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  1. Looks good! On a nice sunny day, you should move it outside in the light to see how it is looking.
  2. Sold. The parts are going to Kuwait! It's cool to know these Buicks are all over the world in some unsuspecting places. Also sold the following: Rear window exterior moulding, Front windshield exterior moulding And side window bottom exterior moulding. There is a few more items still for sale. I will create a new thread for those things.
  3. Took me forever to get around to doing this, but installed the rail tops to the stairway.
  4. I will possibly be shipping out a rear and front windshield from a 55 Buick. Does anyone have experience with properly crating these items so that there is no damage during transit? I have a good idea how to do it, but maybe someone might have a better way. Thank you.
  5. See, that's why I love you all. After reading everyone's comments, I searched for a 2 post car lift for low ceiling and found one. This one is only 8'- 10" in overall height. So, maybe I could do a 9 foot ceiling and possibly squeeze in a 2nd story to this garage. I understand I will never be able to walk upright underneath a car, but like @old-tanksaid, just use a rolling chair. I'd be just fine with this!
  6. To anyone who is interested in the parts from this car, any part that is not interchangeable to a small series 2 door hardtop is for sale. I hope that clears some things up.
  7. Please do tell Mr Willie. Roughly, what height is your friend's ceiling and what kind of a 2 post lift does he have? I don't mind rolling underneath the car with a chair, as long as I don't have to lay on the floor to do work. Thank you.
  8. I have all of those things except the front passenger window bottom molding. Also, the front passenger quarter panel molding (sweepsear), has a bend in it. It's not kinked and can be worked out to be smooth again. I have the exact same body style as your car, except mine is a Century. If there is something else that is a need that I can't use myself, let me know. I will try to send you the link to the thread for these parts. Kosage
  9. Unfortunately, I found out that the city that I live in, you cannot build a detached garage (or any detached structure for that matter) taller than the existing house. I live in a one story house with a standard slope on my roof. I have 3 options...do a 12 feet ceiling height with no attic, do a 10 foot ceiling with storage space in attic or do 8 feet ceiling height with full 2nd floor. I cannot have it all. So, I will go with 10 feet ceiling height with storage space in attic. I will just have to improvise with my restoration. Either way, there will be no complaining over here. I am thankful.
  10. Seeing this car come back together has got to be so exciting! Keep sharing.
  11. My opinion...I really hope you keep this car. I looked over the photos of your car and you got a pretty cool ride. I completely understand your situation. I have a young family myself. I have a Wife and 3 kids between the ages of 15 and 6 (and a dog too). I bought my car almost 8 years ago. I knew that when I bought it, that it would be a long project. When I look at my car, I look at it as a series of many very small projects, all in one. And that's how I treat it. If I chose to look at this as 1 big project instead, I know that discouragement will set in and that kills motivation. My Wife and I were cool with me setting a couple hours on a Saturday or Sunday to work on it. I set a small goal (for example, remove the grill). If I have time left over, I might remove something else or box up that part. Either way, I accomplished something, got 1 small step closer to finishing, fed my motivation and excitement for the next time. I did have times that I just couldn't get to it, but that's okay. For the first couple years, my car sat out in the weather. I finally bought a carport from Harbor Freight. It's not ideal, but it's the best option available to me. You have an awesome set up. Your car will not have to worry about moisture and rot. Just be sure to take tons of videos and photos. Create a diary of all progress (this forum is perfect for this). Create a book keeping of all your parts. I have talked to so many people who once owned a classic they loved that sold it only to regret it later. That also includes my Father. Don't let it be you. Feel free to look through my thread. I hope we can follow with what may be your choice to keep and restore your car. God bless You and your family.
  12. Looks like someone picking up their dog dukie!
  13. I like how it came out. Is there anything after paint?