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  1. That is either: A right hand drive 55 Roadmaster, or an inverted print from a negative, or A woman with the longest left arm in history! If the latter, no wonder that guy is smiling!
  2. That's a good looking unit @dei. And, while you did not ask for opinions, there is a thought process that says: if it has to go, better to sell it yourself now, than to leave it to heir's to sell.
  3. I've been lucky. I never had the carb off mine. I don't know how far you've driven the car BUT there is always a chance you can avoid a carb rebuild by getting fresh gas through it. Have you ever tried to put additives in it? Several times I used STP Red bottle gas treatment, and had success in avoiding a carb rebuild. The times I did this I doubled the concentration with the gas in the car. Then used a bottle in accordance with the directions in the refilled tank. It just sucks to drive the car on that first tank. The good news though is this is one year prior to introduction of catalytic converters. And if it doesent work you'd only be out a few bucks.
  4. Nothing worse than having a car sit around. Looking forward to your resurection activities and parking with you at the next National meets.
  5. You might also want to see if there is a plate around the bottom of the steering column. That should have a seal which, on my 56, was made with grey rope caulk.
  6. Must have been tough to service the guests in a place that big.
  7. was your 55 a stick shift Willie? The Ford would have been a stick shift, right?
  8. When I looked at the ad I passed right over the 54 Caddy. So just for fun here are the values looking at the Hagerty Classic car values: The Special: Model 46R ( 2 dr hardtop) would come in at $19,000 The 54 Caddy model 62 would be pegged for 26,600 The 56 Eldorado assuming it is a Barittz comes in at 103,000 The 56 Continental crosses the wire at 51,500 And the lonely 57 Ford finishes at 18K assuming it is a base model Fairlane 500. Of course, if anyone could go back in time, then probably everyone could go back in time and none of these cars would be worth anything!
  9. That was "Heuy Lewis & the News" that played. And seems I read there were 1,902 cars at that event. It was an awesome time. '56 and '57's were parked outside a local school of music and there was at least one steel drum band concert provided that I know of. Not sure if that was planned or not but it is still remembered! I remember the outside field of the newer cars (late sixties to new) going on and on, forever! IT was a fantastic time!
  10. I'll suggest: $0 - $50K or more. So many factors to consider. So little information to work from.
  11. That's not exactly correct. The Buick was a Special, the entry level car. The Caddy is an Eldorado, the top line vehicle. But I suspect that the Caddy would still be higher priced than a 54 Roadmaster similarly equipped. At the time the Caddy was marketed as the premium motor vehicle, so one would expect a higher asking price.
  12. A better buy would be the Eldorado or MarkII
  13. That Special will not perform like he wants and will probably be beaten to breakage trying. If possible it would probably be beefed up with a performance rear axle ratio and further improved with a 3 speed or 4 sd overdrive transmission. Like it is however, it will get exceptional gas milage which to a hard working High Schooler may be of some interest.
  14. Have you considered a bad switch on the dashboard? Happened in my 69. I think prior owners would turn the fan on and then switch to ac mode causing an arcing at that point of the selector. I was able to take the selector switch apart, clean the contacts, and it has worked ever since. Now I will select ac first then energize the system with the fan switch.
  15. A wire with burnt insulation that is now grounding? Clock ? Didnt leave the radio on? As a separate thought if the radio is connected, has the cloth covered power wire been replaced? Good luck!
  16. Do I have this right? It sounds like you are making a parking area as opposed to an enclosed garage? And if so won't it be a bit more inconvenient in times of bad weather events?
  17. Congratulations! I didn't think it would go for a few painful seconds of the cranking. But it sounded GREAT!
  18. Can you just ask her about the engine in the Buick, as I am curious if someone changed it to a V8? Not that it matters now, but just an interesting tidbit, sorta.
  19. Hmmnn! listed as both a straight 8 and a 322 V8. Maybe one of them is in the trunk?
  20. Beds, carpets, and curtains too! 🤪
  21. Things have slowed down a bit. Basically the cars are all dressed up with no place to go. But can add 126 more miles to my total with the Queen. Puts me at 1,446 for now.