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  1. Some of you know Ron DeGroff's car: Ron did take home one of the two hundred Sponsor awards. Then there was this nice Cuda And another cute Ford
  2. And who can resist a 409 4 speed Impala SS? Those lucky Chevy guys! Meanwhile here was last years "Best of Show". Which is very nice although it is only a half Buick now Oh well!
  3. Ever since South Bend and the Studebaker Museum I have a much better appreciation for the marque Look how the trim hugs that curve! Half frame vent windows and the wrap around rear glass! Pretty neat stuff! And I am also finding some 60's Fords to be of interest too And here was one of two present today, although I think this one was a clone
  4. Here are a few of the cars from the show. We counted 40 Buicks. But I did not take pictures of all 6 identical black ones. I liked this one cause of the red steering wheel. Can't say I've seen that before Always liked Corvairs This one was odd because as you can see it is an A/C car And it is a Stick Shift car. The crazy thing though is it was a 3 on the tree car according to the owner. But he always wanted a 4 speed car so he changed the steering column and threw in a 4 speed and then he sold the three speed column to somebody who wanted it for wall art!
  5. To give you an idea how this is set up, see the picture below: The red line shows our approach and position when we hit the main road. The blue line represents the track to get into the show site. The yellow line represents the backup shown on the real time traffic alerts app while we were waiting The grey line represents the line through the town and where they all merged. I do not know how far the back up was on W Lake Road. And despite all this congestion, we were on the show field within a half hour after it opened. Of course some others were not as lucky
  6. Then Saturday we were up EARLY! Plans were to leave the hotel at 7 am for the 12 mile drive to the show site. The show field opens at 8 am, and with no designated parking, you need to get there early to find a spot, especially for groups. It was nice to see the sunrise! When we arrived we found the road into town packed with parked cars. Here was our view from two cars out of the intersection: This nice Pontiac Parisean Wagon was the last car to squeeze into the line going through town. Shortly after we arrived the road behind us looked like this: And the road we drove up to the site looked like this And apparently this was all considered normal.
  7. Bronze replacement cross from 1925 Blacksmith working the kiln We caught the flag lowering ceremony at 4 pm. You could hear that drummer like he was standing next to you. We also caught a musket shooting demonstration and then a few idyllic moments too
  8. The North Tower. The tower is three stories tall. I assume infantry men slept on this level Naturally the stairs are steep and the headroom clearance is short. Guess how I know that as a fact! The 2nd floor was obviously the mess hall and those lucky enough to bunk here at least had some source of warmth. With ports for the smaller firearms. The third floor was for the action. The breeze up here was stiff! I cannot imagine how uncomfortable this would have been in the dead of winter! View of the Queen, waiting patiently, from the North Tower!
  9. Cannon ball furnace. Used to heat cannon balls to red hot status before shooting at the target. Fortifying the mouth of the Niagara River. Not too sure the authenticity of the no climbing symbol though. There's that Toronto again!
  10. The fort itself was in disarray and was run down when the historical society began to refurbish it in 1926. The work that was done over the years is astonishing! View from the Information Center main entrance with draw bridge one half of the Draw bridge mechanicals South tower View from inside the Fort South artilleries fortification. Our friends in Canada!
  11. Then we drove on to the Fort. And while the fort is still the same, the site has been significantly remodeled since. There is a visitors center now with some interesting things! Scale model of the fort layout Early American Flag. Notice, 15 stars. But look at the scale of this ( ps: the signage says part of it is missing. Alltogether it should be 30 ft long) Lost a lot of shots but here is some history if you care to view it
  12. Just to add a little detail to this past weekends activities, it started in the town of: Last year @Jstbcausd93 went to this event and he had a great time. So he talked me into going this year. Along the way good friends Bill and Molly decided to try it out too. So we all booked rooms at the And arrived Thursday for reasons I'll explain a bit later. Since we were there a day early we decided to take a ride to the northwestern corner of NY for a chance to tour the Old Fort Niagara on Friday. The weather was terrific. Clear sunny skies each day. But Friday was a bit warmer, with temps in the high 70's! And a strong lake breeze that was so refreshing! So off we went, stopping at the show site first to scope out a parking spot. Here are a few pictures of the show site as of Friday: If you look just above that old jetty you can see Toronto across the lake. What is seen below is the high water situation. Due to excessive water in the lake the beach in this area is almost totally covered and the beach has been closed all summer as a result. This is bound to be big trouble this winter.
  13. @Matt Harwood That is such a great idea Matt! Looks like a great time. Meanwhile, just got back from a 720 mile trip in the 72 Electra, a.k.a. the Queen! Had three nice days for a drive, passing through @60FlatTop (Bernie's) neck of NYS. Ran the AC most of the time and drove friends to Fort Niagara one day besides. Averaged 14.2 mpg on 89 octane Ethanol blended fuel. The Queen loves to run!
  14. You could try clamping the felt to the trim and marking the staple holes from the back. Then drill the holes in the felt strip and manually install the staples from the front and bending them into position with a body hammer.
  15. Nice '70. I like the shorty fender skirts.
  16. For me its about big reptiles.
  17. Seems to be the Garden of Eden! I am envious!
  18. Unless there has been a program change for archival, it is up to the owner to reveal what has been changed on the car. The judges will also look to see what may have been changed and was not reported. But I do not believe they get into engine #s depth. If the motor has been changed and you don't know it, then you go with what you know. And as far as I remember, in 400 pt judging there is no point loss for a different engine of the same basis of what was original. For example a '56 engine replaced with another '56 Buick engine is not a deduction. But this rule should be verified in case that has changed.
  19. I do not recall any requirement to check engine or other numbers. But if you wanted to go for Archival status you would disclose that the engine was replaced and that would cause a loss of points.
  20. Christmas in August! Hope it wasn't a mistake. These re-popped '69 mirrors look right, but the bases seem very light. Hope they last.
  21. New tires installed. Back to a smooth Buick ride. Just in time for a trip on the agenda this weekend. Did ask the garage to start reserving a space or two for the big cars.
  22. I dunno.. A early Skylark is still an early Skylark! It does appear that authenticity during its refurbishment was not a top priority. But I'd still like to have it.
  23. Have you put a vacuum gauge on the port to the motor, to see what the actual vacuum reading is? And if it is steady or if it fluctuates? If the wipers worked for 10 minutes once, then it would seem it's not the motor or the transmission hubs.
  24. Yeah, I left that one out on purpose @60FlatTop… I'll let you know how it went. Just hope they have the porta pottys open then. 😀