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  1. When they get to putting COP ( Coil on Plug ), a crank sensor ( eliminate distributor ) and a brain to control all ( control spark and spark / timing advance ) a gas tanks with pump in tank and therefore a pressurized fuel system ... then by all means give me a call and I will be all in.
  2. I will attempt to take a look at my old stock gaskets off the AFB 2507S on my 1957 Roadmaster. Incidentally, the off idle stumble of which you refer to could be the result of alcohol fuel usage depending on the amount ratio % of alcohol. One cure for this has been the the little known art of enlarging of the AFB Idle Channel Restrictor to cure lean off idle stumble. Also recurving the distributor in conjunction with the use of alcohol fuel can solve a lot of problems that reoccur for folks on this site :
  3. ... O.K. thanks, where's the grills possible a one-off run ?
  4. Bump : It's always better car karma to sell off this site then on sleezebay. GLWTS
  5. Nice collective posting CLC ... Kinda got a warm groove going on for that 52 Super. Wonder what the storage history has been and what the engine and trunk areas look like and if there is any invasive rust vibes going on underneath ? But what is shown it appears to be a big bargain for 8 ones.
  6. First year of no fins but the Buick gang they could not resist keeping the front bumper cones perhaps as a fair well to the fabulous fifties as we rocketed into the sixties because we were headed to the moon after all. Aluminum radiator with that requisite column tach and ford blue engine paint ... so what's not to like here ?
  7. Nice ride ... but wait I don't see any trace of a Dave Gelinas copy right thumb print stamp in the lower right of these photos ... ? 🤔
  8. We Buick folks are collectors and I get it. But it does make me ponder unless of course the good professor was actively selling these parts as supplemental retirement income, otherwise what and why would one collect and create a virtual salvage yard menagerie of mid sixties to early seventies parts ? ... Perhaps he owns the particular year and model of Buicks for all these parts ? Still Interesting as it makes me laugh at myself and reflect upon my own hoarding affliction tendencies.
  9. Sir Lance where are you going to get your aluminum drums relined ? I know of a guy who uses some crazy space age glue to secure new replacement liners because as the original factory ferrous liners where cast into the mold of original outer aluminum casing. Not sure if the glue is holding up long term or not or if there is shearing occurring after repeated heat sink cycles.
  10. Thanks for the posting. Well must confess, we don't belong to " Tracebook " cause data mining and face recognition, doesn't give us much of a rise ... but the link will work if you sign in / join / give email etc, etc.
  11. Nice sturdy old ride and Rebel blue one of my favorite colors too. Perhaps you could paste the ad copy here and the price ?
  12. My 4 cents worth here. Be careful with ads that claim the cove is fitted or custom fit or tailored etc. At the end of the day many are just what I call balloon bags. For example, what if you have tail fins in contrast to trunk lid. What have they done to accommodate the sharp edges of the fin and is the fin landscape area actually shaped and sewn into the overall cover and fitted over it not just in a way to simply cover it. ( balloon fit ) ... Those type of cover balloon over the trunk. Also what about accommodations made for the hood or trunk ornaments as some marquees have small and s
  13. Yes aluminum drums require a longer bolt than from non aluminum drums. Below GM factory for 57/58 Roadmaster. Made available on the model 75 in 1957 and on all 58 models :
  14. Facebook is by definition a Suckerboard platform ...
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