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  1. old-tank

    55 Century 66R Project

    I guess so...everybody uses one don't they. Since I never worked in a body shop, I don't know the "proper" tools so other devices become re-purposed: like using stick-on sand paper on a carpenters level for the large flat panels.
  2. About 10 years ago with the new owner driving away (that was a transfer of aggravation....he is about to spend 6 months and $5000 replacing computers). I can't even remember the year of the Reatta...good riddance!
  3. old-tank

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    You made my point Bernie . Leave it alone if just tooling around locally within limping distance of home; fix it now if you drive far away. Much cheaper and less stressful to fix at home than pay someone far away or pay to have it shipped back home. This is a foreseeable problem unlike a broken axle and fuel starvation problems that interrupted two of my cross country trips (water pump and generator failures were just a nuisance since spares are carried).
  4. old-tank

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    So, anyone with one of these should replace the U-joint if not recently done? 60 year old grease in those things will soon fail.
  5. old-tank


    This 55 Special was a very early production example with the lack of lower body color behind the rear wheels and a shorter sweep spear that does not go all the way to the tail light bezel. Some nice upgrades like WWW tires, gas door trim and tail pipe trim.
  6. old-tank

    Not Always A Good Day For A Buick

    It does look like it has a (Cadillac) "Flathead"
  7. old-tank

    WTB 1956 1957 1958 starter relay

    This is in service on all of mine. Paint it black or switch caps from original for show.
  8. old-tank

    Steering Wheel Repair

    I have seen THIS used. I have a 'straight" wheel with no plastic (core to send off?).
  9. old-tank

    '51 Super's frozen heat riser

    Believe me you will never miss it! i have eliminated the heat riser in all of mine with carburetors and they perform perfectly in temperatures a s low as 20* F. The available fuel in winter is much more volatile than when these cars were contemporary.
  10. old-tank

    Salvage or no

    If you have 1955 or 1956 heads with bad exhaust seats then the larger 1957-1958 364 valves can be used. Source If the the heads are otherwise structurally sound, they can be refurbished like any other. Installing valve seats is just something else that can go wrong --- in the case of nailheads the process sometimes cuts into the water jacket.
  11. old-tank

    2 AMP SFE Fuses? 55 Special

    Cut the original fuse holder out and splice in for a modern blade fuse. No one will see it! If you find some original fuses, they are junk because the cement is giving up...if you find some of recent manufacture, they too are junk (Pacific Rim source).
  12. old-tank

    Salvage or no

    Ask a machine shop to look at it and give an opinion. Rather than seats, if available, an oversize valve can be used.
  13. old-tank

    '51 Super "super dirty" transmission filter

    What is the refill capacity? Mine is 10 qts.
  14. old-tank

    '51 Super "super dirty" transmission filter

    Check to see if yours has plugs in the torque converter (to drain it) like my 55's.
  15. old-tank

    AFB manifold on 322 truck engines?

    The Chevy version of the 322 was called "Loadmaster". The 4gc and wcfb carbs used in chevys were a wide base vs the narrow base of the Buck version, so maybe they carried that over to the 322 when used in trucks(?).
  16. old-tank

    '51 Super "super dirty" transmission filter

    An empirical test for water in oil or fluid: put a small drop on a hot plate or hot manifold...if there is a sizzle there is moisture; smoke only there is no moisture present at this time (but previous exposure to moisture will make it look like yours).
  17. old-tank

    '51 Super "super dirty" transmission filter

    Usually that kind of mess happens when there is some water getting in...usually from the transmission cooler/heat exchanger. Check it or bypass with an aftermarket transmission cooler. Nice clean-up.
  18. old-tank

    1950 model 46-D sedanet $4200 in Texas

    Green shag carpet from the same upholstery shop... If not running, driving and stopping, assume one or more major components will need replacement. At half that price: start with a 425 nailhead and....
  19. Interesting that the AC 44s and AC R44S plugs are available again. The "S" version will not interfere in a nailhead. When the AC 44, AC 44s and AC R44S plugs were not available a few years ago I tried AC43 and 3 fouled in 50 miles of country driving. I was using Autolite 75 (non-resistor) until they became scarce and now have settled on Autolite 85 (resistor) which give good service for up to 30,000 miles. If you use any modern electronics use the resistor plugs...in my case the cruise control did not work well with non-resistor. Never use platinum or other exotic plugs in a car with a carburetor: if oil or fuel fouled they do not recover well.
  20. old-tank

    56 starter relay

    You are thinking too complicated. That green wire on the 'gen' or 'arm' terminal of the regulator serves to ground the starter relay through the generator armature. That ground potential is lost when the generator starts charging, disabling the relay. The voltage regulator has nothing to do with this function other than sharing a terminal. Remove and open the relay to verify condition and then bench test to verify function vs how it is attached to the car wiring.
  21. old-tank

    trunk seal install on 55 Buick Century

    Steele Rubber has some good products and is an asset to the hobby. But 30 years ago their trunk seal was a liitle too big and firmer than original and caused the same problem as yours. For door and trunk seals I use Metro Molded Rubber parts; also windshield gasket if using original glass.
  22. old-tank

    Which torque ball Kit is best

    David Edwards is my usual source. Bob's Automobilia has good parts too. I had a failure on one from CARS: seems that the rubber on the outer torque ball retainer detached and swelled like it was not even compatible with oil; this retainer was zinc plated and that may have been an issue also.
  23. old-tank

    56 starter relay

    Apply 12v+ to the black wire on the relay. This bypasses all relays and neutral safety switches. Report back.
  24. old-tank

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    HERE is a good explanation of pedal ratio, bore size, pedal travel, etc. Now I have a question for our resident engineer: the bore size of my 55 with manual brakes is one inch; the rod size (that displaces fluid) in the power brake master cylinder is 5/8 inch....does the rod size in a displacement master cylinder correlate with the piston/bore size in a manual cylinder?
  25. old-tank

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    It is good to know that the disc conversion works with 56 power brakes (and maybe 55 power brakes since it is similar in function but not location). I did see that conversion on a 55 manual brake system and it did not work well: seems that only the rear brakes were functioning while the rotors were only warm after some hard stops that were scary; may be a difference in pedal ration along with MC bore size on manual vs power brakes.