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  1. Small achievement here. Put the electrical panels back together and mounted them back on the boards. Blends in pretty well.
  2. Thank you Sir! I love him to life! Also did a small task in the garage today. I took the electrical panels and repainted them the same color as the walls. They used to be ugly and stood out. I hope now that the will look cleaner and will somewhat blend in.
  3. Congrats Sir! Looking foward to hopefully following your journey with fixing this car up, from one Buick owner to another.
  4. ...and then the whole class said in unison..."THANK YOU MR WILLIE".
  5. That would be correct Sean. I am out of space, even with the make-over in my garage. My wife and I have talked about building a detatched garage, but the money is not there. I am starting to worry about the underside of the car and rust.
  6. Sean, I keep seeing the abbreviation "D.F." in the parts book. Any idea what that stands for?
  7. I didn't have much time to work on the car over the weekend, but I did manage to remove another part. This time it was the windshield wiper arms.The driver's side was easy. I just grasped the base of the arm and wiggled it off of its spline.The passenger's side needed a little more effort. All you need is a block of wood and a flathead screwdriver. Use in the manner shown in this photo and gently pry the base off.Just be sure you are not prying up the splined head and that you are only catching the edge of the base of the arm. Showing the windshield wiper arms removed from car.Overall, an easy task.
  8. Yesterday, I also removed the power steering pump and associated brackets.The first thing that I wanted to do was to drain the fluid from the resevoir. I didn't have anything small enough to fit under the rear fittings to catch the fluid, so I decided to remove the pump with the fluid still in it. I tightened the top bolt just enough so the seal would be tight enough to prevent leakage. I then placed 2 wrenches on the flared fittings to loosen them. Again, I only wanted these fittings to be loosened. After this was done, I used my fingers to tighten back the fittings to keep from leaking. Here's a picture that shows the hose layout (for future reference).I then removed the upper nut/bolt with the 2 lower bolts that mounts the power steering pump bracket. Keep in mind that loosening the lower 2 bolts also might cause coolant to leak. Most of the coolant has already been drained from my car, so this was no worry to me. After the bracket was freed from the engine, I layed the pump down so that the fittings pointed up.I used my fingers to detach both hoses from the pump fittings and moved them to the side. The pump assembly was then carried to my garage to empty the fluid. After doing so, I removed the cylinder head-to-bracket bolt to remove the stabilizing arm bracket shown here.Showing the removal site with power steering pump and associated brackets removed.Now showing the pump assembly and brackets after removal.Overall, this was an easy task.
  9. I am not seeing part number 3131177. I do see 3133727 in the parts book.
  10. Got back to some business today and removed both ventilation air duct dash opening covers.Just remove flange screws. Driver's side has less screws than the passenger's side. I also used a small putty knife to pry the cover off of the firewall.Also, loosen the single bolt that holds down this arm.This will give you a little more room to remove the driver's side cover. You will have to finesse the cover when pulling out with both drainage hoses still attached to it. Removing the passenger's side cover has a similar issue. Once screws are removed, you will have to finesse it to get it passed the valve cover and fins shown here.Once you get passed this, finesse again to pull out with attached drainage hoses. Here, showing the site of removal.Showing the ventilation air duct dash opening covers removed from car.Overall, this was an easy task.
  11. Hey Ben! Are you asking me to get the AC brackets printed because you want a set or just for the sake of trying it out. Just want to be sure I am understanding you. Hey Sean! I do not have the AC radiator, but I have been told by people who had both, that they could not find the difference between the AC and non-AC radiator. Have you found something? If so, post some pictures. I am sure there are others who would like to see as well. Thank you.
  12. Yesterday, I sealed the garage floor. It took so much effort to clean all the dust and dirt off of the concrete. Even applying the special paint was a challenge. Right when I was painting the final sections of the floor, my oldest Son opened the kitchen door to say hi to me. That's when my dog decided to run out of the house and into the garage. My Son tried to hold him, but he slipped out his hands and ran down the stairs and right on the floor that was still wet with paint. Adding insult to injury, my dog slipped and went in face first into the floor. He got himself up, stepped on the floor a few more times in confusion and I finally was able to get him out. Paint was all over him and my floor now had some fur in it with skid marks. I was beside myself over this. I was able to fix the area. But now I have a dog to wash on top of being completely exhausted.Overall, I am pretty upset with this product. The color of the paint is very temperamental and even while doing my best to keep the paint mixed up, I still ended up with 3 shades of grey. You can see it in my pictures, one of which was photo bombed by my youngest Son.But that's not all. It seemed that the paint was drying very nice and smooth. The gloss looked very good in spite of the color variation. I clean stuff up and pack it in for the night. When I come home from work today, the first thing I do is go out to the garage to discover air bubbles spread all over the floor. Of course, the bubbles left a bad scar on the surface of the floor. So, I have just about had it with this floor and the lousy product. Now, my Wife and I are exploring other options with the floor other than a paint.
  13. Next up was the radiator and shroud.Remove the upper radiator hose at both clamps.Remove the lower radiator hose at both clamps.Then remove the smaller radiator hose at the bottom. Remove 4 screws total, with 2 on each side to remove the radiator/shroud.Site after radiator/shroud removal.The radiator/shroud after removal.Overall, this is moderately easy task. The hoses were stuck and the radiator with the shroud still mounted is somewhat heavy. But other than that, pretty easy. Hope to get some more done next weekend.
  14. Today I was finally able to start work back up on the Buick. I am now at a point in the garage where I can do some other things. So, here we go...the first thing I removed was the engine fan and associated pulleys.Just remove the 4 bolts on front of the fan.Be sure to grab the pulley spacers when removing. Here is a shot of the site after removal.The fan, spacers and pulleys after removal.Overall, a very easy task.