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  1. Has anyone had any luck or is it possible installing an aftermarket air conditioning system in the 1950 buicks? I was contemplating installing it in mine for comfort on longer drives.
  2. Thanks. Im sure I will. I do know that if I make one part of the car look great than the rest will need done too haha. Does your car run hot. The gauge reads normal but the hood and fenders get toasty. Is that normal?
  3. Kestrel did you restore your car or did you buy it that way. Looks pretty nice 1951?
  4. Nice picture. Yeah the harnesses are expensive.$1000 for a full one. Someday I want my car to look like that.
  5. What do those look like? I haven't heard of those. Thanks Bill.
  6. Someday in the future when funds allow the car will be painted, rechromed and the most of the brackets in the engine bay blasted and powder coated in black. The car is actually in good shape as it is but can be better. At least it doesn't need floors or rockers and we aren't staring over.
  7. I found a harness online for the engine. Your right the car does run very hot to the point if I need to open the hood it's very hot and i have to let it cool to touch it. Is that just how these cars run or can it run cooler?
  8. During the coming winter I was thinking of purchasing a wiring harness for the buick. I only need to do the wires under the hood most are fraying. It might be more trouble than its worth😬. I definitely do not want to mess with the dash or remove the headliner to rewire that it is fine. Has anyone else had this dilemma?
  9. Thanks Kestrel. I think it's good that we can all talk about our cars and share things about them with people who appreciate them. That's what this is all about right.
  10. Here is a few pictures of my new car.
  11. Yes. I saw it on marketplace. I drove 5 hours to go look at it. The seller had put new plugs and wires and supposedly rebuilt the fuel pump and had the carb rebuilt. He jumped the car with a 12 vt pack and it wouldn't start after that and he didn't want to mess with it anymore and he said it just wasn't his type of car anyway. I want to know how or if I can post a pic of the car so you guys can see it.
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