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  1. @Bill Stoneberg Are you okay with this edited version of your picture?
  2. Geeze @dmfconsult Not quite sure how to react to that post! Good idea to get the cars out as much as possible, but sad that you have trans problems with the Electra...
  3. Draining into the torque tube, and draining into the rear end could mean two different seals. Both problems would require a new seal at the torque tube/ torque ball end. But the latter would also require a new seal at the drive shaft to pinion shaft end.
  4. Thats cause the marquee is easy to write about! Lol
  5. It's always cool to see one's work in print! I had even forgotten you had had that car.
  6. Maybe we need a sister thread, Raise your hand if you played with your instrument this weekend? 😁
  7. Congrats to Adam Martin @Smartin and Lamar Brown @MrEarlon two great articles this month! Very enjoyable reading! And thanks for the shout out Mr Earl, but we both know that the hitch wasn't just sent. It was a mutually beneficial transaction, for which I am still thankful, especially since it is being used, and I no longer have to lug that monstrosity around inside my shed! 😁
  8. As reported in the May 2019 Bugle. Not sure if Adam was a member here but regardless, this is a sad loss!
  9. I am not a expert on this, but a 1/4 " lateral movement at the circumference of the tire sure seems like the joint itself would hardly seem loose? Do I understand this right: The measurement at the tire would be 1/4 inch outward at any point on the tire, near the tire treads? And if that is right, considering how far away the ball joint would be from the edge of the tire (at the center of the tire wheel assembly) I would think the actual ball joint play would be much less than a 1/4 ".
  10. Ut oh! This site is not easily understood from my perspective.
  11. Sweet Biscuits! Hope I can find them on E bay when they arrive! Looks like it's time for me to buy myself a Christmas Present!
  12. That is GREAT! What process does one use to adjust the tension in order to calibrate the speedometer? And I can't see the picture with the jam nut
  13. I don't think so, but I am sure it's just a fad! πŸ™„ At least that is what will happen if I ever join it.
  14. Don't those metal containers sweat a lot? It appears to me that the sealed containers cause rust and corrosion issues.
  15. There may be other differences but the Super had a 263 CU In engine while the Special had a 248. And the Super has a one piece windshield while the Special has the two piece unit. Also this chrome trim seems to indicate an early car? Or a lower model trim level?
  16. Did you happen to read the tech services bulletin I posted on the temperature issues with the 56? It may help to have a 160 thermostat, although as Ed often points out, that is the minimum temp. But more importantly, it may help to realize what the temp gauge visual is really showing, in so far as I believe the '56 and 57 temp gauges may be very similar in calibration.
  17. Very impressive to hear that the A/C still works! Nice!
  18. Looks like a rat rod. Maybe you want to shove the rear axle back under there and sell the rest as a project car? 😁
  19. Oh man! Another dream trip!
  20. Yes, I imagine it is very hard to keep up with it all. I cannot even get ahead with just the few here. But that is a nice garage to keep em all in. Too bad we didn't live closer together. I'd be happy to help you put some miles on some of the more obscure ones. πŸ™„
  21. Wow @Thriller !!! That's some collection you've amassed! Looks like many are ready to drive too! You must have a month's worth of work just keeping up with oil changes! 😁
  22. 54 miles to Easter Brunch today! The day started sunny, but then threatened some rain later on. About half way home I got the chance for these shots!
  23. or go to plug power, which is not in my immediate future.
  24. @dmfconsult Oh man! That gas price is astronomical ! I can see where it would be inconvenient just to burn up the money. Maybe next year we'll set up a challenge based on distance per gallon and set a cost for fuel instead of a mileage goal? The formula could look like : (Fuel budget / cost per gallon ) X MPG = Goal ? In this case assuming a $ 250 seasonal gas budget, for my '56 it would look like ( $250 /$3.50) X 15 = 1071 mile goal? It could work, and it levels the variation in fuel costs across all locations.
  25. @old-tank from the 1956 Product Services Bulletins. It may not apply to your 55 but it does make interesting reading. The picture below is posted just for the illustration itself . The two pictures below it are the written narrative accompanying the illustration.