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  1. I think it is safe to say just about every '50's owner here has had concerns, with potential overheating on hot days, based on factory temp gauges. Some cars are indeed running too hot. But as you have found, other evidence shows there isn't really a problem. If you have a manual, you might want to research to see if the operation of the temp gauge is divulged. For example, in the '56 Technical services bulletins there is a passage that says what the corresponding temperature is for a certain position on the factory gauge. Naturally I cannot predict how that '56 reading should relate to a '52. It's just that the information may be available in the book. You should pay attention to the thermostat recommendations too. I run a 180* T-stat all year long, while my book recommends a 160*. And the gauge readings reflect that in higher readings. But anytime I thought my car was overheating I would put the heater on to feel the temperature and I could tell the car was not overheating at all. And if I wanted an added level of insurance I would just leave the heater on. That always seems to immediately reduce the reading on the temp gauge. If it did not do so then I'd be a lot more concerned, as an over heating engine just keeps getting hotter. Like Ben says, if it is not boiling over then you should be okay to drive.
  2. @neil morseIt may be that the person choosing the repaint color just did not think metallic was available then, and or, chose a single stage paint which is easier to wet sand and polish without the metallic. There could be numerous reasons for it, but even without metallic your car is beautiful in that color!
  3. Anyhow, first gas up since last October for this car, and a 210 mile - round trip to charge the battery... It is such a great Buick ride!
  4. Sorry for the poor picture quality. But some more of the Buicks on display
  5. In one room there was a display of NY State built vehicles, including this camper which was built locally in Norwich, NY. I think the car in the 2nd photo is a 40 Buick, although it could be a Chevy.
  6. Our local chapter linked up with the Caddy Club and another multimake club for a tour to the Northeast Classic Car museum, in Norwich, NY today. I was going to take the '56 till the weather forecast called for up to 90% chance of rain this afternoon, so I switched to the Queen. I did not get any pictures of the Electra for a few reasons I won't go into. It was a nice ride and the museum does have a nice collection on display. I did document this museum once before, several years ago, so I did not take new photos of the many same cars. But here's some pictures you may find of interest.
  7. I would argue that it can be any color. It is a consumable. There should not be any deduction for a consumable. Also if the car was sold in the summer it could be clear water.
  8. BTW, if the trans spins around the torque converter, can you find the three or four bolts that hold the torque converter to the ring gear? The torque converter has a lot of bolts that hold the converter together, but the n there are three or four that hold the converter to the ring gear. You may be able to access those when you spin the trans around the converter, saving you from removing the crank shaft to get the trans off.
  9. And have you tried a pry bar in the teeth of the ring gear, against the block, to see if the crankshaft will now move? To do this you may have to put two bolts back into the trans to engine bellhousing if you need to pry against the bellhousing with the pry bar.
  10. @Edwin The Kiddid you try digging out the mud and debris from the bottom of the torque converter first? Because if that's what's holding your engine from spinning, you could save yourself a lot of work and grief.
  11. Conscious of the devastation in the Midwest, and hoping that the weather changes before anyone else is hurt, I did spend some time behind the wheel of the '56 yesterday and today. Roughly 60 miles, with only one place in particular to go, and I found another back road I never traveled before And on the way I crossed this stream And passed this coral But missed another photogenic sunset. And today I paid my respects to the fallen military during the town's small memorial day service! For all those who have served, and currently serve, I offer my deepest gratitude! Thank you!
  12. Please take the following comments with the grain of salt of lack of real world experience: Your original engine had 10.25-1 compression ratio. The '74 has 8.5-1. I tend to doubt more flow will improve the performance enough to justify the expense. And I tend to doubt more available flow will be advantageous unless you change to a more aggressive camshaft. Do you know which rear axle ratio your car has?
  13. And as a side thought, you could try digging all that dirt out of the bottom of the bell housing first, and then checking to see if the engine will turn while still attached to the transmission. This is a direct connection to the engine, and if the torque converter cannot move, then neither will the engine.
  14. In addition, while I admire your "go get em" approach, I will caution that you simply cannot learn everything you need to know about that engine from these, or any other, forum. Did you get a 1950 Buick service manual? If not, the 2nd best thing is to access one here : and read up on engine disassembly and repair, as well as the torque converter disassembly and what to expect. But to answer your question about how to get that transmission off I will refer to your picture reprinted below: You will need to remove the timing chain in front of the motor 1st. Usually that means unbolting the cam shaft gear and then working it off the cam shaft in order to remove the chain. Then you will need to unbolt each main bearing cap ( shown by the red arrows) and each rod bearing cap shown by the yellow arrows) with the following caution: For rebuild purposes, it is important to keep track of each cap in terms of both orientation and location. I did see in the other picture that it appears your main bearing caps are numbered. So that helps a lot. But I am not certain about the rod caps and there are eight of them to keep track of. Once you have removed all the caps then the crankshaft can be removed while it is attached to the transmission. And at that point you can remove the three bolts that hold the torque converter to the flywheel/ring gear and the transmission can be separated from the crankshaft. And as always, I welcome corrections by others with more experience. @Ben Bruce aka First Born Thanks for that observation. I was unaware of that turbulator design.
  15. Well Edwin, I am not an expert either but that engine may have had serious problems before it was parked. I am refering to the rounded edge on the front piston. Is that some material like dirt or is that piston deformed? Can you poat a better picture of the first and last piston? And are all the pistons like this #1 piston?
  16. Took the Wagon 236 miles yesterday. Went to a U Pull It yard in Binghamton, NY. Young son was after a set of chrome rims for his 2000 Regal. Being a U Pull It place they said the car was there, but they dont inventory parts, so did not know if the wheels still were. So we took the chance and used the wagon in case he could get all 4 rims. The rims were there but we soon found they had wheel locks and the key was missing. So came home empty handed. Today I took the Regal GS 262 miles for a family picnic. Two great Buick drives! Not one picture!
  17. Good assumption. Can't speak for others but I have never had a 64 Riviera, thus no real life experience. Also I don't have a 64 Service manual to look it up, so I'd rather not venture a guess and have it lead someone to an incorrect conclusion. If you think you won't need it, then go with your own conclusion. But we do know that cars with, and without, AC have these lines today, so somewhere, somehow, they must have a benefit.
  18. Added 140 miles over the last couple of days. Puts me at 370 for the year so far.
  19. I hope you can get something on those floors before driving it to OKC! Those floors will get hot and you'll be cooked inside if you try to drive there with bare floors.
  20. Gotta wonder if George smiles while you drive a road like that? I know I would!
  21. The picture above was the general show field. This year they had a class of the 60's parked around the reflecting pool! I also like these little MG's...