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  1. Got any pictures of this setup? I am curious about it.
  2. Building a rolling carrier for the dynaflow transmission. I still need to put some wheels on it and some small blocks on the sides to keep the transmission from moving side to side.
  3. Sean, how much did you run that engine before it became ruined?
  4. Not worried about that with my Dad. He knows the different weld processes, know how to weld different metals of various thicknesses. Oh, and he has decent eye sight. My Dad is also a perfectionist and craftsman. If there is something in doubt, he would tell me.
  5. My Dad got me a welding machine for my birthday. I have always wanted to learn how to weld. My Dad has been welding for decades and is a master welder himself. If I can be half the welder my Dad is, then I will be able to do the metal repairs on the Buick. Can't wait to start learning!
  6. Popped open the valley cover on the parts car to see some of the engines condition. Not bad for a car where the body is rotting away.I was thinking about trying to get it to run, but with all the dried up sludge, I might have to pass.
  7. Oh, that's just lithium grease that I sprayed the cylinder walls down with to prevent rusting. Maybe I can wipe it down and take a closer photo. From what I could tell, there were no honing marks. There is a decent lip at the top of some of the bores also, if that gives you any clue.
  8. When I bought the car, the odometer read 51,365. The title listed the odometer as "Actual". I have only put 6 miles on it since I've had it. My money is on 151,371 total rather than 51,371. The condition of the engine is indicative of this, but I know I could be wrong.
  9. Indeed. I spotted this not long after I bought the car in 2012.
  10. A little someth'n someth'n from the weekend. Did some more trim work on the stairway in the garage.This weekend coming up, if I can get my hands on a new router and table, I will start on the stair rail tops.
  11. Over the weekend, I finished removing the rest of the external parts from the engine. First, I removed the oil filter assembly as shown.Remove canister retaining bolt shown here.Catch any oil with an oil pan. Remove. Then, remove the 4 bolts shown here.Again, be ready for oil to spill when flange is separated. Remove. Showing the site of removal.Showing the oil filter assembly removed from engine. Next, I removed the engine dipstick as shown.No explanation needed here. Showing removal site.Showing engine dipstick removed from the engine. Next, I removed the distributor assembly as shown.Simply remove this bolt with the hold down arm as shown.Wiggle/turn the head of the distributor until you are able to slide from bore. Remove. Showing site of removal.Showing the distributor assembly removed from engine. Finally, I removed the starter motor as shown.The starter is held in place with 2 bolts. 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom that is more tucked away.Remove the bottom bolt first. Then loosen the top bolt just a bit. Support the other end of the starter with your hand and then remove top bolt completely. Slide the starter out and remove. Showing site of removal.Showing the starter motor removed from the engine. Overall, all tasks in this post were easy. Now that all if the external items are removed from the engine, it's time to seperate the transmission from the engine and finally get the engine on an engine stand...hopefully this weekend.
  12. How long would you be willing to hold it?
  13. How much for the one from the century, Matt?
  14. I have rebuilt a couple engines before, but they were only small 4 cylinder engines. I understand that the nailhead is different, but should I be very worried?