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  1. The shops says they are hopeful to have the car returned to me late next week. I visited yesterday and the roof thing I asked the to tack down better is in rough shape with no real wood under it. They have a solution so... also they had the crank hole cover back together and were making progress on the pilot ray linkage. The paint supplier is closed as they all have COVID, lovely, but hopefully the hood will be painted shortly. The buffing had also started and so far so good. I found a socket... hopefully should arrive soon and with that I can complete the headlights and the shop c
  2. I checked his catalog, he lists both an open and closed rear harness for 37-80/90 series (which we know there is no open 90s series in 37), same price for each. The catalog I have his probably 15 years old so price has probably increased since then.
  3. In 38-80 series all models it runs along the frame. PS have you talked to Paul at Harness unlimited to see if he has a 37-80c harness? I've used him on 2 cars (actually 3 cause I'm pretty sure it's his harness in the 30-61 that my father must have bought WAY back).
  4. Well this Italian doesn't know any OTHER way to say it
  5. Sold at $47k plus buyers premium... Someone got a very nice 80C for a very low price IMO.
  6. PS looks just like my 87 covered in a half inch of dust... like twins.... My 87 had been in storage since Sept. '19 until I got it last week (when the '30 went to the shop)
  7. you bringing that '38 Special to Concord? It would look good next to 4 RM's...especially my slant back 87...just saying...
  8. Now that's taking it to a new level.... A Buick on a Girl on a Buick....
  9. they date back quite a ways
  10. this is a 14 year old post...try here since you are in RH https://www.eastcoastreattaparts.com/
  11. The car made it to the shop. A 10 mile trip (only had 4 miles on the car previously). I did not exceed 45 mph. Maybe halfway there she did spike up almost to 200 on the gauge...then quickly went down to 160 almost like a thermostat opened. It was very strange because it stayed generally around 160 for the remainder of the trip perhaps creeping up to about under 180 at times. I believe another flush might be in order (or maybe it was an air bubble in the system). It was an uneventful drive in the grand scheme of things. From the shop I got a ride over to the place nearby
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