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  1. I know this is an old post but my intake was a dark green like forest green when I removed it from the engine for new gaskets. The engine valve color was that teal color pictured above. The transmission is bare metal with undercoating from back in the day.
  2. Under hood brackets I mean haha
  3. Thanks bill. This winter I want to get a lot of the brackets and small things painted black and have the head and valve cover painted the teal color. Under the car the trans pan looks like bare metal and oil pan is painted black. It's a fun car to work on.
  4. Alrighty. Thanks Ben. Is the head of the engine supposed to be painted the same color the valve cover is?
  5. The lines by the valve cover. This is a picture of before I bought the car. Much work has been done since then.
  6. On the front of my straight 8 engine there are two hard metal lines that go around the engine to the carburator from the fuel pump. There is a bracket that holds them together mounted on the thermostat housing but no other tie downs or anything. They are just hanging out. Is that how they routed them from the factory? Can anyone post a picture of your lines for comparison? thanks and much appreciated. I'll post mine too.
  7. Hello. I'm wondering what the clip that holds the accelerator rod that starts the car that's mounted to the carb looks like mine has gone missing thanks.
  8. Your right about the garage. I know we are talking about the 50 but I have a 2004 Buick that was my grandfathers he passed on in 2011 and I really like the car I have spent a lot of money to make it look like a new car against the Ohio weather and salt. I no longer drive it in the winter. Most people I talk to say to just junk the car and get a better one when I was working on it. But the centimental value outweighs the retail value by a lot. It doesn't matter to me. That's just my two cents. Has anyone has that experience with their cherished cars?
  9. I am very proud of it. I just wish I had a two car garage. The car is at my parents detached garage for now. It barely fits in my one car garage haha but I do like how simple it is to work on. I just wish parts were more easily found sometimes haha.
  10. Thanks ericmac. I'm lucky I have a solid car to start with. No holes in the floors or rocker panels.
  11. My plan is to enjoy it like it is for now. I'm only 26 but wanted something different to enjoy. When funds allow I want to have it refinished and rechrome the bumpers. Redo the carpet and get the clock and radio working.
  12. Hello I'm looking for the inner torque ball retainer that fits a 1957-60 Buick torque tube thanks.
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