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  1. She is probably thinking " Tonight I get the back seat in the Roadmaster!"
  2. Look it Betty, I don't care if your father DID teach you how to do this! You'd better play dumb about this or that husband of yours will expect you to change the oil too!
  3. I am not claiming to be right about this, but that looks like a lot of flexing to me. My belt on the Queen does the same but I don't think as much as that. Is the belt wide enough? Seems to be pretty deep into the compressor pulley.
  4. These look fabulous! Nicely done!
  5. A few miles to warm it up before an oil change. A quick photo in front of the local ANG site. Spring has been dealt a setback with recent cool weather.
  6. Why was the engine out to begin with? A problem? Or a desire to restore? As long as it is already out it makes sense to take care of the bottom end. It may save you from having to pull it again. BUT, can you just change the bearings without addressing the finish on the lobes of the crankshaft? Ben is right about using plastigauge to check the clearances. But if the engine was pulled because of a problem ( maybe a rod knock?) then there is no point in putting it back in without addressing that issue.
  7. @Mudbone Thanks for the great video. You may want to revisit the part of the video where you walked off the end of the scaffold for America's Funniest Home Videos. May be 10K to help boost the Buick Build fund in it. 😁 Also, you may have considered this already, but after wet sanding, lay down at least one more coat of clear. and then see how it looks. And watching the video it was interested to see just how far the overspray was blowing. As far as I remember the air pressure for a HLVP gun, like you used, is very minimal. I want to say 10 lbs of air, but I may be wrong about that. It's been a while since I ventured down this road and I am just an amateur dabbler in this art too. And even with 10 lbs there is still some overspray. May I ask, what pressure did you use?
  8. Enough time to compare the big body car to the small body one?
  9. That is one great big power plant!
  10. Not that I know of. I am sure someone will figure out a way to squeeze a 455 or 430 V8 into one of them someday. I can only speak for myself, but the Turbo Charged 4 cylinder in the 2012 and 2013 are more than enough for this little rascal! After those years the engine was changed. And from what I've read, you do not want a 2011. And, it all depends on how you want to use it. I am not a 1/4 mile drag racer. And this is probably not the best car ( in factory delivered status) for that style of use. But I have enjoyed "spirited" take off, crisp and sure footed handling, lightening fast passing power, and satisfying fuel economy. About the only thing I partially regret is the harsh ride provided by those 20" wheels and tires. I am constantly on the lookout for bad road surfaces, and especially potholed stretches of road. The nice thing is if you see a pothole at the last minute you can very often maneuver around them with confidence and ease. The same style wheels are available in a 19" version. My winter wheels tires are 18" versions which is the smallest that will fit, and they do provide a better ride.
  11. No. It is a 4 cylinder turbocharged. I think the 2018's are the turbocharged V6
  12. Mine is a 2013. It was assembled in Canada. Had it since new. Its a excellent car once you can get low enough to get in it. 🙃
  13. It's in the photos and videos section of this Buick forum Buicks in Springtime
  14. Looks like a good candidate for NC guy's thread "Springtime Buicks".
  15. Ha ha. I don't know if you can do this in your neighborhood but I suggest prepping it outside and starting painting there, one hour before the bugs come out. Helps if there is a light breeze that day and you can position it in some shade.
  16. '61-'63 Special Wagons. A friend's father would give us a ride to school often. I always thought that was a sub par Buick. But I would add one to my stable if I could.
  17. @Mudbone sure wish I had your energy! Good luck with the top coat!
  18. You Da Man Brian! Great idea using the lift to pull that head! Is there another core plug at the back of the block like at the front? Perhaps it would be easiest to drill a hole in the firewall to install that one? Would be interested to hear your assessment of the sediment level in the water jacket of the block.
  19. Nice progress, and great picture! I love those 140 MPH speedometers!
  20. Imagine the comparison. 1957 Gas block guy approaches and welcomes you. 2020 You approach the gas pump yourself and marvel at the price. 1957 Gas block guy avoids a gas spill. 2020 you stick the gas cap in the handle and rely on the nozzle to stop before spurting gas out of your tank 1957 Gas block guy wipes your windshield.\ 2020 the wiper bucket is nearly dry, the handle is so short so that customers don't seek to steal the squeegee. And the paper towel dispenser is probably empty. 1957 Gas Block guy opens your hood, checks your oil , adds cold water to your hot radiator ( by the way, never once resulting in a antifreeze volcano when removing the hot radiator cap) shows you the dipstick, talks you into an oil change at 1400 miles, and possibly a battery or cables, and wipes his greasy finger prints off your hood surface. 2020 You pump the gas as fast as you can to get back in your car and out of the freezing wind. The rest of that stuff can wait till the check engine light comes on. 1957 Gas Block guy offers to check the air in your tires. 2020 you wait while some jackass is blocking the one spot with the air hose, and seeming to buy everything in the convenience store, or at least is buying $100 worth of lottery tickets 50 cents per ticket. Then you find out the air compressor works but some other jackass broke off the air chuck. Of course you find this out after you tried the unit and actually lost air in your tire, while you fingers were freezing in the ice cold wind. 1957 Gas block guy takes your credit card and then gives you an itemized bill 2020 you already stuck your credit card in the self service pump because you had to pay in advance for the gas. Btw, the printed receipt mechanism tells you it successfully printed the receipt and then you have to walk into the store to get a reprint because there was no paper in the pump. 1957 Gas Block guy offers to ride home with you and then take your car back for service. 2020 Yeah, right! First the convenience store doesn't really give a hoot about your cars needing service as they don't do an, and second, I am not giving anyone the key to my car. Look how far we have progressed! 😬
  21. I don't think solid lifters will ever be as quiet as hydraulic. chances are you are hearing more because you are focusing on it?