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  1. I saw a (small series) 56 Century with an adapted transmission and Jaguar xj6 rear suspension. Might be able to adapt the torque tube since the differential like the RR and Bentley is fixed. The Jag might be too narrow for the 55 Super.
  2. new battery and a shot of starter fluid too...
  3. Search "zinc" on this forum for much past discussion. Unless you have a high lift cam with heavier than stock valve springs, you don't need any added zinc. Oils today have more zinc than when these cars were new...zinc level was increased in the "muscle car era". There will always be those that caress each bottle of oil or additive while mumbling ritual incantations while it flows into the engine .
  4. Some of that vibration could have been from the ignition breaking up.
  5. A search for oil filter shelf life revealed "opinions" of 2-20 years with some discussion of media, seals, glues and rust and some storage hints (the best would be vacuum food saver bags in the freezer). I guess the only thing you can do is inspect after buying as needed. Never buy perishable items like hoses, belts, seals and probably filters from Rock Auto. Mostly old and crusty junk from long storage in defunct parts stores. They will issue a quick refund without asking for a return of the items...that should tell you something. They are a good source of part numbers to search elsewhere.
  6. Just find a way to seal at the filler.
  7. "Lifted in the air"...maybe that is where I went wrong. I drive the car over my service pit and stand at each wheel. I gave away my Mityvac before I destroyed it with a hammer. But I have developed a method that is just as easy and no spills to attack painted parts. Write your request for this info on a $50 bill.
  8. You will not get into trouble doing it that way. But be advised that vacuum bleeding never worked on my 55's with manual or power brakes. Your experience may be different.
  9. Thanks Ben. That may be the only way to go since it seems that canister base conversion is no longer available. I have also seem some conversions using a later base (401/425?) that attaches with 3 bolts and uses a different gasket. Do these later filter bases have a bypass valve...not prominent like the canister base? What filters are used?...are they getting obsolete and rare too?
  10. I think I finally found a fresh one. Started with a Carquest 85121 and the gasket was crumbling and paper dust came out of the filter. Bought at Advance auto and maybe that was understandable since Carquest is a defunct brand. They got me a Purolator L40124 in a dusty box and paper dust shook out also. A NAPA filter (1121) seems fine. I wonder if these filters are even being made fresh? I am considering "going to the dark side" and converting to a spin-on. Anyone done this lately?
  11. Steel belts don't stick to rubber for more than 5-7years.
  12. Joe, the service manual will tell you how. I don't know anything about the kit at Bob's. Bench work only. I have done a few: some parts and detail on my WEBSITE.
  13. http://buickrestorer.com/powersteeringhose.jpg Print this and the other picture I posted and take it to town with your existing high pressure hose and have one duplicated...ugly but effective!