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  1. Plus the site is not really friendly for doing both the swap meet and the show field. I was there Weds am and walked 9 miles as per the counter on my son's phone app. That was just the green field and the Chocolate field North, and half of the car coral. Supposedly clocked 25 miles by Friday afternoon and finished all the fields and all the car coral. Still missed a lot. Saturdays show wasn't even within the swap meet field, but was adjacent to the Orange field and car coral. It would be close to a two mile walk just to get to the opposite boundary of the furthest red field ( where is where I finally found someone willing to entertain an offer on a Tonka Dump Truck, the absolute last vendor in the field! lol) But had a great time! Thanks to @jackofalltrades70, @NC-car-guy, @MrEarl, @Pinhead63, @38Buick 80C, @dibarlaw and several folks who do not participate on these forums. But most of all thanks to my son Justin @Jstbcausd93, who convinced me to go and spent his week off with me! That was the best part for me.
  2. Joe, I am not a vendor, so please keep that in mind when reading the following comments. At the Hershey Fall meet this year there was this vendor: And my observation is that: if your neighbor really wants to sell parts, he needs to know that what he has may not be that rare, and or that marketable. In the case of this seller, I thought the individual headlights were very expensive. And I guess it makes some sense to price these things high to begin with because, after all, they are not making any new ones. But the prices on every headlight told me two things: 1) either the headlight is too expensive for the application, or 2) the headlights are not really that marketable due to lack of demand. In my opinion, if the headlights were in great demand, then the boxes would have had some empty spots regardless of the prices. And I would expect that if they are not in great demand then they will be around for a long time unless the seller is motivated to make the price attractive to the customer. Just to provide some background on this event, although this is the first time I have ever gone to a AACA Hershey Fall Meet, it is a well established show and swap meet. it's been going on for decades. There were thousands of vendors. There were throngs of people roaming around the fields. The weather was perfect for the customers. So this view of the spot is not just due to it being a low key event or a bad day. And again, I know nothing of the potential value of any of these lights. It may very well be that they were priced appropriately. But it appears to me that stocks of these are not in great demand.
  3. It seems LeSabres usually had single exhaust. For single exhaust there is a crossover pipe that runs under the engine to bring exhaust from both sides of the engine to one side. Then the pipe and muffler would follow the one shown in the picture above. Seems that on many V8 Buicks the pipe is on the passenger side. But I am not sure if that is true for 1959. Dual exhaust will eliminate the restrictions of the crossover pipe. And while most believe dual exhaust frees up power by removing that crossover pipe restriction, I do not think the amount of power increase is discernable in street usage. What you may want to do is look under your car to see if there are hangers on one , or both sides. That will tell you which way your car was originally equiped. If single and you now want dual, you will need to get the hangers too. Also you should look to see if your pipes go through the frame or hang free of it. I know in 56 the pipes went through holes in the frame. That pretty much means I need the pipes bent to the original shape. However there are many shops in the USA that can make custom bent exhaust pipes and it will result in some savings to use those places. The thing you have to watch for is that the pipe does not touch the frame. If it does, exhaust noise will be much higher inside the car.
  4. In neither instance did I end up with an immediate flat. I am the one guy everyone gets mad at because I stop at rail road crossings, so I wasn't going fast when it happened. In both instances I was actually able to drive the two miles home without damaging tires. Not sure I would have wanted to go much further than that though. That's why I spent the $$ and had Stockton Wheel make up a set of new rims for my car. They sourced used centers and welded on new 6" wide rims. Came to me already stripped and ready for paint. I think it was one of the best investments I made in the Super!
  5. Just checked my parts manual. The grill ornament is the same for all models. However since the model is printed on the centers of the ornament, those are all different. Also those " curved pieces " are called baffles and there is only one listing for all models, so they are all definitely the same regardless of which model it comes from.
  6. Here are two pictures of the 1959 dual exhaust system from my parts manual.
  7. Greetings Trevor. Are you planning single exhaust or dual exhaust for your 59 Buick? How important is " original pipe placement of the exhaust system too? Also, how much v8 noise is important to you? Noise level is a up to each person. Some like them quiet, especially for long drives or trips with family and friends. Others want them with next to no noise elimination. And there are several levels in-between these two options.
  8. I think you want to watch for rotted metal in the beads. I have had two rims split, at the beads, when driving over rough railroad intersections.
  9. I will be there without any designated space. Extended weather forecast looks promisibg. Hope to see you all.
  10. Since you already did the back, you likely know more about this than the rest of us. Please post some pictures of the process.
  11. Don't the rear shock links and panhard bar have to be removed before the come-along trick?
  12. ttt Will consider offers. Can deliver to Hershey between Weds- 10/9, and Friday 10/ 11. Contact me by Monday 10/7/19 if you are interested. Thanks
  13. @dmfconsult my pleasure! Btw, that editor was sent to me by Pete Phillips after he saw pictures of Mr Earls car. And I was glad to recommend both of your cars. The one I had was mostly consumed when I let it go.
  14. disconnecting that line will likely solve the immediate problem ( fuel spillage) , but only masks the underlying cause. Can you source another dual outlet gas filter and try that?
  15. Is this a recent situation? Since this car has the two outlet fuel filter, does this problem coincide with a filter change? How about a fuel pump change?
  16. Looks like extreme access for getting the Dynaflow out!
  17. These two deserve their own post. and It was a good time. Thanks Central New England Chapter !
  18. here are some of the Buicks at this all Buick show!
  19. This is exactly the type of guy you want to buy from. What with that bad transmission the car should be had for a song and dance! And can probably be fixed for $8.00. lol...