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  1. This is exactly the type of guy you want to buy from. What with that bad transmission the car should be had for a song and dance! And can probably be fixed for $8.00. lol...
  2. @Ethan The "dimmer" switch on the floor is for switching the headlights from hi bright status to normal status. The instrument panel lights are controlled by a rheostat that is built into the light switch, where you twist the headlight knob to make them brighter or lower.
  3. IMO it is not really a profitable parts car. How many people have a stick shift one and need the parts? I do not have a good handle on the market but I would think if it is purchased it has to be brought back to a minimum standard of running, moving, and stopping. If I was in the market, myself, I would offer no more than $1,000. I might adjust that within a + $500 range, if I knew the guy and wanted to help him out. Again, just my opinion.
  4. Greetings Mike, Not sure of a direct source for your needs. Have you tried local vendors, like a NAPA, Advance Auto, or O'Reillys?
  5. I wonder where we can find one of these? 🤓
  6. @Kosage Chavis FWIW I would recommend that this piece of linkage be revisited: That rod should be reinserted into that fitting on the carb, back to the depth of it's original point of adjustment. Then the nut holding the piece to the carb can be removed to disassemble the entire rod in one unit from the carb. I recommend that because upon reassembly you may find this to be the optimum adjustment for your particular car. This adjustment not only impacts the carburetor action but also the switch pitch action in the transmission torque converter. The least that relationship is disturbed, the easier reassembly and adjustment will be at the appropriate time in the future.
  7. I am not an expert BUT I would say tire purchase at this time is premature. Consider that the tires may be several years old by the time you first get to use them. Keeping the car static on any tires may result in flat spots, and the tires will continue to deteriorate from the moment they are cast. That plus the description seems to indicate that these are perfect for '30's - '40's cars. The wide white may be too wide for a '57. I bought 2 1/2 " wide whites for my '56 and once mounted they looked just right to me. Remember, the bead of the rim will cover up the inside 1/4 inch of the wide white.
  8. Congratulations to @Pete Phillips and @Cindy Livingston on another GREAT NATIONAL MEET ISSUE, and thanks for another year of great magazines in 2019!
  9. Why do you think you'll need to pull the steering column? Is it that large nut holding the unit on the firewal?
  10. @High DesertDid you ever figure out the fuel pump cam lobe question? I was surprised to learn that it was riveted to the cam gear originally, and have wondered what the answer was.
  11. @Matt Harwood I totally agree. Leading a convoy takes some forethought and practice. If there were some that wanted to go that slow then they could have been separated into a subgroup and let the others go at a faster pace.
  12. @dmfconsult Yes, those other problems would be a bigger priority. I wish you good luck on that heater core. You are the 2nd person I heard of with this problem this week.
  13. While very artistic, and even visionary, someone needs a head slap for this in my humble opinion...😅
  14. Drove the '92 Wagon 212 miles round trip to the Central New England Chapter Show. The wagon turned over 184,000 miles on the way home. Traveled with some others and maintained a steady 65 MPH on the mostly highway drive. The little car got 29 MPG on this trip, but that is without A/C as it is still broken, and with the winter tires since I never got any others for it this summer. While I took a lot of pictures of the other cars, I forgot to get a picture of the Wagon at the show? but no matter, I really enjoyed driving that car! I also had the pleasure of meeting Bill and William, Grandfather and grandson, who bought this Buick last year! Young William was very interesting to talk to. I first met him when he came to check out the Wagon. And later when I spoke to them about their car. I did not get Williams age but he is obviously not driving age yet. And he was so excited about the car show and showing "his" Buick. He is a budding gear head and handy with a wrench too. He wanted to put in a radio that uses Blue-tooth technology and Gramd pa let him do it. William bought the radio he wanted , removed the old unit, installed the new unit, and Grand pa couldn't have been prouder! It was nice to see this.
  15. When you have some spare time, shoot it with a coat of flat black paint. Then you can relax if anyone does crawl under there for a look. 👍
  16. Doug, I am going to suggest that if your original sender is similar to my '72's, in that the sender unit is contained within it's own baffle, then you will find this style of sender to be erratic. When I did mine a few years ago I could not immediately find an original style unit. I used one of these style senders and it does work, but the gauge is all over the place because of sloshing in the tank. At the time there were several units available and I believe mine was less expensive than that one on e bay. I do not know if any are really better than the other. If you have the service manual, does it show what the original sender should look like? Here is a link to my thread and the pictures are at the bottom of page 3 :72-Electra aka The Queen
  17. The 1956 ones I have seen have all been glued to the rectangular end at the outlet, hence as soon as one tries to "slip it off" it immediately tears and unravels along the spring metal insert.
  18. It is also mostly safe to say "only" a 1949 has those tail lights. They are not shared with any other year, although they cuold be used as a customization. Also the Instrument panel (dashboard) on a '49 is a one year only design. However, I don't have a picture of that readily available
  19. I take it that you do not have the duct itself? I may have an old one from my Roadmaster, but I will have to search.
  20. It is round on the duct manifold end, and not sure if anyone makes it. But seems easy enough to form the vent outlet end. Do you have anything left to use as a template?
  21. And, it is together in terms of the body. Maybe they haven't figured out the radiator yet?
  22. The whole focus of this thread is that the word BUICK will not be on futures models. But that does not stop them from putting the tri-shield on, and that is how the bigger group of future purchasers (a.k.a. younger folks) recognize the brand. Even if all members of the BCA bought a new Buick every year, starting this year, that is still a very small percentage of the sales target. So it does not surprise me that the "new" GM would succumb to fit in with the other manufacturer's actions, to get in on the bigger piece of the auto market. This, of course, means that the New GM Buicks will look just like any other car out there, and it is the reality of our times. Take all the "unique car models" of all the manufacturers and add them together, it is probably still a minute part of the auto market. If the New GM did decide to make a stab at a unique car, chances are it would be unlikely to capture all of the buyers in that unique market, including the many members of the BCA who have bought other than Buicks over the last decade or two, and that would just accelerate fiscal demise. My feeling is the New GM is not the original GM and so be it. But they still market some excellent cars! I still like my 2013 Regal GS. And I still would like a Regal Tour X. But the New GM has likely lost me as a future customer by their decision to eliminate anything smaller than a CUV. Meantime I feel that my older Buicks are, indeed, already orphans, since the GM that built them exists no longer. And that's not the end of the world. Time moves forward. There is only one alternative for an individual to stop that, but I like this side of the grass.