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  1. I just turned 33 a week or 2 ago, and fall into the millennial category. Aside from the budgetary restraints that people in every age group have to contend with when building a car to a certain level, a lot of it falls into, people my age, who didn't grow up with old cars, who's parents weren't involved in cars, etc. they can seem like these so far removed age wise, overwhelmingly complicated, antiquated, expensive, insurmountable brutes that you wouldn't know where to begin, and, especially the older stuff, really just falls out of the realm of possibility of ownership for a lot of people in
  2. With the body back on, its time to jump back on to some of the remaining sheet metal projects that i was procrastinating on and and i didnt want to do too much cutting while the body was sitting on stands at the chance of having something fall out of shape, ( door sills, trunk frame, etc.). i had made a new repair panel for the passenger side cowl/ fender mounting area months ago, so i started there saturday. Fairly crusty and i could pull the lower portion apart with my hand 2020-10-05_07-16-12 by Dan Haas, on Flickr A quick check with the new panel cleco'd over the old section
  3. Thats good to know! Constantly gumming up sandpaper and having to change it prematurely was one of the big stick out memories when i was thinking of when i've used it before, aside from being hard to sand down. Now you have me a little curious about what/ how the new stuff is. i end up doing a lot of sheet metal repairs for people, and i'm sure it would be more convenient for them to have something nice to use and readily available at the store down the street, than telling them to order online or go to an auto body supply house, when it comes time for them to bodywork the repaired area.
  4. For tv shows, I think it would end up being whoever the supplier is sponsoring the show. Chip Foose is sponsored by 3M and thus uses 3M Bondo brand fillers. I havent used all of the different Bondo brand fillers and i would imagine that Foose uses a higher end flavor, but regular, off the shelf at the parts store Bondo, isnt my favorite. It's generally pretty hard to sand, and i have run into adhesion issues with it. i've been using Rage Gold/ Evercoat products for years, and have been well worth the slightly more money to me in terms of ease of use and results from it.
  5. I wonder if my father is on an air and space forum somewhere saying this about me! He's about 67, i just turned 33 the other day, and from the time i was born, i was brought around the country to museums, events, launches, exhibits, air shows, anything to do with air craft, space, rocketry, etc. and even just narrowly avoided going to space camp one year, as soon as i was old enough to start staying home and skipping these trips, i did. Not even that i was rebelious or angry about going to those places, there were some fun trips and i got to see alot at a young age, it just wasnt something i w
  6. Oh yeah, i love the styled line for these yrs. I have both bumpers, but they are completely trashed so ive been on the lookout for a usable set before biting the bullet and try and get them refinished and rechromed since i have a feeling it will be pretty spendy
  7. Thanks guys, it snowballed a bit since originally, i wasnt planning on doing the inner tray part, but when i started cutting out the outer skin and exposing all the mess that was underneath, it had to be done. it was a frustrating and it took awhile to get it right, but im happy with how it came out, and i really need to finish the weather stripping perimeter that i've been dragging my feet over. that could be cool, were we talking before about breaking up your front bumper or V'ing it something? Are you using the stock bumpers? A smooth bumper without the bolt holes or indent
  8. i had looked around a bit and thought about taking a chance with some of the EMS ones meant for a '37 Chevy coupe, but something talked me out of it, i think it was going to be dimensionally incorrect and its frustrating to have to cut apart spendy new panels so i made my own stuff. i copy and pasted from my thread here but if you want something more specific, i have more pictures. It was pretty rought, several overlapping patches of varying ages brazed, pop riveted, and sheet metal screwed in place. it was also dimensionally wrong and the trunk and rear fenders hung out passed the panel
  9. Thanks guys, if they are not factory holes, then i don't have any guilt over filling them in. i just didn't want to get rid of them if they were an oem feature and some future owner wanted to utilize them @MCHinson i was sitting next to the car frame switching around between your's and Gary's threads trying to figure out a way to do it without completely changing how the homemade running board brackets were set up. i made a few pieces of hardline trying to make it work , but there weren't any that i was happy with and was confident wouldn't be obstructed by or in contact with the b
  10. Some activity, in preparation to get the body on and trying to do all of the things that would be harder to do after the body is on, and alot of de-rusting, cleaning, sanding, grinding, painting, etc. The engine has been set in the frame, and everything fit as it was supposed to with the modified later style front engine mount plate, ( although the rubber blocks twisted a bit while tightening up the bolts). i bought new bellhousing engine mounts from Bob's, but unfortunately i didnt have the stock ones to turn in for a core so they cost a little extra but im happy to atleast have them.
  11. Matt, is there something going on with Apple/ did you have a bad experience? i was planning on sending in the rear shocks for my Century to Apple soon, and obviously would like to avoid any possible issues.
  12. *SOLD* I have the banjo style wheel that came with my Century when i bought it, and its unlikely i will be having the wheel refinished, and thought i should pass it along. Someone at some point in time wrapped some electrical tape around the wheel when the grip had failed, the spokes and ring seem like they clean up well, but i would consider it a core. I have tried to provide accurate pictures of the condition, but please ask if you want a better view of something. Asking $100 plus shipping 20200715_200646 by Dan Haas, on Flickr 20200715_200657 by Dan Haas, on Flickr
  13. I wasnt going to post this, because its a stock deviation, but i see this thrown around enough that it could be useful to someone else and did this over the weekend. This is one of those concessions i've been hemming and hawing over for awhile, with not wanting to deviate too far from stock, and have a safe enough car that i could take on road trips. I've had enough instances of being in cars with brake failures, (it doesnt take many and i've had a few recent ones in the last few yrs) with old original stuff, all new stock reproduction/ nos stuff, new style, etc. and figured adding a du
  14. Not alot of progress, but some forward progress and alot of filthy work that i dragged my feet through. Im putting an order together for Bob's including the new bellhousing/ engine mounts, throw out bearing, and a few other things, to hopefully get an engine into this car for the first time, i would guess, in many decades. I think the only component i am still missing to get the transmission and engine bolted together is the correct clutch fork with the through hole for the pedal linkage, and i believe a is slightly bent/ concave. I blew apart the rear a few weeks ago and managed to get
  15. I measured the ones in my coupe and had 31 1/8" from end to end with the support extended/the trunk open all the way
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