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  1. And I always thought the "B" stood for Bayerische, I guess that is how they spell Buick in Germany
  2. i said nothing about designation... just their blessing is all
  3. So I'm one of those nasty developers that wants things like this out of my way (somewhat tongue and cheek as I love stuff like this, but business is business). But I don't want bad press I want positive press. If you can find a way to get the historical society involved, (possibly fund some of the move) and the historical society gives their blessing and gives the developer good press, then you have an ACE to play. As a nasty developer I've paid to move something like this to avoid the bad press at a cost of $50K, but it was worth it. In my case I HAD to do it because NCDOT didn't want the bad press either and I needed them to build me a road. SOOOO you may have more leverage than you think but don't overplay your hand either.
  4. That I do not know. Just to complicate things more there is some evidence that 38-80C interiors were done by Fleetwood and not Fisher Body.
  5. Also the chrome (exterior) trim around the front window is missing...
  6. KBEngineer, Welcome and gorgeous car. As Matt eluded to I'm the 38-80C "expert" (as evidenced by my forum handle) and keep a registry of the 20-25 or so know to exist. Yours is one I did NOT know existed previously. Right hand drive and possible McLaughlin would make it very very unique and rare. As for the proportion some IS in fact not quite right, but i cannot tell from the photos exactly the problem, however the sidemount spare is sitting much too high relative to the rest of the car. The side mount on a RM should NOT be higher than the belt-line/hood-side molding. It does look as though you have some gap between the rear of the fender and the running board, more than normal, BUT the running board at the back fender is considerably wrong. I suspect you do NOT have factory running boards. After studying the photo a bit more I do believe your fender (passenger side at least) is correct for the car. The rear most section lines up correctly with the front door to cowl gap and the size and shape of the fender well is correct for a RM. All else proportionally looks correct for the fender, though my comments on the side mount itself stand. Whatever measurements, dimensions, photos, parts assistance, etc, etc, you need please simply let me know . I will PM you my contact info. I want you know that anything RM or worse yet 80C specific is rare and probably has to be made from scratch. Of note other non-authentic or at least shall we say non US 80C things I see 1. rear Buick emblem is off a '35 or so. The correct one can be purchased here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1938-Buick-Roadmaster-models-80C-87-Trunk-script-ornament-emblem/301058544580?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 note however it is missing the mounting studs. These are rare as they only fit about 900 cars ( total production of 80C and 87 series Buicks for the year). I have never seen a creased (that's the difference due to the crease in the deck lid) one with McLaughlin Buick on it, but i have seen non creased versions with McLaughlin Buick, so one would think it may exist. 2. The "B-post" window divider is either missing pieces or entirely incorrect as there seems to be a large bump out on the bottom that isnt on the US models and the top is missing the connection "spar" (I'm sure there is a more proper term) to connect the post to the top via a butterfly screw/bolt thing (that is reproduced). As noted they should be chrome but only the middle section, the outer section of the outer side is painted as is the inner side. 3. The wheels could be McLaughlin specific? the gaps in the rear ones in particular catch the eye as not like the US car. Are they 6 bolt? I know that McLaughlin Buick Specials of the same year had 6 bolt wheels compared to the US 5 bolt. 4. You're missing the rope on the back of the seat. These are EXCEEDINGLY rare as i am looking for one for my Model 87 and the mounting hardware is RM only ( possibly Limited too). You and I may have to have a set cast each from molds of my existing hardware. The chain itself between the hardware is of course nothing special and covered in leather. Hard to see but you may also be missing the foot rest which should be the same for all series for 38 with only the rod in between a different width. thus easy to repro. 5. The dash and steering is missing a few items, but none that i see are particularly rare or not produced. 6. Finally something is a bit off on your convertible top bow( the thin one visible in the one photo) the irons seem to be correct, this bow however seems to be in the wrong location or something is just not right Overall the car looks very complete in general and i look forward to seeing the progress on it. Some comments on what others have said. No disrespect to the commenters just clarifying items Walt G's comments: 1. the face plates for the side mounts seem to be fine. RM's don't have the emblem like the smaller series cause the side mounts sit down far into the wheel well so you wouldn't see them. Aside from the whole assembly being a bit too high i see no issues with the covers. 2. Wood grain dash is the most commonly accepted correct finish ( in Mahogany for RM) , but there was a chevron pattern with a gold-ish tinted painted finish that is quite handsome on a 80C. I believe my 80C had this dash originally but it cannot be reproduced and thus i went with wood grain. Walt's point about white painted being incorrect stands. Matt H. 1. That 80C you pulled actually had an issue with it's side mount covers as they were missing when a recent owner bought it at Hershey a few years back. Just FYI when doing a direct comparison as i never found out exactly what he did to get correct faces (appears he may have cut down small series ones as the badge should not be on the side-mount face. The rest of the car however is very well restored as i spent considerable time inspecting it at Hershey in the car corral. The gentlemen who bought it at Hershey couldn't get it running to his satisfaction lost interests and sold the car. 8E45E: well said. there are some considerable differences between McLaughlin and US Buick for 38 though not copious. HOWEVER supposedly all 80C bodies were Flint produced. Chassis are another story. I agree this most likely is a McLaughlin Buick despite going to India, still a "British Empire" country thus probably came out of Canada.
  7. I don't know I think if he put a pan on it we can fill it with ice and put a beer in each cylinder at Hershey. Also it will hold down the tent.
  8. OK a bit off topic, but I'm excited to share this accomplishment in my professional life with my friends here. In the hard copy version (which I haven't got in the mail yet) the Buick Club of America gets a plug as something people wouldn't know about me (RE: my involvement in the club) https://www.autonews.com/awards/2019-40-under-40-brian-depouli
  9. My 1938 Buick Roadmaster 80C Convertible Phaeton (Buick's term, techincally a convertible sedan)... at the moment my only senior awarded vehicle... Thank you for answering my questions as well.
  10. Is there a "host hotel" or at least hotels with rooms blocked for AACA? Also forgive the silly question but do non-Zenith cars participating need to be on the field Friday was well I assume not, but want to check.
  11. no it wont but I'll find room for it or build another building for all my stuff like you did...πŸ˜‰
  12. To post video I found it works easiest to upload them to YouTube and then post the YouTube video. If you have a Google account you have a YouTube account...
  13. still cant believe it fit on the trailer...πŸ˜‹
  14. The hood on that thing is longer than an aircraft carrier. Seriously it is longer than the RM or Limited for the same year (I don't know why, but it really is by an inch and half) and on the smaller body proportionally it just looks like it goes on forever.
  15. or keep the hot rod Century for yourself and maybe I got a buyer for your Special.
  16. WOAH WOAH WOAH...It fits on your trailer... I know you HAD to think about that before you left, THIS TIME. Just saying... πŸ˜‚ I thought about that car I really did. In all seriousness. you put a coat a paint on it and get it running (I can help) and i may have a buyer for you. Not me, but I know someone looking and i have been keeping an eye out for him. We can chat later.
  17. I think in South Bend I was still the Brian in charge of driven, but SHHHH!!!...you'll get me in trouble...they will have to audit judging next...
  18. Joe, Your 58 is spectacular!!! Thanks for bringing it to the National so we could all enjoy it! Hopefully you didn't have to wipe off too much drool!