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  1. Interesting opinion, there Morgan. Trying to start something with us ‘41 owners? Easy now, just joshing....
  2. Nice setup. This appears to be great deal. Going out now to rob a few 7/11s....
  3. Great car. Is there a pic and description of the dual carb setup? thanks, peter
  4. Could I trouble you to post a pic of what you found? I’d like it for my archive. Thanks, Peter
  5. Nice show. Was that a Simca 1000 (mil)? I drove one of those all around Europe and survived. Took the plates off at the airport in Paris and flew home...
  6. Very sorry to hear. Do a compression test, pull the valve and side covers (push rods) and it will become evident what went wrong.
  7. Holy smokes that’s gorgeous, and color scheme similar to some early ‘40s Buick’s.
  8. Sorry to hear this...your car looks great
  9. Been watching “Bugsy” today and this car would fit right in. Great looking ride..
  10. Good Lord, Sebastian, is there any nut or screw on your car you haven’t touched and restored? You’ll know more about this car than anybody once your done. Bravo and keep plowing ahead.
  11. Matt’s right and Neil knows this. The wheel is very flexible. These cars are not easy to get in and out of and I found myself grabbing the wheel to assist. Had to adjust my procedures so as to not crack the wheel anymore than it already is.
  12. Great stuff, thanks 1941buicknut. I put in the passenger side but will wait until warmer weather for the other side.
  13. Looks marvelous! Thanks for blazing another trail for us.
  14. No designated lanes...looks like a free-for-all out there
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