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  1. Bill a couple shots of inspiration ....
  2. All I have left from my dad's 60 LeSabre is the dash clock that I quickly grabbed off the dash before he parted ways with it to the junker in 1971 or so. Thinking of wiring it up to be a desk clock since it looks like a real jewel anyways or mount it next to my old 62 Healy 3000 chrome winged MK II front bonnet emblem ... All I have left of that car too 😪
  3. That's great 6T and keep em coming ... always enjoy your car finds !
  4. Clean, clean and clean, mean no bad here but really ... who cares if the bottom side looks as good as the top side and in my opinion it should 😜 ... but come on ya just gotta love the bottom end here ... yes only body oxide red primer stock ( baked on not just sprayed on ) from the factory and too gotta post a few picks and only asking $ 56k and change to boot, errr but come-on fella assembly line markings should be on the torque tube but on the coil springs too .... I think not or perhaps another Corvette Club member restored this Buick :
  5. Either too short incorrect length on oil dip stick and/or failing head gasket accounting for the smoke cloud while oil is sucked up during intake stroke and then burned ... 😘
  6. I believe both the 57 and the 58 had the same frame except the only component differences underside would be the front control arms for the different upper and lower ball joints used in 1958 from that of the first off 1957 model year for ball joints. The 58 was somewhat heavier than the 57 models but shared the same power train i.e. 364 engine. So I believe it would be a simple switch like to like.
  7. Gary : Starting from the windshield and proceeding towards the rear glass, you should have 3 rod pickup points to hold the headliner up and in place not placed between the windshield and rear glass. The original headliner was joined in sections at each of these points making up 4 sections just after the windshield and just before the windshield. At each seam a cardboard shim is sewn into the seam and this is what the metal bows slide into via their back side. You instal/slidel them from port to starboard and remove them the same way. Then install the metal crown over the side windows and
  8. Gary: Here is what I know .... My 57 RM coupe has 3 of them and they are chromed and not polished stainless. My 57 model 75 4 door has 3 as well and they too are chrome plated tin as I removed them along with their corresponding rods to replace the headliner. Perhaps the Century has anodized but my Caballero Century were highly polished aluminum. In comparison the 57 Cadillacs were polished aluminum. Edit: Oh and I have found that attempting to find these are next to impossible for whatever reason. I some 10 casual years of looking for some I have never found them on eBay, tr
  9. Dan O ... black is not just another black there are differences. IF you want exactness and are science minded because after all paint is chemistry, one has to look not at the name a particular color is given but rather at the actual mix ratio formula itself and discern the Toners/Tints used in combination to achieve the overall desired perceived finished saturation ( Color ). Changing the percentages or even adding or eliminating a particular toner/tint can change everything subtle or acutely. For example Dupont's formulation of single stage urethane for the OEM color code "Chrysler Bla
  10. oops ... your right Stuart my bad ... should not attempt reading and responding after midnight
  11. A bump .... Might I suggest making a complete list of the parts you have and condition they are in and post that to this listing ... Make a list of what work needs to be done in detail ... Also set and post an asking price for the project with all parts included and if desired post an asking price for just the rolling chassis as shown and then separately price the parts if so desired. This approach I believe would greatly enhance the overall sale effort and results. GLWTS !
  12. Funny no photos of the top up, nor under car frame area/suspension areas and overall interior photos. A drive video would be a big bonus for this kinda bucks being asked .... Kinda looks like a Craigslist listing.
  13. Can you post the listing or a link from craigslist ?
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