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  1. Lookin good! Congratulations on everything. When the dust settles it's time to have fun.
  2. Wow great picture! I was at the Crazy Horse Monument but had no idea you could get that close or I would of taken a similar picture. Where the car is there was nothing but construction equipment. Unless this guy had connections to let him in. Again, great shot!
  3. I second that there was not a 1940 LaSalle in The Godfather . Things that make you go hhhhhhmmmmmm.
  4. I'm calling. Thanks for the tip.
  5. Nice car. congratulations .
  6. Sneaky Pete is not as sneaky as he says he is. Probably for the better, good luck with everything . Cant wait to see it when its back in .
  7. The back of the gauge housing where the gauge sits and makes contact was grey and powdery. I scuffed it up with 0000 steel wool until it was fresh metal again then tested the assembled gauge with lead wires before I put it back in the dash. I think just from sitting for 80 years the metal kind of corroded. Looking back I should of taken a picture of the back of the housing. When you put it back together make sure the Ivory plastic is not pressing on the needle. Test it opened and assembled before you put it back in the dash. I learned the hard way.
  8. Thanks Matt and Morgan , With all this information I have a better understanding how this system works. 😁
  9. Thanks for the great list of procedures. All the tests checked out. The problem ended up being that the gauge itself lost ground contact with gauge housing.
  10. How do I test this gas gauge out of the car? All my previous tests led me to the gauge itself. Any information is appreciated . Nick