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  1. Looking for a 1930 Buick Master Series radiator.
  2. I can say for certainty the Carolina Chapter is NOT renting the the drag strip itself and/or organizing any racing. Our team (Marck and me) have no understanding of what is needed and don't have the man power to take focus off the rest of the event. if another division or chapter or even a whole other club like the GS Club wants to run and do it all we will make an intro to the Speedway so they can find out how many arms, legs and first born children are required to rent the strip and have the required safety personnel...
  3. i know of nothing yet, but I have been inquiring. Now that NASCAR and IndyCar have set their schedules (I assume NHRA too but i honesty don't know) I'm sure the Speedway is confirming the remainder of its events calendar including us. To my knowledge they havent done the test and tun thing in quite some time but i;m sure in 2021 they will be looking for revenue lost in 2020 so...
  4. As seen in the email blast today... The BCA National 2021 Dual Meets are excited to announce we will feature cars for each meet. In Concord, June 30- July 3rd, we will feature all years of the Buick Reatta in celebration of 30 years since production ended in 1991. Our goal is to have at least 91 1988-1991 Reatta's in attendance along with as many Reatta related vendors in attendance as possible. We'd like this meet to be the largest gathering of Reatta's ever seen. At Strongsville, July 7- 10th, we will celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the 1941 Buick with a goal of having one of e
  5. The Speedway place is my buddy.. an active AACA member. Aside from that no I don't know of any but I'm sure there are, I will start investigating. You can park Southern Bell and the air stream in my cul-de-sac if you want... 3 miles away.
  6. They do, right here in Charlotte, NC...some get all you want to snack on at the 2021 BCA National Meet in Concord, NC... shameless plug I know...
  7. Board is currently 7/8" thick" it does appear to get the trim on over the rubber I need to plane a 1/4" off to make it 5/8" thick.
  8. should have told me that before I put a kings ransom in mahogany... it's all good.
  9. Today I wanted to get the upper window channel set. I used 3M weatherstrip adhesive and simply closed the window to set it. I will come back later and tack it in. I also noticed the front door is so thin I'm not sure how I am supposed to mount the wood grained trim channel. I'm thinking tube nuts? Finally I loosened up the rear fender so i could set the drivers side running board in place. I believe I will have to trim the board back some more. I also feel like I may have to plane the boards thinner so the stainless trim and rubber sits flush with the fe
  10. Finally got 4 running board fender brackets. Moving slowly forward with the running boards. As I have no templates I'm trying to be very deliberate, but no doubt will make some mistakes along the way.
  11. buy me something good Lamar...seriously I expect text with parts I need... 🤪
  12. Then some other minor tasks painted running board brackets and mudflap brackets... made new rubber mud flaps too (not shown) I also installed the new piece of wood i had made for the drivers door for the door panel install. then I tacked in some of the window channel rubber (not shown) Learned a little more about the running board install from John Fields but haven't made any progress on that just yet. Also still haven't been able to locate the silly luggage rack bracket so think I will simply have to get one made. we ha
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