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  1. I want to try to replace the wire without removing the steering column.
  2. It is at the same position in my 58, very limited space down there without removing the steering column. I think if I just unbolt the column from the dash and remove the rubber that is around the column going through the firewall I might be able to bring it down low enough to get to the brass ring and install another wire. Can't do it now, it's still in repair.
  3. I had to bring the Buick for repair again, I had the transmission leaks fix last fall and did a rebuild and started to leak again, still under warranty luckily, also the pinion seal is leaking in the torque tube so I am getting this fixed also. That's why I can't work at the horn wire.
  4. I have re-install the turn signal temporary to try if it was working and it works like a brand new and a lot more solid. Now I have to fix the horn wire coming out from the tube.
  5. The wire is still soldered to the brass ring so I might be lucky.
  6. I'm thinking about a wireless horn. I think if I can get the wire out of the opening where the horn connection with a small hook, without removing the steering column, I think it would work, if this works all I need is to soldered another piece of wire and push it back with a rigid wire.
  7. That is a lot of work just to fix that darn wire. Thanks.
  8. Hi all, got another problem, the wire for the horn coming in the steering column tube broke when I remove the steering, does someone know how to get at it. Thanks
  9. Thanks, I had to install flat head machine screws under the spring tensioner for clearence and round head for the two other one. Got another problem, the wire for the horn coming in the steering column tube broke when I remove the steering, do you know how to replace the wire or how to get it. Thanks
  10. So I decide to give a try to fix it and it worked. Made a jig to hold it in place and use JB Weld SteelStick epoxy and a piece of aluminum with 4 machine screws (4-40) and it's a lot stronger than the original.
  11. That's $135.00 Canadian with ship., I think it is exp.
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