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  1. I looked at the tag - its a 46S. It does have the dual carbs on it - I started it today and drove it up and down the driveway before parking it again for the long winters nap. Here is a picture of me in the same car as an 11 year old... drivers seat! Matt, I have spent many late nights reading your website... about 3 years ago. Are you still making progress on your car? I see your also into Fox Body's... I'm restoring an 83 Capri RS which was my first car and a 1983 Mustang with my 16 year old son as a father son project. Any how - one final question. I bought a spare hood for a 1941 Buick and for some reason its about 3/4 inch shorter in length then the original hood for the car (if you were looking at the car from over the top)... is this A vs B deal something that affects the hood too?
  2. How do I know if I have a 1941 40A or 40B? This car has been in my family since the 80s and I'm just getting started to bring her back
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