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  1. Thanks guys for responding. I tried Bob's and they sent a lock cylinder that was too small of a face diameter, only 1". Apparently, the 52 Super estate wagon is different. Bob's said that's all they had. I'll try what Mr. DuVal suggested. Just in case, do any of you know of any other Buick parts dealers? Thanks, Rog
  2. Hi all, I have a 52 Super estate wagon. With the key, the lock cylinder is needing to be jiggled a number of times to where it will make contact so the start button will work. The only lock cylinders I can find have a 1" face diameter where my car needs a 1 1/2" face. I'm thinking of just switching out to an updated cylinder and housing bypassing the start button. Anyone know of which one will work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rog
  3. hi all, ive decided to make the change over to 12 volts on my 52 super estate wagon. i cant seem to find a conversion list to 12 volts. Do any of you happen to know which 12 volt bulbs would replace the 6 volt bulbs? The 6 volt bulbs are numbered 1154, 1124, 1129, 82, 63, 51, 210, 55. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Roger
  4. Hi all, I'm wanting to add a radiator shroud to my 52 super. I'm sure it's been done. Anyone know of a compatible donor vehicle with a shroud that will work? Thanks, Rog
  5. Hi all, having to replace the freeze plugs on my 52 super, I needed to remove the manifolds. Both exhaust and intake had metal gasket material present. I received the 3 piece copper clad set from Cars, inc. I’ve read where the exhaust didn’t use gaskets and also read that using gaskets is ok. Since mine had gaskets and worked fine, I’m leaning towards using the full set. Am I missing something? Thanks, Rog
  6. Hi all, how many freeze plugs are there on a 52 super straight 8? I can only see 4 on the left side of the block. thanks, roger
  7. Hi all, anyone know how to tighten the antenna on a 52 super? Mine just moves around whichever way the wind blows. thanks, Rog
  8. Hi all, im trying to fold the back seat on my 52 Super Estate Wagon. Here’s a pic of a Roadmaster with the rear seat flipped upside down against the front seat back and the rear seat back folded down. For the life of me I can’t seem to figure out to free up the rear seat cushion. It has a bar under the seat that can only be pushed down. But nothing frees up. Is there a trick to it that I’m missing? Dazed and confused, Rog
  9. Hi all, On warm to hot days, upper 80’s to mid 90’s, my temp gauge climbs almost all the way to the hot side. As soon as I get home I checked the temp all over with my laser gun and the highest reading I get is 190 at the thermostat housing. Radiator checks out at 185. Everywhere else is much less. is that too hot for my 263 straight 8? 52 Super Estate Wagon Thanks, Rog
  10. On an 80 degree day my super’s heat gauge will register almost all the way over to the hot side of the gauge. Most of the time it sits about at the middle of the gauge. With summer coming and temps in the nineties and well over a hundred, I’m concerned that the old girl may overheat. She is mostly original and has an OEM radiator (gone over some years back), a six blade fan and a newer thermostat. She just became part of our family last December . Is there a way to keep her cooler? Are there after market radiators that will fit like an OEM? Thanks for any help you can suggest.
  11. Hi all, would any of you know of an electric or electronic power steering conversion kit out there that will work on a 52 Super Wagon ? I’d be willing to change the column and add a rack and pinion bolt on, if necessary. thanks, Rog
  12. This car was restored by the Ionia Wood Body Factory Museum in Michigan where it was displayed for 18 years. There was a large write -up for this car in a Sacramento area newspaper, The Union, March 10, 2006, by Jack Fortner. In his column he states that this car is 1 of only 11 still known to exist. The interior is completely original with no flaws that I can see. All the gauges, clock and radio work perfectly too. The previous owner added the 1953 Skylark wire wheels and split the exhaust manifold for dual exhaust. Paint and wood seem to be in excellent condition. I intend to enjoy th
  13. Hi all, new to the forum and new to vintage Buicks. I have a 1952 Super Estate Wagon . I was wanting to install electronic ignition and led lights to the 6 volt system. Is this system a positive or negative ground system? Please excuse my ignorance, Rog
  14. Just purchased this little beauty. I really love the look of these old tanks. If any of you gurus have any suggestions as what I should look out for or how to enhance its charm, please feel free to tell me. Thanks, Rog
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