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  1. Agree. It’s a Roadmaster Sport Coupe like mine.
  2. You are an artisan of the highest order, great fabrication.
  3. That is a fine looking car. At the risk of losing friends here on the forum, I noticed you added an outside visor which I think looks great. Could I trouble you for any information you may have on it, make, type, size?? I’m thinking about adding one to my ‘41
  4. Touché! Great minds think alike…
  5. Beautiful….just needs a 4-star General flag or license plate.
  6. Thanks Matt, you should know…
  7. It looks like a $50k car to me, especially given how much has been spent on its restoration. I know it’s a base model but you wouldn’t know it looking at it.
  8. I’m a little confused in that my research indicates folks are asking a lot more than this for these cars, remains to be seen if they get what they are asking. This is a friend so I want him to get a decent price for it, particularly given what’s gone into this car. On the other hand, if this is the way it is, I’d buy it and be incredibly happy. Thanks again peter
  9. …and thank you both for your help.
  10. I am shocked and humbled. It looks like so much more. That wouldn’t cover the paint job on this beauty.
  11. 10 to 14?? You must not like Buick’s much!
  12. After some research, surprisingly and sadly, it seems the very best restored cars only fetch $50K, if that. Many good driver quality cars, barely half that. These are relative steals in my opinion as they are cool, spacious, elegant, powerful cars.
  13. A good friend of mine has a magnificent ‘32 57S for sale with an interesting history. Bought by his father over 40 years ago, it was maticulously restored to concours condition over 30 years, now a total restoration with a few hundred miles on it, maybe. It has been stored and not driven for a couple years, hence the yellowed tires and dusty body. I would be very surprised if there was a better one on earth. Last pic shows a reflection in the paint. What do you think it’s worth?
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