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  1. Just spoke to Doug Seybold, just as nice as can be, and he notes that the backside of all ‘41 gloveboxs are brown like yours Neil. Mine was repainted in a leftover dollhouse color...
  2. That’s interesting and most likely correct. My column IS grey but not the same beigey violet color of the glove box. But I strongly suspect my column has been repainted. Probably should be the same weird industrial beige as the glove box. Learn something every day....maybe others can confirm your hypothesis!
  3. I thought of that too (repro sticker) but who would choose that color to paint it? I bet you’re right that they used different colors depending on the interior. Wish someone had addressed the back side before Doug did his thing...I’ll try fixing it up, take the dents out, paint it and take it from there. Thanks for your opinion Neil.
  4. I just noticed that I have the same tire pressure sticker on the back of the glove box door as Neil (see pics), so I think they are both original. I would really like to use my existing glove box door, if possible, as the backside looks original and is in great shape and the new one needs to be redone. Also looks like the patterned skins are just crimped on and one could conceivably pry them off and put the good one on the good door. Probably asking for trouble but thought I’d run it by you guys. here’s the back of the one I have to redo.
  5. ...and mine doesn’t have the neat little clamp for the clock wire...
  6. Thanks so much you guys. Neil, looks like the paint is a reasonably close match to the inside of the glove box. I’ll try doing that. RM71, great write up and pics. Between you, Neil and Dave I have a solid idea of what I’m in for, albeit intimidating.
  7. Thanks boys, I’ll be leaning on you guys as usual...
  8. This is pretty picky but does anybody know the correct color of the backside of the glove box panel? I need to paint the one I want to install. My existing panel is a weird industrial violet on the backside.
  9. Is it possible to remove the 5 panel nuts first, pull out the panel with the gauges still attached, then remove the gauge nuts? Or do you have to remove the gauge nuts from underneath? No more questions until I get into it...
  10. Fuuuuudge. How much will it take for you to come out here and help me with this? Good example of be careful what you wish for. I’m going to give it a shot though, the panels are too pretty to keep on the shelf. I sure do appreciate your help Neil, thanks so much.
  11. i was fortunate enough to stumble across a pair of '41 turned dash panels that had been restored by Doug Seybold but never installed at a good price. One of mine looks great but appears to be a decal and the other looks like a bad amateur attempt at turning. This wasn't high on my priority list but I've learned it's better to strike when the opportunity presents itself so I pulled the trigger. The clock side looks very straight forward to install but I'm not certain about the instrument side. Couldn't find relevant info on the forum, anything tricky about removing/installing the driver-side
  12. Reminds me of Christmas presents past. Golf clubs, sweaters, CDs are all fine and dandy but nothing gets the blood going like a needed part for the ole collector car! My family still needles me over my most coveted present of all time, a rare chrome trim piece for my ‘58 Continental convertible. car is coming along great Sebastian
  13. So cool, kinda surprised you choose Strombergs over Carters but I’m sure you checked it out. Too good for the Race of Gentlemen but would kinda fit in.
  14. I’m not disputing this or trying to be difficult but why not? How is prewar hot metal different from post war?
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