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  1. I can’t believe my Cascada is 4 years old today. Just over 15,000 miles and still looks like new
  2. Lucky you. I went 9 weeks. Connecticut was supposed to open today but moved it back. Shaved it off yesterday
  3. Which cities Craigslist did you see it on? I’ll try to find it
  5. Don’t see too many of these around. To me, this looks like a ‘51 though
  6. Excellent! Welcome to the club
  7. It's back up now on ebay
  8. My Buick Cascada does the same
  9. Sadly, Dave Corbin passed away quite a while ago, Hopefully, someone else can help with your question
  11. I am familiar with this car. A forum member had it for sale on here and on eBay about 8 years ago. I think it sold for about 11 K. All solid floors