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  1. Bill is correct for most AACA Nationals but... 2 notes specific to HPOF at Hershey. It's a HUGE class at Hershey. I'd guess near or over 100 cars just in that class, so unlike at Auburn you may not be done with judging quite so quickly. I would venture to guess they have multiple judging teams for the class but that's me speculating. At Hershey awards banquet the one time I went they picked a random class to start from so HPOF may not be at "the end". Someone that's been to more can explain how they do it, but it is unique.
  2. What's your goal? Have a nice time, maybe win something? Go HPOF and enjoy an amazing showfield. Have a nice time and the car is the trophy and meet some great people and enjoy an amazing showfield. Go Driven Class. If you really don't care about awards and want to park with cars of a similar age, go display only in your normal class. But in so far as driven versus HPOF car should be fine in either based on your description. But for me personally my advice would be go HPOF. You will be parked with other survivor cars. Either way it's an amazing show and you will enjoy having your car on the field as it is special to do so.
  3. I do believe red was a standard option on '58 for all series all colors and per the BCA Judging manual... not always a perfect source mind you "1938-1958. Optional red wheels. Dante red was used form 1938-1951. From 1952-1958 different hues offered, each typical of the year, were used." to make my point on not always being a perfect source Red wheel were NOT an optional color for every 1938 Buick body color and in fact there were a couple different reds for wheels in '38 too depending on body color. but I'm guessing a pretty safe bet on red wheels for '58.
  4. A couple years back someone who shall remain nameless was at school in first grade I think and he and the kids at this table were asked to pick a verb and conjugate it. His table picked a certain four letter word that rhymes with yuck. The teacher was walking around the room and heard their choice... at that point they knew they were "yucked". At the parent teacher conference my question was..."well did they did they conjugate it correctly?". The answer was, "well yes..." we still laugh about that one.
  5. cant wait!!! best automobile show ever.
  6. It will be great to see you there Brian. Just made my hotel reservations.
  7. Really like that bridge. Looks good from a 38 in 2016 too
  8. at least some one younger than me is interested in these old cars... 🤣
  9. @Pete Phillips Are you following this? Be a fun article for the Bugle. Maybe get Ben to write his thoughts and combine with Dave's as this is an epic father son trip!
  10. Dave, Thanks for stopping by!! Glad you and Ben are having a great trip! All the best my friend!! BD
  11. That would seem to make sense. Note my model 87 being a supposed SoCal car didn't have a heater and thus no defroster, so not all large series cars got them.
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