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  1. I do not recall any requirement to check engine or other numbers. But if you wanted to go for Archival status you would disclose that the engine was replaced and that would cause a loss of points.
  2. Christmas in August! Hope it wasn't a mistake. These re-popped '69 mirrors look right, but the bases seem very light. Hope they last.
  3. New tires installed. Back to a smooth Buick ride. Just in time for a trip on the agenda this weekend. Did ask the garage to start reserving a space or two for the big cars.
  4. I dunno.. A early Skylark is still an early Skylark! It does appear that authenticity during its refurbishment was not a top priority. But I'd still like to have it.
  5. Have you put a vacuum gauge on the port to the motor, to see what the actual vacuum reading is? And if it is steady or if it fluctuates? If the wipers worked for 10 minutes once, then it would seem it's not the motor or the transmission hubs.
  6. Yeah, I left that one out on purpose @60FlatTop… I'll let you know how it went. Just hope they have the porta pottys open then. 😀
  7. Fueled up tonight but forgot to get a picture. Still, adding 120 miles to my total, landing me at 1,219 miles so far. Been driving the other cars more frequently the last few weeks, but was happy to get back in this one, fire it up, and just go, without much ado. Seems to run much better with the new steering wheel ..😏
  8. Noticing the talk of heat indexes in excess of 100 degrees and accompanying high humidity, I sometimes wonder what is the better of the two options? And just for fun, why people may think it's better too. Please answer the poll question and feel free to include your point of reference. To start, let me say that I have come to relish the idea of not driving my cars for a few winter months, as it seems to make them more attractive when I can get them out on the road again.
  9. @deiMy condolences on the loss of your cousin, Doug. May he rest in peace! Sure makes life look far too short when this type of thing happens.
  10. @Str8-8-Dave The golf door project is great! You are very gifted with handling your woodworking tools. Recreating the wood framing and assembling it on the the cars looks very challenging. It must be very gratifying to finish a project like this. Thanks for the pictures to show the details of your work description. Helps one to understand the name for the parts one may encounter.
  11. I will have to show my wife this photo! She can fill the trunk on the Electra for a few overnights and worry she didn't have enough.
  12. Sorry, but also thinking they saved you a lot of trouble. 😉
  13. And, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a young couple driving this: Yes, Mark and Kaitlyn (sp? from North Carolina, who were there while on a New England vacation! Sorry for the blurry pictures! You all, including the Reatta, looked GREAT! And wrapping up there was this 1st time seen '56 Special Reminded me of Dad's 55 Special, similarly equipped And in the category of a fun driver, there was this '69 Electra Owned for 48 years, this car was said to be all original. But I don't know about the seats. The pattern just doesn't look right, although they are complete. And I sure don't know about these lights? The story was, this was the former police chiefs car in a small town in New Hampshire. Yes, the lights do work, and the police radio is still mounted on the dash. Must have been a weird sight to be pulled over by an Electra convertible. Anyway, there it is, the last Hemmings Cruise in of the season. And it was announced that next year they are cutting the Cruise in's back to one per month, from the current two. So that is kinda disappointing. But it was a lot of fun to have so many people interested in the wagon! I guess more people can relate to that today because it is fresher in their memory. I may have to consider retiring that thing.😉
  14. And a few cars in an early Thunderbird club showed up together. But I only took pictures of this one Ok, technically I took pictures of 1 and one half! Not much room to stretch out in there but a novel idea
  15. In the British Class were these few new MG's And this one, which I did not know was even made Forgot to get a front end pic.
  16. And this 1st timer '74 LeSabre took home the favorite GM award ( I think it was that award)
  17. Also seen ( by me) for the first time: A Studebaker Wagonaire. We saw this car while walking to the restaurant downtown. It really sounded great driving by. But the model name Wagonaire? Maybe the ac unit, which looks period correct, if not factory installed? Or is it this? The partial retractable roof? Regardless, it was really nice, and sporty too, with a split bench seat. A sweet car. Next up for 1st time viewing was this pair of '40 Fords I am fond of those headlight trims on the 40 Fords! Just nice cars!
  18. Last night was the final 2019 Hemmings Cruise In. Was a hot day but cooler weather was expected to settle in after several days of hot and humid conditions, with multiple storms and even two local tornadoes. We don't see tornadoes often in this area but have had one each year for the last three years, and now these two. At any rate, the change in the weather and being the last Cruise In for this venue the cars showed up en-masse! And, as usual, there were some cars I've never seen before. So for this set of posts I will focus on those cars I've seen here for the first time. I met up with Chapter members Ken and Rosemary, and Ed. From where we meet up it's a short 11 mile trip into Bennington. But take a look at this building on the left. This had to have been a boarding house in the past, and it is obviously rotting away. Being right next to the main road into Bennington I am surprised it has been allowed to get into this condition. And as bad as it looks, there are some lights on inside at night. Just a sad sight, but it's destiny looks to be a massive act of destruction in the not too distant future. Anyway, Ed and I previously decided to drive our winter cars to this event. So in keeping with the theme, here are the first two cars that I saw here for the first time ever: Imagine, people actually looking at the wagon...(chuckle) Here is Ken and Rosemary's car Ken had this car 14 years ago. And right around the corner from us was this awesome 55 Century Wagon While a few cars away from that was this very nice 71 Skyklark.
  19. Find a '69 or'70 Olds 455 engine. It's a lot less work, and should be a bolt in. By the time you finish modifying what you have, it will likely be the same , or less, cost too.
  20. The '53 would have had cast iron drums in the front originally, so if you already have the cast aluminum with the iron lining, things have already been modified. Do you have roller bearings in the current front drums already?
  21. Have you tried using threaded rod in place od the guide pins and "pulling it in " with nuts and washers?
  22. Okay, two new tires coming up. After rotating just the passengers side tires the vibration is gone. So I'll be into new tires to replace those 2007 ones. Sure glad it's not the driveshaft at this point.
  23. Thanks for the charts @Tinindian Two interesting observations. Cylinder head bolts for the 1942 Buick are 7/16th ? Maybe I am underestimating the size of a 7/16 bolt? But regardless, per the 2nd chart, the 1972 manual is still calling for 5 ft lb over the max capacity of the bolt. I think the best course is to buy new bolts with an extra to test the torque range outside the vehicle. I also had a conversation with a driveline shop here in Albany, who opined that 80 ft lbs seemed excessive for a 7/16th bolt.
  24. Thanks @old-tank. At this point I think size does make a difference. Do you think a 7/16th inch bolt could stand up to 80 ft lbs torque? Probably best to get some new bolts if I have to go into this.
  25. The drive shaft in my Electra has the double cardan rear joint. This joint is bolted directly to a flange on the rear axle pinion. I have a re-printed '72 service manual. It reads on page 40-60 that these bolts are 7/16 -14 bolts. And then it reads that the torque is 80 lbs. That sounded way too high for such a bolt so I looked online and found a chart here: boltdepot torque chart showing that a 1/2" grade 8- coarse thread- bolt could go to 80 lbs. But the 7/16th bolt grade 8 could only do 58lbs if it was a fine thread. This looks like a sure way to shear off a bolt My question is what would be the proper torque for the bolts at that joint? Does anyone have a original service manual for this year to see if it really reads the 80 lbs, or if this is a misprint in the re-printed manual? And if the book does read 80 lbs, am I crazy for thinking 30 lbs is the max for the 4 bolts at this joint? .