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  1. That is a nice 37 ! Welcome to the Pre War Club.
  2. Very cool pictures! I love seeing the Oklahoma Dust Bowl background. Also they have 1940 plates on a early brand new 1941 model year. a happy couple indeed.
  3. It's not photoshopped , those UFO's are real !
  4. Sounds like a happy ending and a happy new beginning. What a Christmas present !!!!!!!!
  5. I also agree with Matt. Good luck.
  6. I thought this was cool. Figured this was the best post to put it in. Its from a 1980 Topps sticker set called Weird Wheels.
  7. I would say the one with the wider deer and the cross with the shorter bottom leg is correct for a 1940 trunk emblem. Here is a picture of mine. I would bet its original.
  8. You're not old just experienced . 😄
  9. Notice no white wall on the rear. Snow Tires! Reminds me of my Grandfather rolling out the pre mounted snow tires on extra rims every winter.
  10. WOW ! Great story, great work and a great Buick .
  11. Nice pair of plates! People enjoy seeing those on a car. At least you can put them on at a show.
  12. I couldn't of said it better ! That seems to be a trend in all aspects of life now. sad.
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