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  1. Hi all, I need to replace the tires on my 58 and I want to have them aligned, but I can't find the specs so that the technician can enter the specs in his machine. Where can I find these specs, I search on the web but no luck. Thank you Buickboy58
  2. Hi FunkyNova66, Have you check if the horn works outside the car. When you will remove the chrome center with the horn ring part of the steering held by 3 screws in the back, you will see the spring ground switch contact, if you pull gently and it comes off, it mean that the wire is broken inside and that's probably why your horn is not working. you will need a steering wheel puller, use a socket or a piece of pipe that will go over the spring ground contact but it has to sit on the edge as showed in the picture. There is no power going inside the pipe that the wire is in, this is only a ground wire that is cutting or making contact with the spring ground switch to continue the circuit.
  3. Thanks, I found out what was the problem, I have a Cool Carb plate that cut the heat from going under the carb and create vapor lock. I had it installed right on top of the adapter spacer over the intake but I move it up last weekend just under the carb I notice that it was just under the accelerator pump but didn't realize that there is a lever underneath that need to move, well it wasn't moving at all because it was touching the Cool Carb plate, so I removed the carb, the plate and made a slot inside to free the lever and it fix the problem. Thanks for your input.
  4. Yesterday It's started, but this morning no luck, it wouldn't start at all. The engine is just cranking.
  5. That's what I think, I will remove the carb tomorrow and check it out. Thanks
  6. I don't have a rpm gauge but I would say it around 700-750 rpm.
  7. Hi all, on my 58, 364, the engine stall when I take off from a stop sign or traffic light. Yesterday, I went out for a drive and It started well, let it warm up a little then drove it until I stop at the traffic, the engine stalled when I was pressing the gas pedal, I restarted the motor and kept doing this every time I would stop for traffic light and even slowing down to almost stopping then re-accelerate, it wanted to stall if press the gas pedal. I have a Quickfuel carb, 4b, 650 cfm, electric fuel pump, electronic ignition. New spark plugs and wires. It was running fine last fall when I put it away for the winter in my garage, and this happen when I wanted to put it back on the road. I did put some fuel stabilizer before I stored it. Any idea what could be the problem. Thanks
  8. Finally got the Buick back from the transmission shop, they fix the tranny leak and replace pinion gear seal. Took them 3 weeks to find a seal for the tranny. Anyway, so this afternoon I try something, I wanted to try to remove the broken horn wire from the tube with a small hook through the small opening down below were the connection of the horn. So instead, I decided to try to solder another piece of electrical wire on the end of the broken wire at the top of the tube, the wire was about an inch below in the tube, so I prepared a short piece of electrical wire, soldered the spring switch to the new wire, and finally I was able to solder the broken wire to the new one with a small soldering gun after a few trial in that small tube opening and finally it works! I got it fix without removing the steering column. YEAH! One of the previous owner had the steering wheel off to fix the turn signal switch and they broke the horn wire, so they tried to solder another piece of wire on the end, they succeed but the soldering was not very strong and when I remove the steering wheel the solder broke so that's why I had to fix it again with a stronger solder and put some shrink tube to reinforced the hole thing.
  9. I want to try to replace the wire without removing the steering column.
  10. It is at the same position in my 58, very limited space down there without removing the steering column. I think if I just unbolt the column from the dash and remove the rubber that is around the column going through the firewall I might be able to bring it down low enough to get to the brass ring and install another wire. Can't do it now, it's still in repair.
  11. I had to bring the Buick for repair again, I had the transmission leaks fix last fall and did a rebuild and started to leak again, still under warranty luckily, also the pinion seal is leaking in the torque tube so I am getting this fixed also. That's why I can't work at the horn wire.
  12. I have re-install the turn signal temporary to try if it was working and it works like a brand new and a lot more solid. Now I have to fix the horn wire coming out from the tube.
  13. The wire is still soldered to the brass ring so I might be lucky.
  14. I'm thinking about a wireless horn. I think if I can get the wire out of the opening where the horn connection with a small hook, without removing the steering column, I think it would work, if this works all I need is to soldered another piece of wire and push it back with a rigid wire.
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