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  1. After a brief haitus, I was able to get back on the parts car. Got the dash out.I also got the hood off. The springs were challenging to get off. It took a lever, hook and chain to do the job. Then, after unbolting, I laid the hood on a slopping 2 x 4 and carefully slid it towards the front of the car until I was comfortable enough to pick it up and move it.The rear seat is out and the front seat is unbolted. I will worry about how to get it out later. Transmission will probably next.
  2. @55 SURVIVOR, @Mudbone, @dei, I am still here everyone! It's pretty cool to see that you all were thinking of me. Dei hit the nail on the head. My beautiful Wife was so gracious with the new garage. So, about 2 months ago I wanted to return the favor. I made a suggestion that we go ahead and completely redecorate the living room/hallway. That's what I have been doing all this time. A lot of work. The good news is that I finally finished and a couple days ago, I managed to get back into the garage to part out the parts car. I will be posting really soon. Thank you all! Al
  3. Is it impossible to make a homeade booth that is dust free and not too complicated?
  4. It was a green oak. I didn't keep anything. The tree was rotting out from the middle really badly.
  5. We now have clearance to the new garage. Here's a before picture showing the tree next to the car.Here's an after picture with the tree removed.The 3 wooden panels were laid against the garage door to protect it from the stomp grinding.
  6. @Selim, @avgwarhawkis correct. The picture of the clip he is showing is correct.
  7. I haven't posted much lately, but I have been working on the parts car. Mainly, working on whole new set of crates for the engineand a dolley for the transmission. I then moved back to removals. Here's something I thought was interesting. Whoever drove this car decided to bypass the original temp gauge and installed a temp gauge from a 54 Roadmaster or Super and installed it where the original clock goes.When I looked at the original temp gauge, I could see the the tubing line had been either broken or cut. Here's some of the progress I am making on the parts car.My hope is to get this par
  8. LOL! It's an honor to know I have made an impression on you, that I will always come to mind when the subject of the rear speaker switch knob comes up.
  9. Mr Mudd, I watched this video and I must admit, my heart started to beat a little harder watching you pull that tape off. But the paint job looks really good!
  10. What type of car lift is this and how high does it lift?
  11. First time that I am seeing this. I will look at both of mine by the weekend.
  12. Yes I did, thank you. After reading it, I will be sure to invest in a quality spray set and practice on something small and unimportant.
  13. I'm terrified of painting my car. But watching your videos encourages me. Thank you Mr Mudd!
  14. Man John. I really hate to hear that and I extend my condolences to you and your Fam.
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