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  1. here is a 53 Special 4 dr. The curvature looks closer except that in your picture the skirts look to be on the wrong side of the car.
  2. If those are on the proper side, I might suggest a 49 4 dr Super, although I wonder if they will also fit a 53 4 dr super?
  3. And probably a few more besides!
  4. Went for a 15 mile ride around town. Gotta get a video set up like @Matt Harwood. But till then took advantage of the late afternoon shade at home.
  5. @NativeIt may help to see the skirts in the wheel opening. Can you prop one up and get a picture?
  6. In later years ( like my 1969) there are cables that run along the outside edge. Were there any on this top?
  7. Thanks for finding this one Matt. I have always wondered what the convertible seat pattern would look like in a hardtop. I like it!
  8. Uh !!! Not sure you want to ask for this!!! 😲 Meanwhile, don't forget to send your picture to Pete by August 1st!
  9. Interesting picture. Makes me wonder if it was taken in 1960? That is because of the whitewall width. I thought the 1960 Buick had a wider one from the factory?
  10. Adding close to 180 more to advance to 1,320 for this year. So far, the more the '56 is used the better it seems to run. And the horn is really awesome now
  11. Ouch! Sad for the Buick but, glad they were okay!
  12. 180 for me but cant help with a part number
  13. An interesting post script. While the color is not indicated, the 1960 parts manual shows a different hood spring for each yom 53-60
  14. I do not know the specific answer to these two questions. But if you are looking for a driveshaft that easily interchanges, i dont think there are any. '56's used a fine spline for the first time. Prior years had a coarse spline. "57"s and up used a two piece shaft with a universal in between. I might suggest either unit could be made to work but, would probably require changing the entire rear axle/ torque tube assembly.
  15. All I will say is that at the time I bought my car it was nothing more than thoroughly used, and the likelihood that someone before me up and decided to paint the hood springs lime green is very small. There is no overspray lime green on my hinges. My car was built in CA. Chances are other factories used other colors. I dont think hinge spring colors are deductible in BCA judging but that may be incorrect. So the color charts the limit.
  16. I don't think Kosage is selling his car but rather, the car he went to see, and is pictured in that particular post, may be offered up for sale. Meanwhile, Nice Century!
  17. Had a chance to run the '56 for a few hours today. And what a fine few hours it was. It was 90° when starting out. After a thorough warm up of 20 miles or so on a generally uphill trajectory I drove a fairly steep mountain road for this area. The road rises from 600 ft asl to 1400 asl within a 2.5 mile stretch. While on this section the engine temp climbed to the hot side and promptly cooled off on the downhill side. I did get too much pinging for comfort though. Anyway stopped for a few pics of which I like this one... Then cruised home around the lake. Just a nice 80 mile round trip. Then after dinner I was able to get the GS out for a 20 mile ride in the area. As before, the GS just loves to go!