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  1. Does anyone know where to find the gasket that goes on the air cleaner where the oil bowl screws to the main part if the air cleaner. I unscrewed the bowl and there is a gasket that mates it to the metal element. I've looked online but can't seem to find one. Much appreciated.
  2. I appreciate the help from everyone thank you.
  3. Thanks I'll remove it and send it off for rebuilding. I'll use vice gripe to keep the hoses from leaking thank you.
  4. Thanks for the correct gear oil info. From what I read there is a seal just beside that dented in nut. Dels was missing and mine is leaking on the floor. Is there any gasket that goes around the bolt holes that hold the rear tube to differential.
  5. I ordered the plastic torque ball boot, rear pinion oil seal and cork gasket to fix my leaks. I'll also change the rear dif fluid with 80w gear oil I think it has mixed with trans fluid by now. Also have a door jamb switch and extra key blanks coming. I have put 500 miles on the car but stopped since the leak got worse. Anyone have any problems with their heater valve leaking coolant inside the car. The rod with the knob that says warmer in the dash.
  6. Small world. I'm a subscriber to del siegmund so far my car has had most of those problems haha. Already delt with the heat riser, all vacuum lines,new exhaust, radiator redone, new coolant hoses,water pump I'm only 25 but love this old car. It's definitely different.
  7. Hello. I own a 1950 Buick super with dyna flow drive and Im replacing the torque tube seals front and back. Removed the tube from torque ball and there is six bolts holding the tube to ball but the gasket that goes around the front only has five holes why is this. That's the only gasket I have seen for it. On the rear I'm also replacing the rear pinion seal. From what I see there is supposed to be a gasket around the flange bolt holes an inner cork gasket and a seal around the dented nut that holds the shaft in place. Not sure where to find the cork gasket but have the pinion seal and most oth
  8. 😀 hello I own a 1950 Buick super with dyna flow drive and I'm replacing the torque tube seals. The front of the tube has six bolts to the torque ball but the gasket has only five holes. Why is this? Also wondering where I can find the rear tube to axle cork seal and the gasket that goes around the rear bolt holes if there is supposed to be one. I already bought the axle seal that is behind the dented in nut. Any thoughts thanks.
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