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  1. I'd love this car as the big brother to my coupe...
  2. valk

    "Product" Board

    I just used some Mcguires #7 after claying and it works great. Topped it off with Mothers Canauba Wax and I don't believe the paint can look any better. On to the undercarriage - has anyone tried dry ice cleaning of the undercarriage? Looks like the way to go. Typical of this area, there is no one offering this service near me (Maryland) so it may be moot unless I buy the equipment. I could also use a lift but, again in this car hobby deficient area, there is no place within a thousand miles that will rent me one. Dry ice cleaning is intriguing... Peter '41 Roadmaster 76S
  3. Of course, my apologies. I'm a bit skeptical it's the fuel mixture because it would have run like crap with the mixture so wrong. You know more than I but I would put it back together and take the temp checks you mentioned to confirm there's a problem. Might be other reasons the header paint failed.
  4. Since you didn't go for my temp gun suggestion which would tell you definitively whether your running hot, look at the plugs. Should be easy to tell if you're way too lean on the rear 4 cylinders. I check my plugs after every long run and make small adjustments to dial in the right setting.
  5. Thanks so much, Neil. This will be incredibly useful when my time comes.
  6. This is a better pic showing what it does...
  7. Maybe one of these gyzmos would help: Raytech Minitemp. I think I got this years ago as a gag present for Christmas but it has proven very helpful, particularly for my air-cooled British bikes.
  8. I came across this - looks like great work to me.
  9. Does anyone know what became of Buick experts "Jyrki" or "Alleycat"? These guys were around some time ago and apparently knew a tremendous amount about getting the most out of straight eights. Wish they were still around.
  10. Stumbled upon this collection for sale - some really cool, rare Buicks....
  11. They look simply beautiful...great job.
  12. My Roadmaster coupe trim, like Keith's, is around 87" give or take an inch or so. The curve in question is, indeed, the same as on Roadmasters but it isn't long enough, for coupes anyway. So unless sedans are different, these wouldn't be for '41 70 series.
  13. Err, late to this post. Agree that this is a great price and dismayed they aren't for a Roadmaster! Although I do not want to get in the way of my Roadmaster buddie Keith.
  14. valk

    "Product" Board

    I've heard good things about Collinite. But has anyone ever used Pinnacle Signature or Wolfgang Fuzion waxes? They are very expensive and I'm wondering if they are worth the extra dough. I bought and used some Calyx, an exhaust manifold rub-on paint and it works ok. It certainly goes on easy but the finish looks a bit cheesy, like it was painted. Better than my rusty look but no one is going to confuse my manifold with a new one.
  15. Dave, sorry to hear of your public humiliation. Let me know if you need an extra set of hands or eyes. Peter