works. Tailgate folds down only now, other latch not opening. But it is the most convenient storage method for the drivetrain for now until a future donor project. Not completely water tight anymore. Coolant leak that I believe is the radiator. Makes you want it, right ? Rob.
  7. So after a big learning curve I got these photos uploaded. I hope this helps out. Rob.
  8. This cars runs and drives but needs love or is a good donor vehicle. Located in Kewadin Michigan. 108,000 miles, driven from Oregon. No inside storage available and nature is taking her toll on it. Taking offers and hoping for $2500. 455-4 barrel, stock as far as I know. Thanks for looking, Rob.
  9. Looks like a good parts match for this 1970 Estate Wagon which is also available in Michigan. Contact Rob if interested.
  10. Thank You John, I found his email listed in his post and sent him a message and photo. Rob. Turns out he purchased a 1973 Buick Estate Wagon, replied almost instantly.
  11. Hello, is this what you are looking for ? She is in Northern Michigan, USA. Let me know, I have her for sale. Robert Bussa 231-264-6968 bussa.electric@yahoo.com
  12. Nice collection ! I am mostly interested in the 1969 / 1970 lots. Are they still available and how much ? Thanks, Rob.
  13. Bill Barry, I also have a 1970 Buick Estate Wagon and have several times wished for a passenger side mirror. I would like to see pictures of your project and learn if and where you find one. Thanks, Rob
  14. I ran it on December 1st, fired right up and idled nice. No heat, coolant low, leaky radiator. Ran good, makes lots of power, 108,000 miles. Has a little more wear than in earlier photos but could be a daily driver if necessary. Sorry for the confusion, it is in Northern Michigan, I was borrowing the old thread. Thanks, Rob bussa.electric@yahoo.com
  15. I do have a 1970 Buick estate wagon for sale in running condition. It is equipped with the 350 hp 455 4 barrel engine, not sure which rear end. I don't know if this helps but worth a try. bussa.electric@yahoo.com
  16. She is being stored outside, not the best for her but it will protect the engine and drivetrain this way. With that in mind the price is negotiable, please make offer ! Thanks, Rob bussa.electric@yahoo.com 231-264-6968
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