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  1. Thanks Sean; confirms Pearl Gray is right for my car.
  2. Been researching my paint codes to find touchup paint and came across this chart. My '41 has paint code 576, and is 2-tone grey over blue. The body appears to be Monterey Blue as confirmed by the chart below. I was told, however, the top is Lancaster Grey but the chart below states it should be Pearl Grey (upper 576). Anybody have any other info on 2-tones? Seems pretty clear the correct gray should be Pearl Grey. Pretty cool chart, though if you need paint. image [year] make model paint color name code sample Ditzler PPG Dupont Martin Senour Sherwin Williams comment G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Rainier Blue 561 C 10070, IM2042 93-1609, 246-5218 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Verde Green 562 C 40072, IM1705 246-51252, 93-3390 also ppg IM419 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Royal Maroon 563 C 50014 202-33039M, 161-21106M G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Touquet Beige 567 C 30110 93-5761, 246-51125 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Sienna Rust 568 C 70033 93-21646, 246-53293 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Silver French Gray 572 C 30051, IM2073 210-53413 upper color G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Permanent Red 577 C 70030 93-3516R, 246-51823R G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Titian Maroon 578 C 50015, IM2179 93-20910M, 246-33031M G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Black 560, 574 C 9001 lower 574 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Monterey Blue 564, 576 C 10071, IM2069 202-53419, 181-21276 576 lower body G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Lancaster Gray 565, 572 C 30111 210-36259, 181-21672 lower 572 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Chenanga Gray 566, 573 C 30058, IM2243, 1648P 202-36381, 181-21496 573 upper G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Ridge Green 569, 573 C 40046 202-53334, 181-20920 lower 573 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Ludington Green 570, 575 C 40232, IM2074 93-20952, 246-53407 288 9205 upper 575 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick English Green 571, 575 C 40073, IM2071 93-20953, 246-53406 lower 575 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Pearl Gray 574, 576 C 30071 210-53776 upper 574, upper 576 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Mermaid Green 579, 580 C 40088 246-50902 upper 579 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Cedar Green 579, 581 C 40089 246-50667 lower 579 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Nightshade Blue 582, 583, 585 C 10095 202-51568 upper 582,lower 585 G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Yakima Gray 582, 584, 585 C 30079 1095, 246-55651, 93-55651 lower 582, upper 585
  3. Sorry about all the questions but here we go again. And it's not that I don't research these things, I do, but also value your opinions: 1) Where can I get touchup paint for '41 colors? and 2) I have a couple minor cracks in my steering wheel but not enough to warrent a full costly restoration in my opinion. Is there a creative way to stabilize them so they don't get any worse? Thank you! Peter
  4. Thanks boys. I kinda agree JB weld would be great if I didn't have to use the screw again but I need to be able to remove and insert the screw many times. I'll try restoring and/or extending the threads but I think ultimately I'm headed for a heli-coil which I've used many times successfully. Thanks again. Peter
  5. Thanks Jon. I'm thinking you are the best person to ask (or respond). Peter
  6. One of the screws that go along the top perimeter of my carb is stripped on my '41; is the helicoil still the way to go or is there a better method to fix stripped threads? Thanks! Peter
  7. Thought I'd post a pic of a Buick with the oval backup light just to confuse things...
  8. Interesting. Has anyone else advanced their timing? I've also heard the argument that the manifold heat control valves and the rear carb damper are no longer needed due to improvements in fuel. My '41 doesn't have any of these and it runs great (now).
  9. I don't know gentlemen, I'm going to go the old fashion way and try and remember to turn it off! Perhaps my position will change in time (and age)... Thanks Matt for the link to the fog light article, very informative. Like to think I could find a decent set of proper '41 fogs but probably a long shot.
  10. I'm going to try and get the oval light to work, perhaps mounting it on the splash pan as a buddy of mine suggested, and using the right side accessory knob. It's a neat piece of car jewelry. Now the search is on for the fog lights and fog light knob, and a bank to rob. I've been told by a highly reliable source (who shall remain anonimous) that the oval light was indeed offered for Buicks in '41 as well as for Cadillacs along with other neat stuff like fitted luggage for senior cars and goggles for convertible owners. Anybody ever hear of a GM options catalog or something similar? Or any reference to a Buick backup light option? Peter
  11. Thanks again Matt - your keeping me out of trouble. I really like the oval light and wish I could work it in tastefully but it may not work out given the contours of the sheet metal. Peter
  12. ..just noticed installing this type might be a bit dicey as the Buick taillight assembly sits right where this one is installed...ugh.
  13. Wow great stuff, thanks so much Matt. So I'm gathering installing this backup light (in the pic) would not be a major point deductor, disqualifier or faux pas? Note this one is installed by drilling a hole in the sheet metal and not bolted to the bumper. Currently, my right side "accessery" knob is an electric fuel pump, and the left side knob is not a switch and doesn't move in or out (is it usable?) so I'll have to go with hidden switches of some type I guess. But I will look for a "Fog Light" switch. Thanks for the headsup. I believe the '41 fogs were used on a few GM brands, at least I've seen them advertised as '41 Chevy lights too. Those are the babies I want but funding is an issue at the moment seeing how crappy ones go for hundreds. Thanks again, Peter
  14. Shoot - after researching this, I guess a backup light was not offered as an option on '41 buicks. I thought the oval lights offered as an option on '41 Cadillacs were also offered on Buicks but I cannot find a photo of one on a Buick nor reference to one in any Buick liturature. It's a cool light, though, and I may still install it since the Cad and Buick bodies are the same. Thought I would wire it to one of the accessory switches on the dash. Any thoughts? Anybody else have a backup light? Peter
  15. Thanks Neil. As you say, the stripes on either side of the emblem I believe should be black (mine are not), and also the stripes on the 2 chrome pieces that go on the rear quarter panels (or covers), again, mine are not (yet). I think you are also right about the photo artifact. Thanks! Peter