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  1. A few years and many thousands of miles ago I posted my frustration (shared) with frozen nuts and bolts on exhaust components of my 55. Tired of impacts, penetrants, heat, dremels, nut splitter, I replaced with stainless steel. I was soon advised that stainless steel in that environment would fuse solid. Not so. All came loose as if new. So easy that one had fallen out (the reason for messing with it). The source of the failure was the lock washers from the heat...they were about as useful as flat washers!
  2. My first impression was "brush guards" as used on pickup trucks. parked "BY EAR": nearly all original bumpers from that era show signs of that.
  3. So much for the ebugle members only concept...
  4. Thanks for posting and offering those drums for sale. However, I did not see a price. Please add a price to your post. Thanks.
  5. Also improvement on rough roads like railroad tracks.
  6. Steve, if you are getting the outer torque ball retainer with the bonded rubber, it looks like it will ride in the smooth area. I have used JBWeld as a filler. Orientation: if it is like my 55's the the torque ball and torque tube bolt holes need to match (they go together only one way).
  7. 1346201 is a 1953 boot. It is my understanding that a boot was not used when they went to the outer torque ball retainer with the bonded rubber in 1957.
  8. Jim Hughes dba Jim's Dynaflow Service Perrysburg, OH.419-874-2393 David Edwards
  9. Do you have a load equalizing hitch and sway control?
  10. Quit trying to baby that car and drive it like you stole it! You cannot hurt it unless you hold it in gear past the shift points. A careful rebuild with modern components and the available better lubricants can be driven hard right away. Continued conservative driving will never allow the rings to seat and you will be using up to a quart of oil per tankful.
  11. You will soon find out why it was parked to begin with.
  12. Heater core. Verify fuse for blower motor...old fuses look good but aren't. Horns can be disassembled and even tuned to sound nice or discordant. Nice car...I was expecting lots of warts reading the description.
  13. Most car have added structure under the floor running between the "B" pillars: try to use that instead of just the floor pan. Don't run the bolts through the carpet (ugly); cut slits for the belts.
  14. "I don't expect much difference" Wrong! There is a huge difference. Driving on crowned roads: right lane or left lane (passing cars) it is as stable as any vehicle I own. Same with high winds, up to 40 mph winds I have encountered (any direction)...I forgot I was driving a 55 Buick! A combination of New + Polyurethane and the rear does not steer the car. I am going to order some more for another 55.
  15. Using the service manual, it is not that hard to take apart and assemble correctly. BUT! If you find one thing like this wrong, how many other things are deficient? I would disassemble completely and replace all seals and check all tolerances. There is a PAGE on my website for the 54, 55 box...parts for yours may be the same.
  16. Did you advise the BCA office on how to respond?
  17. You might learn something. 😁
  18. I tried a few years ago and I had to get you to delete the posts from the some of the same folks that pointed out some deficiencies in the car and my description (they did not know what they were talking about). If you are not a buyer, shut up! If you are a seller check your PM for opinions. If you are a buyer PM the seller or open a new topic asking for opinions. This particular car is nicely represented and you could not get a lesser car to this condition for twice the money.
  19. They made a custom adapter. Since that article was 1956, there may have been some available adapters later. My Offenhauser catalog shows adapters for some Ford transmissions (0509, 0510) and some Jeep (5833) and Toyota (5843) to the early 322/264 Buick engines. They made a good choice on transmission...those Cadillac/LaSalle trannys were tough. The only Ford transmission that would hold up to doubling the horsepower would be the spur gear 4-speed that I used in my 51 F-1 truck.