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  1. In my '56, which has the same switch, the top floats freely within it's range of movement. That is because the tiny diameter hose is yet to be replaced and so it is disconnected at the "T" fitting under the hood. It does control the sweep width and wiper speed. When you go wide, the wipers will cycle slowly and sweep all the way from the bottom of the window in the center, to the extent of their travel which is to the curvature of the windshield. When you select fast the wipers will cycle in a narrow range in front of the driver and passenger and will sweep 2X faster than when wide. I cannot recall where I saw the diagram for the '56 wiper and I am not sure it is the same for the '55. But I will look for it today
  2. When I took my Uncle Phil ( the model A guy) for a ride in my GS his first question was; Did you rebuild this engine? I looked at him and said, Uncle Phil. This is a Buick! It only has 50,000 on it. Why would I rebuild it? lol
  3. @Mudbone Nice Video. Liked the background music too!
  4. Does not look like a ground, just a way to keep that wire from falling onto a hot manifold.
  5. It used to be among my favorite colors! ๐Ÿ˜
  6. May I ask who created this list and where it was found?
  7. Back road cruisin this evening. With a surprising sunset!
  8. I can't help with that. I use the competitor for that phone, and a MS pc.
  9. Here is a quick instruction on posting a picture. When making a post click on this button next to the black arrow. then choose your picture from your device When the picture loads on the site it will show below that line with the arrow. If you want to put a picture in between what you write, place the cursor where you want the picture and click on the plus sign (+) that is shown on the file you just uploaded. Otherwise what ever you upload will just be added after your last typed sentence. There will also be a little trash can on the picture you uploaded. If you don't want to post a picture you uploaded, click on the little trash can to remove it from the site.
  10. In 2003 I had my '56's tank done by a GasTank Renu franchise in my area. Knocked out a major dent and repaired a small leak. That car was fueled with ethanol gas, but started and used sparingly till about 6 years ago. Since then I have increased usage significantly but I am also lucky to live in an area where I can get non-ethanol fuel at multiple locations. To date the tank has never given me any problem. It wasn't cheap. Unfortunately neither is anything else of quality in this hobby. But uninterrupted driving down the road, with confidence that I made the best repair possible, is priceless!
  11. Welcome, and nice car. Sounds like it is as solid as it looks. But regarding the wiring harness, I would say that the car deserves a quality harness, and so do you. I'd be careful about looking for a bargain on that type of thing in this hobby. That said however, pick up a copy of Hemmings Motor News, as there might be several other businesses doing that type of work. That will allow you to make some calls and compare
  12. A picture would help us to identify what you are referring to.
  13. AMEN! lol... I told you to giggle the switch. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  14. I should have said common decency instead of common sense but I admit I could not think of the word while so infuriated by your major insult to a valued member of this board.
  15. That's what I was told. It is a '79. I don't have the fellows name, but there is a local Skyhawk here, that looks just like Brad's car. I saw it once at the garage where I have some work done when needed. It was that orange/red color, with a stick shift, and the same hubcaps. Although I do not remember if it was more than a 4 speed. Anyway, I thought it really looked good! It is kind of funny how I viewed those cars (not so favorably) when they were new and plentiful, yet now, in the windshield of rarity, they look much better! Sorta like this 92 Wagon I have too. Back in 93 I bought my first new Buick. I looked at the wagons, but discounted them at the time for one oddity, and a general feeling that they were too cheaply built. And now I am really enjoying the one I have.
  16. Which is probably why you have not received a call from anyone. While you are out looking for REAL BUICK MEN, see if you can't find some common sense too!
  17. @dmfconsult Check out the roomy spark plug area with a 3300 V6 I could get my hands on those rear spark plugs, but then there wasn't enough room to pull the wires off. Plus the heat shields spun around on the spark plug boot preventing the boot from twisting and breaking the bond that forms between it and the plug itself, after several years of wear and tear.
  18. After struggling with those rear wires for almost an hour I tried some long handled needle nose pliers with looped ends. Discovered the fit right down near the valve cover edge and they grabbed the heat shields tightly. Then using the valve cover as a fulcrum the wires popped off easy peasy...sheesh๐Ÿ˜ŽThe rear plugs came out just like the fronts too. And the project is all done with noticeable results...guess I have no excuse for failing to address a few other things now.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  19. It is not at all like that with the 3300 V6 Doug. There is room to see the rear plugs on this one. The problem is the connection boots are stuck on the plugs and the clip will likely break before the wire comes off. I had planned on new wires eventually but just wanted to be sure the plugs would come out without breakage before spending any more money on this car. The front three plugs were very tight but did come out without breaking. So hopefully the rear three will cooperate as well.
  20. Finally started the spark plug replacement process. With no other documentation available, it appears to me that the plugs had to be changed once, but probably before 2010. At any rate, I broke one wire on the left side of the motor, which faces forward in this transverse power unit vehicle. So I am waiting on a set of wires before tackling the right ( rearward) side since I was not able to get any of those wires off with a firm tug or two. The plugs I am removing are clean burns, and the gaps have burned open by an additional 8 thousandths. Even with the repaired broken wire and only 3 new plugs, it feel better and smoother. So I am looking forward to getting the other three done soon. BTW, a few weeks ago I had taken the car out to Binghamton, which was about 300+ mile round trip, and averaged 26+ MPG. It still has the snow tires on it. Too bad it is too small to pull a trailer.
  21. It becomes one's prerogative to respond to people like that. I choose not to. Let em think what they will. I assume people like that are just unconscious of common courtesy. And when I see a perfect car being driven out of a trailer I always think, what a sad affair. But I choose not to say anything like that out loud. It's their car, and their way. Ultimately both cars are at the same event, which make them equal in my eyes. And I know at least one guy who appreciates my cars for what they are. That's this guy, the one who drove it there.
  22. @Jack Welch Has the BOD brought up the longevity of this particular committee? Since the BOD changes a bit each year, without some lay persons involved it would seem that review of the organizational rules could be subject to wide swings of experience, and desires, without much history to fall back on. I am suggesting that this ought to be a standing committee with it's own SOP for set up and guidance, with at least one BOD member and whatever other number of members needed, to facilitate recommendations for adjustments to the SOP, Rules and Regulations and the By-Laws, for the BOD. It would still be up to the BOD to accept or reject any recommendations. And since the Judging manual is also considered a part of the governing documents there should be at least one member of the NMC on this committee. Just my opinion.