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  1. Finally started the spark plug replacement process. With no other documentation available, it appears to me that the plugs had to be changed once, but probably before 2010. At any rate, I broke one wire on the left side of the motor, which faces forward in this transverse power unit vehicle. So I am waiting on a set of wires before tackling the right ( rearward) side since I was not able to get any of those wires off with a firm tug or two. The plugs I am removing are clean burns, and the gaps have burned open by an additional 8 thousandths. Even with the repaired broken wire and only 3 new plugs, it feel better and smoother. So I am looking forward to getting the other three done soon. BTW, a few weeks ago I had taken the car out to Binghamton, which was about 300+ mile round trip, and averaged 26+ MPG. It still has the snow tires on it. Too bad it is too small to pull a trailer.
  2. It becomes one's prerogative to respond to people like that. I choose not to. Let em think what they will. I assume people like that are just unconscious of common courtesy. And when I see a perfect car being driven out of a trailer I always think, what a sad affair. But I choose not to say anything like that out loud. It's their car, and their way. Ultimately both cars are at the same event, which make them equal in my eyes. And I know at least one guy who appreciates my cars for what they are. That's this guy, the one who drove it there.
  3. @Jack Welch Has the BOD brought up the longevity of this particular committee? Since the BOD changes a bit each year, without some lay persons involved it would seem that review of the organizational rules could be subject to wide swings of experience, and desires, without much history to fall back on. I am suggesting that this ought to be a standing committee with it's own SOP for set up and guidance, with at least one BOD member and whatever other number of members needed, to facilitate recommendations for adjustments to the SOP, Rules and Regulations and the By-Laws, for the BOD. It would still be up to the BOD to accept or reject any recommendations. And since the Judging manual is also considered a part of the governing documents there should be at least one member of the NMC on this committee. Just my opinion.
  4. This is always going to happen in some way , shape, or form. It even happens at the Cruise-in's. And it is not unique to just this hobby. Further I think it is done by 100% of the population, just some people are not conscious of, or capable of, being discreet about it.
  5. Having a car judged is optional. Nobody is forced to have a car judged. People who do so have their reasons, among which, I believe, is a certain amount of " fun " in their view. Likewise, spectators (which includes those who enter a car) will judge each car against what they want to see. If someone enters a car in 400 point judging, and then looks at other cars, it is likely that they will judge what they see against the 400 point scale. That is just human nature. That happens in every event, including Cruise-in's. BCA judging is not one car against the other. It is all cars against a standard. And it is also very generous. I know that in the Cadillac club if your car has an option the owner must prove that it works or it loses points. Think about all those AC empty systems and power antennas that Buick guys can skip by on. Derek makes a good point. The main thing is EVERYBODY wants to feel that their car is worthy of recognition. Modified judging was set up so that it was car vs car judging with only a few winners in each class. I had heard that that was adjusted to something where more awards could be earned, but do not know it to be a fact, nor how it is supposed to work. But ultimately it is the responsibility of the participant to understand the rules of what they are getting into. Not everyone will be a winner, and that does not means their entry lacks value. But it has somehow come to mean that to the guy who walks away empty handed. While another class or category could be beneficial for those cars which have been personalized, it might be better to issue clear guidelines so that those with personalized cars can understand how their choices will be evaluated during BCA judging.
  6. Whew! Glad to hear your mom is not seriously hurt. Time to eliminate the gardens that need that type of maintainence ?
  7. Glad you are home safely! Good thing you found that cap otherwise the border security folks may not have been as forgiving about the suspicious looking electrical tape as
  8. That's the way to do it @Thriller… Which one is next? 😃
  9. Well, if the engine temps were approaching 260 * while towing, but remain @ 195 * for several hours of highway driving without towing, then it seems to me that the towing is causing the trans to heat up and that is, in turn, heating up the engine by using the trans cooler in the radiator. And in that case, two separate auxiliary trans coolers piped in a tandum pattern in front of the condenser , and eliminating the trans cooler in the radiator as part of the system, should result in not much additional engine temps when towing. I am just thinking disconnect the trans lines at the radiator and plug the trans cooler ports with bolts. But I guess I would eventually remove that auxiliary cooler from between the condenser and radiator too. You have already changed this car for maximum efficiency while towing. I would not be concerned with originality at this point, but instead reliability. But that's just my point of view. And that heat sink looks interesting, but I would think the fore mounted trans coolers would be more efficient, and hardly visible inside that vast cavern between the grill and the condenser. And some of the reviews of the heat sink are not completely positive on the unit, although that seems to be more about the fit of the fittings. Hell, I'd even consider putting an electric pusher fan in front of those two prescribed trans coolers for even more airflow if stuck in traffic. I would not be pursuing a replacement radiator for one that held 195* steady for several hours of highway driving.
  10. @Edwin The Kid I was wrong. You won't be able to spin the trans and locate the other bolts till the engine turns. So it looks like you are back to removing the crankshaft and transmission as a unit, and then unbolt the trans from the flywheel. ALSO, that blue bolt you circled looks like one of two drain bolts for the torque converter. The bolts holding the engine and torque converter together will be found in that ring of bolts around the outside edge of the converter cover.
  11. The Office used to get these for us. Not sure if the new company still does this or not.
  12. Maybe it would be a good thing to isolate the trans from the radiator by running one or two auxiliary coolers?
  13. I was under the impression that the recirculate mode was not 100% recirculated air. It is mostly recirculated air with some fresh air percentage infused.
  14. @MrEarlBtw. Did you take temp readings with the infared gun during your trip to Jordan's? Just wondering how it compares to the trial tow readings?
  15. Great that you got the gas cap back. Probably cost you a point at judging time ,although damage on the way to a meet ought to not be counted as per previous year judges training. 🙂
  16. Thanks NTX...I need to do that on the Electra. That high speed on recirculate is way too noisy and lack of a lower speed on recirculate is way too much AC for comfort.
  17. That's what torque does... Dad's '65 Electra suffered 3 set of motor mount failures...😜 IT was one reason he wanted to let it go.
  18. may sound silly BUT, you did replace the distributor after the manual priming, right?
  19. Jiggle the fan switch on high. That's been my experience, A little to the left worked on my former '78
  20. To those to whom it may apply, no matter how loosely! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY 2019
  21. I am sure you could buy one of those in the auto parts house.
  22. (hope you don't mind if I borrow that @MrEarl )
  23. With more than 110 cars ( at last count) in attendance, I found a few vehicles I thought particularly interesting. Here is one for @Thriller and @Brad Conley The 31 year old female owner was so proud to have this car here! It was recently pulled from storage, and they had not had the opportunity to run the car yet, so parked it on the trailer. We wished them good luck in the resurrection. Also this neat 36 arrived. Not photographed were the 1940 Century and the two 53 Specials, which have all been recorded in the past on these forums And then this car arrived. And I'm certain you'd say, hmmm,,, so what? Except we then realized: A Wildcat, with 3 speed, on the column! When asked, the driver told us his mom had bought it new in '64, without power steering or brakes. I believe, but don't quote me, that is a Custom level trim package? I gotta think this is among the rarest Buicks I have ever seen! And while we, in this forum, often say: to each his own! I have to ask: Why? Of course it is none of my business but I intend to taunt my two Old's guy brothers with these photos too. lol And here is one more I would house in my garage if I could: Yes, it is a factory 409 /4 speed with bucket seats! The Dealership brought some vehicles too.. Including the '25 which I have also photographed before. . So with that, if you are still reading this, I'd like to wish everyone to whom it applies, a Happy Father's Day!
  24. Yesterday the conducted its 11th annual with the valuable assistance of our chapter sponsor (please ignore the caution sign laying on the floor🙄) This is a Cruise-In open to all, and is run for fund raising purposes, supporting the charity that the Dealership chooses. This and the past several years it has been for the Boys and Girls Clubs. This is an evening event, starting @ 3 pm, and lasting till usually 7-8pm, depending on weather. It features a Chinese Auction and 50/50 with a registration process where the first 100 attendees who make a donation to the Charity receive coupons to use at the onsite food vendors. It has been a fairly successful fund raising effort thanks to the generosity of all who attend. The food vendor did a brisk business, and my Daughter in Law and two Grandsons ( who are also members) came down for the day. They enjoyed several activities, like the well equipped playground in this extensive park, and the music of the DJ. Of course the ice cream was a big deal but they also looked at many of the cars. For them however, none of the activities were more fun than chasing The Chinese Auction had a group of fans too: Anyhow, back to basics, the car of the year was Bob and Marilyn's 41 Super 56 C And for whatever work I did, I had a chance to get a rare picture of the GS :
  25. In addition, i feel compelled to point out that while it may not be illegal in some states, the rule was not changed at the Federal level, as far as I know. If anyone knows more I'd be interested to hear about that.