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  1. see now I lean towards all my '38 Carbs do it and I don't worry all that much about it and yours seems about like mine. but surely Buick didn't mean for it to do it from the factory...so up to you...
  2. 38Buick 80C

    1959 Buick Electra 225 conv. (pace car)

    Congrats, Well done!!!
  3. 38Buick 80C

    BOD Candidates

    now back on topic...what other questions do potential candidates have.
  4. 38Buick 80C

    BOD Candidates

    I was asked twice so far. I was 1. busy with the BCA BOD at the time, 2. Not mentally in place where I could stand more politics of a second BOD 3. I was told "no more BODs" by someone 4. Now I am enjoying events with my children and don't want to go to meetings and calls, etc . Current influential people in the AACA know where my head is at and when I may become available for service to that club and respect my stance. See Item #4 above...so no, but thank you. I'm happily chairing the BCA National Meet in 2021 in Concord,NC with Marck Barker, the co-chair, handling all the NMC meetings for our meet. I'll still be young(ish) in 10 years when my kids are out of the house But this is about the BCA BOD and we need good folks. Keep in mind there are some folks that put "less" time into the BOD than I did or would and that is perfectly fine and that level of contribution is valuable to the club so while my comments above reflect my personal efforts I did or would put in but it should not turn off people that want to contribute but perhaps not to the extreme as an officer, while running a National meet.
  5. 38Buick 80C

    BOD Candidates

    Earl, I hear you and am not discounting what you are saying, I simply want to make two points about how things are now 1. No longer is everything done in California like in the past, things are done via phone, email and at the BCA National meet, some times elsewhere 2. I wasn't ASKED to run, I just did. Once I was on the BOD did I recruit?, yes, but no one is required to be ASKED, any member in good standing can submit their candidacy. I believe over in AACA it may be tradition that you have to be asked ( I don't know that for sure, though I know AACA does do recruiting and asking)
  6. 38Buick 80C

    1933 Buick-Pontiac Accessory Pamphlet

    There was a period during the depression GM merged the sales and service organizations and thus dealers of Buick and Pontiac (and Oakland??? or Olds?) Red Curtis got Buick out of that mess and back to being independent Division. I'm sure others can chime in with the exact details that elude me
  7. 38Buick 80C

    Sad News, Jim C Perkins

  8. 38Buick 80C

    Sad News, Jim C Perkins

    My friend and frequent donator to the Buick Heritage Alliance, Jim C. Perkins, passed Friday in Charlotte. While Jim is better know for his Chevrolet background, Jim was GSM of Buick Motor Division from 1982-1984 which were their best sales years in history until recent China sales surpassed the records set in that era. I met him when he was CEO of Hendrick Automotive Group and when he found out I had old Buicks we became instant friends. here is some background on Jim https://www.motortrend.com/news/jim-perkins-interview/ https://www.autonews.com/executives/jim-perkins-who-led-lexus-launch-and-rescued-corvette-dies
  9. I know a guy who has built over 100 car dealerships...just saying...
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    Piggly Wiggly!!!!!!!! Buying SPAM....
  11. 38Buick 80C

    Past member

    John Ball from NJ/PA
  12. 38Buick 80C

    Hershey 2018

    Matt, My pleasure and you are welcome any time. I was glad to have the space mates. Hope your first Hershey was a memorable one!
  13. 38Buick 80C

    Hershey 2018

    Signed up a couple new members today during my shift in the BCA tent today and overall for the week the BCA tent volenteer staff signed up more new members (around 30) this year than we have in a while (maybe 10 years or more since it has been that high). Awesome job by my fellow volenteers who man the tent and thanks to Wray and Ron for donating the spaces and time and the cookies to the effort!
  14. 38Buick 80C

    Hershey 2018

    That photo represents the meeting of the BCA not totally grey haired Division. Although Lamar may be expelled next year... We can replace him with Marck...