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  1. I have begun the removal process of the parts car. Eventually and soon, that engine and transmission will be removed. This means getting the main engine parts crated and moved out of the way. So, I built me some new crates.The crate for the block was made so 2 people could easily move it around.The crate for the crank was made so that I can smoothly turn the crank inside the crate.The crates for each head is nothing special. But, the crate allows me to carry and stack very easily.
  2. I appreciate you all thinking about me, but I already have 2 of them.
  3. I have always wondered if you could add a significant amount of power to an old Buick (let's say a 55 for example) without compromising the look of the components in the entire engine compartment. The idea would be to swap out the 322 with a 401 while keeping as much as possible, the same. For example, one thing that has to stay the same (in my opinion) is the air cleaner. It's a big part that draws anyone's attention when opening the hood. Of course, that is just one thing amongst many other components. Has anyone tried this? If so, were you able to pull off the look of origi
  4. Yes I do and now I have plenty of attic space to do so!
  5. Family reunion!Now it's time to get down to business. First thing is to part the sedan out. I'll start next weekend.
  6. It was an awesome feeling. Been long time coming.
  7. I plan for big things. Just hoping I am able to make it happen (God willing of course).
  8. Moved the Buick to it's permanent home. Of course, it wouldn't be possible without my kids!Still have enough room for the other Buick.I have to get the family van ready for inspection, but as soon as I am done with that, the other Buick will be in here too.
  9. Whatever happened to this car?
  10. Good to hear from you @EmTee. I already took care of this. 3 at the top and 3 at the bottom.
  11. Got the shelves for the bumpers done.
  12. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question Mr Pete. Any chance any of those 55's has the rear speaker switch with the same type of pointer knob?
  13. How are you Mr Pete? Are any of the 54/55 Buicks equipped with A/C? Still trying to get a hold of one or more of those pointer knobs. Thank you.
  14. Phase 1 of the work bench is done. This is my stationary work bench. I still need to put my vice onto it.I will also add a fold-down portion on the end to extend my work space if needed. It will also allow for more floor space when I need that more. On the other side of the garage, I will build another work bench with a fold-up portion. I want this work bench to be multifaceted. The idea is when needed and both folding portions are in place on both work benches, I will have work bench space along the entire length of the backside of the garage. The other work bench will be a roller that
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