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  1. Good idea, although it is not polite to turn down one when offered. Then again it is always 5:00 somewhere. But if driving, wait till you are parked at home.
  2. Thanks, but I should have a few hours to waste waiting on Haggerty roadside assistance.
  3. This thread makes no sense. It has references to a deleted thread. I read and contributed to some of that thread. But somewhere along the way I must have missed something. I hate censors!
  4. Drove about 170 miles this weekend: water pump is dry; radiator is dry; tranny still leaking but not as much (wishful thinking?) after the STP. I will add another bottle after it leaks down. Planned 300-400 mile trip (150 miles from home) this next weekend. If stable it will go to OKC in June Gotta get back to killin' bugs and killin' the planet .
  5. D.F. -dynflow C.T -conventional transmission
  6. Some, maybe. But all 55's that I have and have seen were gray.
  7. Thanks John. I doubt that seal is readily available. That is the same type seal as used in the A-5 a/c compressor and by design those seals (vs the available lip seals) will slobber a little oil. Anyhow the hub was not scored and if it was the fix nowadays would be to install a repair sleeve over the scored area. My guess is that there is a crack in either the torque converter or the front pump that spreads when hot. Somewhere I saw a bulletin that described bolting the converter together on a bench with no "innards" and pressurizing with air while dunking in a tub of water. Even then it might require hot water to find a crack. If that transmission comes out again it will go a shelf to donate parts...never to be installed! I've had all the fun I can stand.
  8. shims...made it worse! Time to put it back where it was and dump in some STP. Then see if I can live with it or trust it to take me a long way from home this summer.
  9. The original 2 barrel was only about 250 cfm. You will not get the velocity on a larger carb to give good driveability in city driving (probably runs like a scalded dog at WOT). The original 4 barrel (wcfb or 4gc) was only about 450 cfm with the primaries about half of that. If you go with the edelbrock 4 barrel, go small.
  10. No abnormal heat...it already has a fan driven external cooler in addition to the stock heat exchanger. Remembering what my transmission mentor said (hoping it was not too late ) that when working for Buick on dynaflows that they always changed the rear main bearings on high mileage cars because excessive crankshaft thrust would eat up a new transmission seals. Checking the crankshaft end play or thrust on mine with and without the torque converter attached I got 0.0035 inches (service manual says 0.004-0.008), so that is not the problem. With the torque converter loose i noticed that there is about a 0.090 inch front to back movement. So I made some 0.060 shims to put between the flexplate and torque converter, changing the location of the sealing surface of the seal. Test drive scheduled...stay tuned.
  11. Where did the Holley come from. I thought that the original 2 barrel would be either a carter or rochester.
  12. LEAKS! 1- Water pump: the 5/16 bolts that go thru the timing cover even though I slathered the threads (permatex aviation form a gasket) like I alway do. No big deal, drain the coolant and this time use teflon tape like used on ford flatheads. (last time the pump was changed in a motel parking lot in Idaho all I used for sealer on the gasket and bolts was some bearing grease which lasted for 80K miles). 2- Noticed that radiator petcock would not seal completely. No problem, just change it. Not!! After an hour of fiddling the radiator tank was deforming. Off to the radiator shop where they twisted a hole. I brought them a spare tank to install. 3- THE LEAK: dynaflow has been dry on short 10-20 mile trips, but is leaking from behind the torque converter again after a long hot highway run. I'm gonna try a few things before I line up a different transmission to have rebuilt. Stay tuned
  13. Spot weld cutter ...probably available locally too. Little parts like that extension are easy to get back in shape even if mangled (tedious and you may have to use some putty).
  14. Work fascinates me and I can sit around all day a watch it...especially if someone knows what they are doing.