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  1. What oil filter should i use in my 1941 buick special?
  2. I need a rotor and distributor cap for my 1926 pierce arrow model 80. Tom Imig 913-302-0518 thomasimig@gmail.com
  3. Are the front fenders for a Hawk GT and a 1956 Golden Hawk interchangeable?
  4. I would like to know what car this came from. It has a Stewart Warner speedometer with P33751 stamped on the back.
  5. my 1940 60 Special has a positive ground and the shop manual wiring diagram shows positive ground. Tom
  6. There are some for sale on ebay under studebaker parts
  7. I have a 1922 studebaker with a van sicklen speedometer that needs some attention. I've removed three screws that mount it to the wooden dash board but it is still held in place. I am wondering if anyone has removed one of these and could give me some advice. Thanks Tom
  8. Look on ebay or the studebaker forum for flexible discs. There are some for sale.
  9. This looks like the transmission on my 1922 studebaker big six except it doesn't have the flange on the front that connects to the flexible disk. It looks like the casting date is 4-5-23. Do you still have this transmission and if so do you want to sell it?
  10. I have a 1922 big six touring car and need the bolt and nut that attaches the rear part of the rear spring to the body. Perhaps the one for the light six is the same and you have one to part with? Tom Imig
  11. Do you have the bolt that secures the back of the rear spring to the spring shackle? I need one for a big six and it might be the same.
  12. I am looking for parts for a 1922 big six. These are the bracket that holds the rear bumper on the passengers side, and the hood that goes over the dash light to direct the light to the dash.
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