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  1. My out-of-pocket expense was about $150. I paid for the vinyl graphics of course and then paid for background color and clear coat in catalyzed paint which I cannot be around.
  2. If this happens especially if you have radial tires set the caster at max positive while maintaining zero camber.
  3. "hammer impact driver" with appropriate bit.
  4. How happy would you be if a nicely dressed visitor came and you were still in your underwear?
  5. Disgusting. Substitute some Vegemite for the Mayo and it would be...well... more disgusting.
  6. Probably only valuable as a set (solid lifters, specific cam and the adjustable rockers). "Maybe" if someone installed some rebuilt heads only to discover that the valve stem height was not set correctly or too much milling of heads or block.
  7. The plates match the yellow flames and faded green fender skirts.
  8. I carry and have used clamps and sparkplugs for emergency repair.
  9. What are the colors of the wires going to the ballast resistor and colors of the wires going to the carburetor switch? The main wiring diagram will show you the colors that the wires are supposed to be.
  10. The 'year of manufacture' plates on my blue/white 55 were less than pristine. The front had 30 years of dents, bends, chips and gouges; the rear was wearing thin. Here is one plate already stripped, media blasted, some straightening and etching primer; the other shows wear That original paint was really tough. Media blasting and wire wheel were getting me nowhere. So I slathered it with Citristrip Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel and wrapped in foil for a few hours. The bare metal had some original rusty finger prints.
  11. I called them and the gap would be 1/2 to 5/8 inches...don't think I could live with that. Second disappointment; the first was when I found out that Diamondback does not make the Diamondback II (made on Toyo tires) anymore. Just the Auburn line ($$$) and a Diamondback I made on Nexen tires (China) tires (sold at Walmart for around $60). Tires i need are 225-75R15.
  12. You are right about the new replacement, but the old one is useful only for comparing fitting size. Get some barb fittings and some new hose and put some ugly clamps to hold it if you are going to drive the car or even if you intend to store it inside. It ain't gonna last!
  13. Either the filter is defective or the source is upstream from the filter in the fluid flow.
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