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  1. Hi Doug, thanks, Happy New Year to you and all your family. Yes, this was in 2018, I was there with my car club the Piston Pushers with around 23 members for the weekend. I remember seen this red conv. 58, so it was your, so you must know Anthony from Delhi who has a 58 Limited that he is selling or could be sold by now. Doesn't look too good for next car show season up to now. Take care. Denis
  2. The old dash pad is under the new one. Désolé!
  3. Hi Doug, Thanks! Yes, the Buick is running good after 12 weeks on the hoist. no, the dash pad wasn't crack but it didn't match the rest of the restoration. Yes I did all the sewing and door panels myself but I never used a sewing machine in my life before. I got a walking foot sewing machine. I learned from YouTube and practicing. Denis
  4. Hi, I repainted the dash and all the dash parts, made a new dash pad, not quite all done but I will finished it next spring. In storage for the winter. Thank you.
  5. My 58 Buick was used in this short film, it was created by a young man Tom Gigliotti ,( Tom is from Brantford, Ontario ) who is in his last year of film school at the School of Images at Ryerson University in Toronto, along with some fellow student filmmakers, are producing ‘ Walters Way “ , So , Tom , put out an email to the Brantford Piston Pushers FaceBook for a car…a car from the late ‘50 to early ‘60’s , a vintage that he needed for a short film, so I volunteer with my 58 Special, the filming was done at the Dairy Delite in Brantford, Ontario, they startup at 10:00pm, it was Saturday, M
  6. So I have decided to redo my door panels because they look ugly, Buick could have made a better design for their 50th anniversary in 1958, even if it was the basic model, they could have done a better job. Anyway this is what I have done with mine. I also notice that when I did my template for the door panels, the handles for the windows and the ones to open the doors are not at the same location from the front driver and passenger side, I had to loosen the bolts and move them to match same locations on both door, same thing with the rear doors. I have used MDF board to make the sha
  7. Thanks, I'm not done yet, I'm redoing the interior.
  8. This is the engine bay and motor Restoration, I had this done in spring 2015, everything was removed in the engine bay to be able to clean the firewall, inner fenders, frame. I decide to have the firewall painted same color then the light green on the car same thing with under the hood, It had a black rust proof undercoating under the hood that was applied by one of the previous owner, he undercoated with rust proof everywhere underneath the car, frame etc... Motor and transmission mounts have been changed, brake lines, gas lines, all heater hoses and radiator, the radiator was re cored
  9. So I made a slide show from the pictures that my son took when we saw the car for the first time, first picture is the one I saw in Auto Trader in May 2014. The other pictures show the car and some thing that needed to be fix. It was repainted two tone green in 2007, originally it was all light green or spray green. The engine bay was not too nice to see. Under the hood, it had an ugly black undercoating. I will have more pictures later from the engine bay restoration. Thanks for watching.
  10. So this is the story of my Buick 58. I always wanted to get an old classic car, after going to so many cars show, I decide it was time to find one, so I started looking in fall 2013 for a GM Classic of a 1958 vintage, since this is the year of my birth. I saw a few cars, such as a 1958 Impala , great car , but expensive 25K and no motor. In May 2014, I came across this beautiful Buick 1958 in AutoTrader and it was within my budget, so I decided to look it up in North York, Ontario . When I saw the car in the driveway of the vendor, I said to myself, that's the one, got to have it, so I m
  11. Here are some pictures of the film shooting at Dairy Delite and inside the garage. You can also see all the pictures of my club events, the Piston Pushers Car Club, I am the manager. Thank you. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=pistonpushersbrantford&set=a.2002579913336855 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=pistonpushersbrantford&set=a.2003117549949758
  12. Thank you Joe, It was quite an experience.
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