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  1. Here was one scary machine! Can't imagine how long it will run with that #4 plug wire touching the header. Then there was Jim's car! A decent 62 Electra convertible that can be used and driven! If I had the space and $$$ I'd be on this one. And in what may be of interest to some, this with a stuck motor! Check out the art work on these rear quarters! Lots of bondo and broken glass!!! But still an interesting car.
  2. When I saw this car I thought @EmTee was a brave guy! But it turned out it was from the NYC area. Later there was this Caddy in the swap meet. Check out the asking price! And this thing needed ton's of work!!! TONS!!!! To be continued when I can upload more photos...
  3. Took the '92 Century wagon to the Rhinebeck NY Auto show today. Ok, it's kind of cheating but it is 26 years old and sporting over 181K right now. Anyway, the day started out with roads freshly wettened overnight and then got worse as it poured on the trip to Rhinebeck. The wagon performed great! Just like a Buick! And 70 miles later arrived on the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. Some background on the event. It runs for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday is set up day for the large vendor count swap meet, which continues through Sunday. Not many Buick parts there but fun just the same. And there is a car coral for all three days of the meet as well. But on Saturday the main theme is modifieds and hot rods, while on Sundays the main theme is restored/original classics. Both days anything that shows up is let in so there is something for all if you spend the time to look. I did not take any pictures of my own car but when we arrived the parking guys tried to flag me to the car coral. But we kindly declined and said we were headed for the show field. Then we paid our dues and drove onto the field, which was a huge soggy bog! Good thing I still have the snows on there. The little Buick just slogged through to the next spot, and there she sat amongst all types of hotrodded muscle and classic cars and 4 wheel drive pickups lifted to the heights of 18 wheelers! LOL... It looked so tiny there! But it immediately got some love from some attendees. Anyway, as I roamed the field I got some pictures of some interesting sights. Here they are. First up was a factory 3 speed stick shift 57 Olds. Thought it was amazing that it was a factory 3 speed! Then there was this 62 Chevy 409. Just something about the 409 speaks to me. Yeah, it was a 4 speed car! 4 speed Buicks are so hard to find... Those other GM guys have all the fun! And here was a clean 66 Galaxie. I think the 66 Galaxie sports a nice balanced design. Always liked em. Then there was this 84 Lesabre out in the field. A very clean car. But what may have been my favorite car ( next to the '92 mind you) there was this absolutely solid and original 67 Chevy Caprice!
  4. Don't even have to drop the heater control.follow Matts description above.
  5. @Beemon Glad it is back together. Maybe you could at least salvage the old hood. As to the steering flange study, I will confess I am lost. I can see the difference in the counter sunk bolt hole diameters. Is there need for that to align the different steering gear?
  6. Maybe the title of the article should have been cars that DEFIED Buick. But really, Buick cannot be defined, in my opinion. There is something for everybody in this storied brand. If Buick could be defined it might be more like the car that could be anything you want!
  7. Maybe something was lost in translation. Can you describe what happened to the engine? Are you just looking at a coolant leak and assuming it needs a complete overhaul?
  8. Wasn't he ten MPH under the speed limit? What's the problem? 😎
  9. @MrEarl like the blackwalls! Between you and DFMCONSULT I am really missing my old car!
  10. You need to remove the rocker shafts to replace the push rods anyway, so start there. When they are off you should be able to check that none of them are stuck and you should see a film of oil. The oil to the rockers comes through the front rocker shaft base. It is low pressure oil supply according to the manual. Then flows through the rocker shaft where it feeds into each rocker arm. The oil supply in the rocker arm drops oil onto the valve stem as well as the rocker arm bearing surface. but these two passages are separately drilled in the rocker arm. With the rocker shafts removed you should see the three valves that are involved. If they are dry then you have a passage blocked in the rocker assembly. If they are stuck their springs will be compressed. Put some light oil, or penetrating oil on the valve stem and I'd follow what Bloo said, cotton rope through the spark plug hole and then rotate the piston to the top of the cylinder manually to try and push them back up. You may have to disassemble the rocker shafts to clean them out if this is the case. Be sure to put it back together in the exact same order it is taken apart, noting the orientation of the shaft to the rockers themselves.
  11. I had a 78 Electra and it did have the overdrive. But the two wagons had the turbo 350's. Both wagons were much more satisfying to drive in terms of usable power. As to the passing gear question, @MrEarl Can't remember if I ever tried to pass people with the wagon. Also can't remember if that car has a lock-up torque converter. If it does there-in may be the cause. That usually locks up above 40 mph. and at 85 mph it may not be willing to unlock.
  12. I had two 78 estate wagons with the turbo 350. I endorse that tranny. But isn't yours an overdrive unit?
  13. Your car has the factory towing package, right? Then that's probably what was included in that towing package. Before disturbing all the old lines, can you tell how many rows are in your radiator core? Should be at least 3, but may be 4. And if either, then between that size and the extra external cooler you already have you should be fixed to go. Here in the "nawthern" part of the USA, my 78, which was originally sold in New York, only had a two row core radiator. And I did not have the tow package so there was no external cooler. From what I was told, the original owner of my car towed a small boat, but he did so in Virginia, and why he put that massive tow hitch on it for a small boat is beyond comprehension. I suspect he was towing something bigger in it's day. The point being none of that activity seemed to impact the car. So I would not endorse the need for a second tranny cooler, especially if you are going to increase fluid capacity with a deeper pan. And unless I had a temperature gauge on there, and it was showing a running temp above 200* without any trailers, I would just leave it alone. If it was above 200* while running without trailers, I would opt for a 4 row radiator core. Not cheap but neither is a weeks stay while waiting on parts to fix it on the road. Most good insurance is not cheap, but you would never regret a copper 4 row core. I do find it interesting though that the external cooler would be between the radiator and condenser. On the 93 Regal I bought new there was a tow package and the external trans cooler was in front of the condenser. But sandwiched between the two would just ensure greater air flow albeit hotter air if you are using the AC.
  14. I was just discussing this with Jackofalltrades 77 the other day. Thanks for the timely post!
  15. The return line should be the bottom one on the radiator. Same principal in cooling technique as the coolant that surrounds the tranny cooler inside that tank. As to what's in there? The answer is, enough capacity to cool the trans during normal operation. Are you leading to how to pipe in an external cooler? Be it before, or after, or in place of the factory cooler?
  16. It is just one man's perspective which is clearly tilted towards performance attributes. The only difference is he chose to write it down and had a convenient outlet to reach some mass market. I cannot say I totally agree with his opinions on the topic.
  17. No wonder 55's were so popular! Great read @Mudbone ! Thanks
  18. @Bill Stoneberg Are you okay with this edited version of your picture?
  19. Geeze @dmfconsult Not quite sure how to react to that post! Good idea to get the cars out as much as possible, but sad that you have trans problems with the Electra...
  20. Draining into the torque tube, and draining into the rear end could mean two different seals. Both problems would require a new seal at the torque tube/ torque ball end. But the latter would also require a new seal at the drive shaft to pinion shaft end.
  21. Thats cause the marquee is easy to write about! Lol
  22. It's always cool to see one's work in print! I had even forgotten you had had that car.