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  1. Yes, the appropriate response...After all, they do have portholes...and are very nice cars too
  2. Best looking one of the group in my opinion.
  3. It is hard to read the display card, what with that lousy picture, but I would note that this Riviera is restored, and was not black on the outside originally. That plus the card says it was an Arizona car with the electrical connectors all melted, and the interior replaced, so it is possible that it was a preference of the owner/ restorer to change the color of the console and steering wheel.
  4. It is not just pre war Buicks (or any brand for that fact) , it is most cars in general. This market condition is lamented in just about any organized car event one attends. I am not certain there is an answer, or plan that can be activated to change the observed course. I believe that most people interested in cars are attracted to those that they had in High School. If there is any validity to that, then todays youth would have to first have disposable income and then would long for what was popular when they were 16- 18 years old. This does not mean they cannot appreciate older cars, nor that they enjoy seeing them. But if the choice for a 30 year old was between your '39 and possibly a hot car from 1990, then chances are they would opt for the 1990. I also believe that there were very few hot cars in 1990. And that most cars were just considered to be transportation. As such, a vast majority of teenagers in 1990 learned to just view a car as a means of moving their bodies and personal property around. In other words, there are significantly less people who developed a love for cars as a hobby. And I would also suggest that it is very difficult for a huge amount of 30 yr olds to justify spending money on any vehicle that is not their daily driver. Besides the lack of earning power, there is the inability to save any excess income because it seems there really is no excess income. I offer as proof of that the fact that several appliances are readily considered to have a life span of 10 years. My washer and dryer, 10 year life expectancy. Hot water heaters, 10 years, Refrigerators, 10 years. Everytime you turn around you need to replace another major appliance. And for many years I had to do that on credit, which adds to the drain on the finances. So even if many lust after your car, chances are good they cannot swing the financial end. Lastly there is the technological gap. Where-as you and I grew up with the cars we own, and learned to take care of them and do minor repair jobs, todays cars seem to be so complicated that the parents of todays youth have to bring the car for service when it is needed. The kids see this and in my opinion come to believe only service technicians can work on any car, new or old. So the kids may not develop the confidence in their ability to repair an older car and in what I've noticed, seem to believe that old cars are more complicated to own than new cars. There-by scaring many younger folks from entering the old car market. OF course, this does not answer your needs, selling your car. It is sad to say but the fact is our cars will survive us. And at that point we will not control their destiny. It will be a hard financial hit to all of us in this hobby. Our choice is to take the financial hit now while we are alive, or pass it on to our survivors. All of this is just my opinion and open for discussion of course.
  5. With that mirror finish on the trunk you plan to cut and buff it? Why?
  6. The local Caddy and my local Buick Club chapters got together for a "lawn show" at the Saratoga Auto Museum. Unlike the past few years, this year was dry and sunny, albeit a little cool this am. I think there were close to 50 cars, but I did not count em. I did take some photos but like many times before, I am not thrilled with the clarity of the shots. Here are some that were salvageable. I believe this was only about 15 miles for the Electra, but it was still great to drive it! 1970 GSX, 4 speed. If the owner registered it he did not display his windshield card, so there was no information available on this vehicle. But it was a beautiful car! I think this is a 66 Eldorado. A 1973 Caddy Coupe De Ville. A row of Chapter cars. Two 68 Caddy's in the same color, one a Coupe, the other a 4 dr hard top sedan. A '49 Special. Yes, it is a '49, before the body was changed to that of the '50 A 1940 LaSalle And a '37 LaSalle, driven close to 50 miles to get here. A super clean '63 model 62. A new 2019 Regal GS . Turbo Charged V6. 1940 Century. And a '56 Coupe De Ville. I did not get a picture but this car has another 3-4 inches in length, in the trunk, than my '56 Super! This picture sucks! The car is drop dead gorgeous! Members Tom and Diane with their '66 Electra. This car always wins awards. It has a green interior, which is not readily evident in this picture. This 63 Riviera was on display inside the museum. That white interior looks like no one ever sat in it. Also inside was this car, which I have never seen before in person. And out on the show field again sat my favorite, this lonely, but well loved, Queen!
  7. I suppose anything is possible. And assuming that to be true, he could have $411,500 into an authentic restoration also, and for which he would never see a bid anywhere's near close to $412,500 or $411,500.
  8. @Smartin Another over the top job! Wow!
  9. makes quite an argument for tearing up the original cars!
  10. You and Diane were great stewards for that car and have found a future for it that sounds better than average. It must be hard to watch it go, and I do not relish that scene for my non museum quality cars. But it is a fitting scenario vs what we hear about today where the family auctions the car to just get rid of it. If the deal satisfies you, Chuck, then I offer my congratulations on a job well done.
  11. What makes you say the alternator does not charge the battery? If you drive it infrequently, just how infrequent is that? I would suggest that a usage rate of once a month for less than an hour at a time, is insufficient to fully charge that 1000 amp battery. And unless the battery was disconnected between driving episodes the pcm is likely draining it to the point it would need a boost to start the car. If the charging system light does not come on while in use, then the alternator should be working as designed. The light should come on as you turn the key to verify the bulb is good, right?
  12. @deiProbably makes one feel good to see em all shiney with new paint, but they may not hold air any better than what you have, what with all that rust on the beads.
  13. Cannot answer questions regarding swap ready trim, but I would grab the grills, and the entire Rodmaster Sedanette, along with the pass fender from the 49 Hardtop. If you cut off fenders that bolt on, you are wasting your time and energy, unless the fenders present a good opportunity for patch panels. I would look for straight trim on the 4 drs and unbolt it. Bent or twisted will do you no favors. I would also grab the taillight bezels and the trunk lid ornaments. As I have learned, you can just cut the steering wheels off behind the shift lever column, so might as well take those. I would also grab fender skirts if available. If there are chrome ribs in the headliners, I would try to get those. Just make sure you mark them as to year and location before removal. Also, check under the hood of that 41 to see if it still has the dual carbs and intake manifold.
  14. While it was a beautiful day yesterday, I had no opportunity to get a car out for a ride. And while today is cloudy and cool, at least it is still dry, so wandered off for a 30 mile jaunt in the Happy Car! The thing is, it had a hiccup this am. While waiting for a traffic snarl first thing this am, it dropped out of drive by itself. When I went to start off it did not want to move. Then a few seconds after raising the idle a little it caught up with itself and took off. Tranny fluid was a little low, maybe a quart, but I only had a pint on hand, so I put that in at least. Then the rest of the ride it was like normal. Being a 58K car, I am not going to worry too much about it unless it starts to burn up the trans fluid. And on another road less traveled...
  15. What about a 195- 70 tire? Are they available in the 13" rim size?.
  16. With no place in particular to go, and a late start to boot, added just 30 miles to the '56 tonite. It is just such an easy ride... except the seats are really in need of rebuilding...But here's a few pics from my tour. The Magnolia's are past peak here, while other trees are yet to bloom? It's a challenge to find a babbling brook where you can actually stop for a photo and get the water in the picture. This is the first time I was on this back road and caught this one. Just liked the background here. Same location with the sun dropping quickly Another "field" view And the last shot for the evening. After 10 days of rain this pond was full!
  17. Pretty soon you'll be famous like @Dandy Dave...looking forward to seeing your car in print Doug. And nice pictures!
  18. In a worst case scenario you could always buy suitable gasket material and cut one out. But before you reinstall that valley pan, make sure to invest some time cleaning out the breather that the road draft tube attaches to. You could follow Willies program on his website ( preferred) . Or at a minimum you could invest in a couple of cans of brake cleaner and spray it into the vent openings.
  19. Hmmnnn! I think you have to give us a bit more information. What year is your Le Sabre, and what are you looking to accomplish and what are you looking to buy?
  20. The radio should automatically seek the next AM broadcast station when you hit the button. Two big problems. There are limited AM stations and none may be strong enough to satisfy the signal requirements, in which case the radio may continue to advance through the dial till it is stopped. There may be a floor foot activated switch, but that was a 50's thing and I am not certain it survived into 63 and beyond. There are several options to mitigate this. One is to search for a 63/64 AM/FM radio. They did not have tapes then. Another may be to have your radio rebuilt to include an am/fm band option. A third is to replace the radio with a modern unit, but that's kinda cheesy looking in my opinion. And yet another is to have your AM radio modified to include an input jack from which you can plug in any or many varieties of sources for entertainment. I had this done on my older cars and yes, the stereo plays both channels through the factory single channel circuitry and you do not lose any of the signal. I have heard that 63 Riviera's did not have a front speaker due to design limitations with those center hanging heater controls. I am not certain that it correct. But if it is not there, do not be surprised. With only one rear seat speaker you would have to channel stereo amplifiers to play out of the one speaker or install at least one other speaker.
  21. Soaking the cylinders is one part. You also have other moving parts that may have to be soaked. I assume you have the water pump /generator fan belt off? If not, do so. 2nd, I assume you have removed the side covers for the camshaft and push rods? If not do so and put some atf in on the cam bearing areas. 3rd, I assume you have drained the oil engine oil, but have not yet removed the oil pan for cleaning. You may want to consider removing the oil pan to both clean the inevitable sludge out and to allow access to spray the cylinder walls from the bottom side. Here I would use some sort of penetrating oil in a spray can and spray not only the bearing surfaces for the crank and the piston rods, but also the bottoms of the pistons and the wrist pins. I say spray penetrant because you want to force some product up the circumference of the pistons to get at the rings from the under side. Mostly you have to budget enough time for these products to work. It will not be a fast job and if you need fast then I would start to scour the best advertiser products in your area for another engine, even if it is weak, just to get you through time to rebuild what you have. Using force on a stuck block will increase the likelihood of significant damage and increased expense to repair, if it can even be repaired. But there are a lot of folks tearing apart cars of this vintage for their customs and hot rod projects, and sometimes one can find useable parts closer to them than they think possible. The good news is this time it takes to unstick an engine can be used for other needed repairs. As far as the floor goes, do not forget that the brake master cylinder is under that floor board, and there needs to be access to the reservoir for adding brake fluid.
  22. I wonder which rear axle ratio was in that car? Being a '77 it may have had the 2:48 rear axle, especially if it was a coupe or sedan. That rear axle was a real power killer! The Electra we had with the 350 motor and the overdrive also had that 2:48 rear axle, and the only way you could pass someone was if your lane of traffic opened up while everyone else was stopped! That car almost soured me on ever buying another Buick!
  23. And then there was this combo! Is this the origin of the term,"Fifth Wheel"? And by way of explanation: But lest you think this was all seriousness, here was one for the little folks. Wonder how many of them know what it is? Anyway 160 mile round trip that does not get added to my 2019 challenge total, but was still very enjoyable in my old Buick...