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  1. Had a good time at the AACA National in Concord this past weekend. Car displayed nicely and dad I think was very happy about it, especially seeing her drive down the road. Dad was my Uber to shuttle cars back and forth to the showfield and back. He sat it in in the back seat for quite some time and picked up my hardware at the appropriate time (I had to do my dad duties and watch my oldest son win a soccer game about 90 min away from the show that afternoon). I tried to give him the hardware, but he wouldn't accept it (I think he wanted the car back instead). With 2 other cars in the show and
  2. Plan is to bring it to Auburn. Bring one of yours over, its just a stones throw from you.
  3. Trying to get more done for Saturday. Installed all the door panels and wood grain I could. Door handles and window cranks too. Gave her a good bath last night and worked on white walls today. Found the chrome cowl hoop was never tightened so did that too. Sorry didn't take much photos, but I did for this small detail Oh and got the dual wipers in place too and set the wiper switch in the dash, but it's not connected yet. Looks like rain for this weekends show but we will see. Got to work on the white walls more and detail her some more before the sh
  4. Did a handful of things this evening after soccer practice Dash wood grain piece installed And installed the door pad and some wood grained window trim... Learning I may have some more work on that front. And know these will come back off to do the misc fabric trim that was never made back 30 years ago...waiting on fabric from SMS.
  5. Well it's finally home. Long story, painter wasn't satisfied with the hood so he did it again. But basically a little over a year since I started on it and it looks like a car now. I still have some work to do interior wise but I plan to have her on the showfield at the AACA National next week in Concord a whole 2.5 miles down the road.
  6. I'd suggest regular class by year, not modified, though I know you have made some improvements the Buick Engineers didn't think of or couldn't get past the bean counters.
  7. The modified class should be for modified cars The regular classes would be for authentically correct cars. The "unique" phrase was more an indication that it is NOT AACA or BCA 400pt judging than it is anything particularly special. I'm still finalizing the exact nature of how we will conduct the judging but for the regular classes it would be authenticity and condition based, for Survival class authenticity and preservation of original features based, for Modified class condition and degree/skill of modification. In my opinion Modified class i
  8. The whole showfield is a display 🙂, but in this case a car is registered for the judged show there is no driven or display distinction. If you don't want to be judged, close the hood and lock the car and go enjoy the rest of the Buicks.
  9. This was noted in the other thread but wanted to highlight it here as well. Judging will take place on July 3rd at the Auburn Buick Celebration. Please note that we will not be using BCA, AACA or any other club judging programs for this event. Our judging will be unique to this show. All Buicks must be on the show field by 9AM for the start of judging and complete by 11AM. Judging will be conducted by a judging team per class and 3 vehicles per class will be selected for a class award. There will also be special recognition awards for various categories (e.g. Outstanding Pre-War,
  10. I would highly recommend any non AACA members take advantage of this offer if only for the magazine which is fantastic.
  11. If you register for AACA only you will be with AACA. If you register for the Buick show you will be with the Buicks
  12. My intention was to answer the Buick portion specific questions here. Though of course some overlap will happen. Sorry if I created confusion.
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