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  1. Wanna guess how far the pieces of the engine will scatter?
  2. Berryman Chem-Dip Carburator & Parts Cleaner: WEB This is a great product, but very stinky stuff....wear glove and use outdoors!
  3. Possibly a body or two. Fat ladies (politically correct?) in the back seat?
  4. That is why I go to the National Meets, to connect with my friends and meet new people. Without a membership I can still interact here on the forums, talk on the phone occasionally, and maybe meet up with some that are close by. I don't go to banquets or tours, seldom read the Bugle and don't have my car judged anymore. Some have completed a restoration 2 years ago and to them it is really important to have it judged. After talking to one of our board members, in addition to the liability issues they were afraid the club would be "on the hook" for rooms not reserved...So what!...to me
  5. Liability? Insurance? We may never have another meet since Covid in some form like the flu may be around forever. What about regional meets using the BCA insurance umbrella? Or even local club events? Looks like this old Texas Road Warrior has already made his last trip. One more thing: why should I continue membership in the BCA?
  6. I have friend like that. He gets a rash or hives when he comes to my shop. But he does come over quite often to borrow tools or parts because he cannot find them in his shop.
  7. Or find a serviceable used one and grease the heck out of it.
  8. If you get one, keep the original dry paper filter to install while servicing the K&N filter. I too was misguided and bought one --- could not tell any difference in power or mileage. And the servicing was a pain, even more so than the oil bath filters on my 55's. Maybe if I had burned incense and mumbled incantations while servicing it would have been less painful.
  9. Did you consider the paint remover? Paint the back side of the dash white or silver just in case you have to look for problems later.
  10. Slag is slag is similar to glass but not glass beads.
  11. I had a nightmare that I was back in Michigan again. then I woke up to all this white and nasty stuff that I thought I left behind. So we have rolling blackouts no internet no TV and limited water. But I have a 12 lb Kitty on my lap and all is great. But just a two-day supply of beer. so much for those Chinese wind turbines that froze up and solar panels that don't work if there's snow on them.
  12. The least you will need is the nailhead of course, nailhead bellhousing, clutch assembly, flywheel and all the linkage to adapt. The frame rails on the 52 may be narrower which will require custom made headers, a mini starter, and maybe relocation of the steering box. The 52 transmission may work, but is too light for all but the 264 nailhead.
  13. Think: Black over Garnet Red. I cannot find any examples, but cannot forget the one i saw in 1992 at the Kansas national meet...a convertible restored by Art Wright.
  14. Do you see the same discrepancies in the digital online version?
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