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  1. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    Soon enough. Hoping to start back up by the start of spring.
  2. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    I Finally starting to move my tools back into the work bench area. I also moved some things back onto the shelving unit and touched up a few areas with some paint. Clean up and organization already in progress. I even got the stair handrails mounted in place.Next weekend I will probably start working on the decorative caps for the stairway. My beautiful wife wants it stained. I will also continue to tie up loose ends...which seem to be a lot.
  3. Kosage Chavis

    NC pole barn

    What's the perimeter on the slabs Matt?
  4. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    Today, I was able to finish the rest of the painting. As you can see, the color we chose was "55 Buick AC evaporator box grey". Sike! Just a coincidence...or maybe not. Next weekend, I can finally start cleaning the mess and organize the garage. Probably will take a couple weekends to do. Either way, the end is near and I will be starting work back up on the Buick soon! It's been way too long.
  5. Kosage Chavis

    Hard shaking 60-70 mph: is this the end?

    No, this is not the end! Sorry Ben...that's all I got.
  6. Kosage Chavis

    My 55 Buick restoration

    Who did your paint job?
  7. Kosage Chavis

    My 55 Buick restoration

    Car is looking gorgeous. Do you have any pictures of the car right after the accident you mentioned. It would be cool to see how far along the car came since the accident.
  8. Kosage Chavis

    Questions re 1955 1956 generator

    I think any 55 Buick equipped with AC has the 35 amp generator. I am not sure about 56 Buicks.
  9. Kosage Chavis

    1955 Buick Century

    Just got this in the mail today. Power seat motor, compliments of Matt.
  10. Kosage Chavis

    55 Power Seat motor

    PM sent now.
  11. Kosage Chavis

    55 Power Seat motor

    Text sent.
  12. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    Thank you Mr Joel. It is very bright in the garage right now. My wife has complained about that. It's the reason why I went with a darker grey. So that the darker color can absorb some of that light. As for the bottom portion of my work bench, I already had a piece of plywood cut out that fits underneath. I have already put that back in. I will post a picture next chance I get. Thank you as well.
  13. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    Got some paint down and put the old work bench back together. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  14. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    Finally put some more primer down. This time on the wall with the shelving unit.
  15. Kosage Chavis

    How buttercup got her groove back

    I remember you showing me this and telling me this exact story. My mind was blown at the sight of that paint brushed engine. And I don't mean that in a good way.