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  1. that's a 38...not mine being towed for once... hopefully not yours either @MrEarl
  2. Not too much today. Drained the tank to drop it for leak fixing. Also hooked up the fuel pump switch differently as it wasn't receiving power reliably. Got these back the other day. The left peices are related to the wipers and because it is hidden behind the dash I just had it machined simplistically. The right pieces are for the front seat adjustment. So I did install that today which is a chore. I haven't found my fuel pressure regulator so I guess I will just buy another one. I'm supposed to get my front fenders back this week. No word on the radiator but the tank will go to the same guy so we will see. I got to switch over to my 69 Charger which randomly started running poorly this week.
  3. That's entirely probable as the clearance between the frame rail covers and the steering arms is minimal. However there are nothing on the fenders that would go under the covers at that point as seen clearly I. The photos of the fenders above in the thread.
  4. I got the u-shaped under radiator piece back from the painter. So installed it and the frame rail covers. I am feeling like there should be something here to support the frame rail covers. It the same on both sides.
  5. I just rev'd it up. I wasn't sure about how/where to properly ground the field so that wasn't done.
  6. August 2 update The meet website is live and can be found at http://2021.buickclub.org/ Also on the website you can find a PDF copy of the registration form under the registration tab. A hard copy will be on the Sept. Bugle. More updates are forth coming including featured years/models and discussions are on going, though no one has officially claimed ownership, for a tour between the two meets.
  7. you know this is half way between us... lets go for a look...you know you want to... Only problem is you're the one who wants a '55. I just want an excuse to get out of the house. 😜
  8. https://bellingham.craigslist.org/pts/d/east-wenatchee-58-classic/7137263658.html
  9. Draw between battery lead and terminal 0.05mA which seems to be fine (confirms my spark test of NO sparking) before start Voltage 6.54 slow idle voltage ( showing discharge on the gauge) 6.35 (slow idle is VERY slow, will check RPM, but you can nearly count the fan blades) fast idle voltage ( showing just above zero on the gauge) 7.49 forgot to do it with the lights on grounding the field terminal ( on the regulator to a a ground? or on the generator to a ground?) didn't dare put mess around under the dash any more to put an known properly reading ammeter in the series, but I hear ya on false reading. No lack of power to start after a drive and coincidentally unlike a lot of my cars (all on battery tenders) when re plugged into the battery tender immediately goes green where my other cars are either red briefly and then go flashing green or are at flashing green. I'm pretty satisfied actually after changing the gauge. I don't think I am going to mess with it much more. Unless someone see an issue with the data above?
  10. doesn't sound like it is what you want but CARS has repro's
  11. Stopped by the shop today to check on the hood and fenders. Hood is good and I'm epoxy primer Fenders, also in epoxy primer, are ... disappointingly going to cost me a lot of money to get right despite being in relatively nice shape.
  12. will respond to all the questions ASAP...got to work the real job today.
  13. battery is relatively new and always on a tender ok will check that I had 2 of my 5 post regulators converted to solid state. after switching gauges I eventually switched to solid state VR and got basically the same result. I'm confident it is not the VR. with the NOS gauge, but before i switched to the solid state VR.
  14. to be clear both cars are 38's
  15. correct that I don't know off my head but the regulators are very different 38 was the one year only 5 post. A 4 post regulator will work on a 38 disconnecting one wire
  16. correct. Charge was basically just above the line, no matter rev. when positive.
  17. Swapped the gauge out with an NOS one. Gauge in the car definitely had an issue. Still concerned about how it runs. Here is a video of idle and being revd up Is that normal? I know my idle is a little slow.
  18. no gauge remains unchanged with battery disconnected, looks like the photos from before showing discharge... must be the gauge then right...
  19. Friend suggested with ignition off taking wire off battery terminal and touching it to terminal if I noticed a spark I have a draw. It did NOT spark.
  20. ignition off thus engine off. clock disconnected no difference. radio is off, connected, have to think about the wire. be back on that.