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  1. I believe edging is actually the rubber anti rattle bead on the front plate. i base this on 8.177 edging - rear wheel shield anti rattle. just random other part called edging as well. in my book 8.842 is also called "felt" as well as "welt" as well as "packing".
  2. it doesn't make sense that Group 8.842 EDGING fits all cars and those years. big series cars have a much smaller "tread cover" (the part the molding would attached to). it's noticeably less cause the tire sits down int he well much deeper on a big series car. I'll see if i can thumb through my parts books too.
  3. there was a petition filed in the State of Mass. Bankruptcy court... google it..
  4. I actually don't remember if I sold it. I did a quick search in my garage and couldn't find it. I think i sold it at Hershey a year back. If i find it this weekend I will let you know, but I think it's gone
  5. some photos from November 1985 When dad brought the car home. That's my brother in the hat...and that little guy seems familiar. Also "Big 6" at the time of the photo. also found a couple undated progress photos
  6. Lance I'm pretty sure it's a '38-39 era master heater with the wrong knobs and color. the knobs can be obtained from Skip Boyer and to get the correct paint do a black wrinkle finish paint (as only black is for sale) and then top coat it with a matte brown. I'd say the chrome emblems are probably a moderate value $25-40 for the set. As others have pointed out the rest of the package is probably worth another $25 to 40 as a full restoration and re-core is more than likely necessary for a restored car. if it is just going in a fun car, pressure test it and if good let it go. MCHinson is correct on Barney's and my comments above to make it brown wrinkle finish would apply as smooth gold gloss finish is not authentic though pleasing to the eye in the case of Barney's.
  7. Today I gave it a bath and took some photos. I have a few things more to complete on my 69 Charger and then can start in earnest. First goal is brake, second is getting it running again, then driving. Then finish the paint and then the interior. There is minor deterioration of the restoration in the past 25 years, but I don't intend to go all the way back to zero and instead treat it as a sympathetic restoration.
  8. Dad bought this car in 1985. I will post some photos of when he brought it home. He began a soup to nuts restoration on it until 1994, but never completed it. Since then it has been relocated to 3 temporary homes and he "sold" it to me about 15 years ago. Terms of the sale were "Hey you are buying this from me and here is what you are paying me." Tuesday after Hershey this year I brought it home from storage (swapping the 80C into storage). Goal is to drive it on the showfield in Concord for the 2021 BCA National in a reasonably complete state.
  9. Cause I personally want to hear more from candidates about things besides declining membership, there is more to the club then fixing membership issues which quite frankly I don't actually personally feel is an issue or at least not as big as some make it seem. As a young member and former BCA BOD, I am quite confident the club will survive even at lower total membership numbers.
  10. #4 is very specific. Perhaps a broader what are their goals for the club and how they will attain them if elected. no doubt most or all will touch on membership decline.
  11. did you give it a little blue pill?