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    Born in '63, I came into this world with a Dad who seemed to know his cars. Standing up next to him in the front seat, he would point out the makes and models. Back then, I loved the '60 Buick coming and going and I wanted one - and about 37 years later, I got it. It was the first of many Buicks for me, each one a bit needy but having its own story and undoubtedly starting its life as one of the most beautiful cars built.

    This Buick fever followed years of education in Chemical Engineering. Even earlier, I wanted this education to help me get away from the blood, sweat, and the other stuff that came from working with cattle and doing construction work. I've since grown to really appreciate those years, not just for the work ethic, but for the daily lessons that taxed both my mind and my hands.

    In Oklahoma, an engineer has to work to keep from getting into the oil business. It was the thing to do and so I did it. In the last 26 years, oil has been up and down many times but it has never missed a paycheck. It has sent me many places but none yet rival the place I call home, here in Oklahoma. Most importantly, this industry and my commitment to it has allowed me to support a family and support things that I like to do when I'm not working.

    That brings me back around to Buicks and my woodshop. I've got several Buicks that really need a wood worker and I love doing this kind of work. I'm looking forward to retirement, hopefully very soon, and having the time and resources to continue the work to get these beauties back on the road.

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  1. Forgive my misleading statement. I was speaking of one of my ‘36 model 81’s that won’t be restored. Lamar’s new prize is certainly restorable and I intend to make sure he gets the parts and encouragement that it takes to do the job. Certainly agree with you that Underestimating Lamar would be a mistake!
  2. Yep, that’s a steal. Just too far from me. I have three more 36’s to make wood kits. Jake, I of course still have that 81 and it’s value is in its original wheels. Those artillery wheels are one model only for the 80’s and also for the 90’s - very rare. I’m sure that 81 will never be restored as there is just too much rot. The big 320 is good and I’m sure other drive train parts are good as well.
  3. It looks like it will be a very nice shop. You’ll have to let us in on the materials and what amenities you are planning for. I spent a lot of time planning and designing my shop and still ended up with quite a few things I wish I could do over. Regarding your poles, are they set in concrete? About how deep in the ground are they? I’ve been tossing around an idea of building a pavilion type building for storing my unrestored buicks and tractors. I like this type of construction and having a sawmill makes lumber costs nil. Please keep us posted and congratulations! Joel
  4. Terry, that all looks straight and square and those three colors go well together. One critique I’ll offer is that those nice carriage lights would stand out better if they were about 16” off to the side of that door opening. You sign will look good up there. My first and second houses both had shake roofing. I really liked the look and still do. Interestingly, both roofs were destroyed by bad hail storms. On the last house, I replaced the shakes with asphalt shingles over new plywood sheeting. Just last week I was trying to recall the last shake or sawn shingle roof I’ve seen around these parts and I can’t think of one. It’s certainly an old style but perhaps most fitting for a world headquarters. thanks for sharing! -Joel
  5. Wow! That is so cool. It’s like an abstract version in linen. It deserves some special treatment- maybe framed and placed in a well-lit spot. Or, place it on a banner and hang it from the ceiling. She’s very talented! thanks for sharing! -Joel
  6. Not mine but local to me. I inquired and nice gentleman is selling for the widow. I believe price is very negotiable. I’m willing to go and look for any interested Club member. He also sent me a bunch of pics and I can forward if desired. Tough for me to see these as I know the climb for this car is very steep.
  7. It’s my low profile I try to keep! I hope and pray that everyone has a safe trip home. Joel
  8. Keith, this is a very nice building. Earlier, you mentioned that you were putting in floor insulation, something like r18. How was that done? Was it styrofoam panels below the compacted gravel? On one pic I thought I could see reinforcing iron and maybe a vapor barrier. You haven’t mentioned door openers but if you’re planning for them, allow me to put a plug in for the style that attaches to the wall and drives spring rod. I have these and they work great. So you end up just over $80 per square foot turn-key job. That’s not bad at all and these days it seems everything has gone up in cost. Again, it’s very nice!
  9. It looks fantastic and although you’ve battled about everything, the progress is impressive.
  10. I didn’t notice that! Could this be a scam of sorts?
  11. $1200 and very little info. Only two pics.
  12. $3500, Not mine and know nothing about it but am willing to help BCA’ers if needed.
  13. This is an exciting time. You know what you’ll end up with but you still wonder if you’ve dotted the “i’s” and crossed the T’s. Time and cost is always an issue but When my project was at this stage I wish that I had installed more water lines, air lines, communication lines, and even some long electrical runs, especially for outdoor connections. I’m interested in hearing more about floor insulation, I’ve never heard that before. keep us posted! Joel
  14. Lamar, I recall several times when your comment or encouragement would turn a bad day into good. Straight and square with impeccable attention to detail and integrity is how you approach everything. You did this job superbly well. Thank You! -Joel