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  1. I do have a lift but if I have to slide the entire rear end back and out it may not prove to be very useful to walk under to work...maybe to go up and down a tad. I had this problem with the gas tank. A transmission jack would had helped there but I don’t have one so I spent most of my time on my back on the concrete anyway
  2. I love this car for my wife. I would replace 3spd with an auto trans and she would love it. Anyone live in this area nearby that would be willing to take a look. My concern (being from NY) is how much bondo, patch panels...etc the car has. I know it says it doesnt but so far in my life that is never the case.
  3. Spot on, depends on where you live. NY (upstate) we have hills, stop lights/signs and a-hole drivers everywhere. Everyones a$$ is on fire to get somewhere before you. If you have to drive into the city (i do for work) thats another struggle, i am the slowest car on the road when i have to start from a stop. Not that i really care but its stressful at times since i dont want to get hit and everyone else drives like an animal in a POS that is beat...there car will be in the junk yard when its 10yrs old while mine is 79yrs old and still going. I drive the same way in the city with my C7 Z06 vette
  4. My trans sound the same, like straight cut gears in first!
  5. Well thats exciting, i hope the same is true for me.
  6. Hmm I never tried this. My clutch chatters and car shakes I’m 1st, maybe it will be better in 2nd
  7. Lol oh I am aware. It’s all pretty significant though. In 4 months everything is empty in the trans and shocks
  8. I plan to go through the entire thing with new gaskets. This thing is 79yrs old and everything is original. She’s still holding on at 58k miles but anything that holds liquids leaks liquid. Lol. If headlights had fluid they would leak too.
  9. Ugh I was afraid you were going to say that. Yes I do. I will have to take a look
  10. What’s the process to pull the 3spd on a 41 special and replace the seal. Mine is starting to leak to much gear oil at the tail.
  11. Thank you. I guess I should read the full procedure, never read it just have it on my PC, because I wasn’t aware you had to grind and weld them back together.
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