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  1. 225 miles round trip to Springfield Massachusetts for dinner with my brothers. Poured on the way home. But made for a great sunset
  2. @Pete Phillipslol.. kinda short on lyrics but great music! Thanks for pointing this one out Pete!
  3. Plus 103 making 1,327 but with the odometer error correction I' ll say it is 1,300 so far. Of course if I added the other two cars I'd be way over the goal but I am still trying to do it with this one car for this year. We will see. It is running fantastic!
  4. You should be able to pull the speedometer drive gear out without so much as a drip of leakage. Note the color and number of teeth. Then I believe if you can find a gear with one tooth more, you will be closer to matching the speedometer reading and actual mph.
  5. Yes. Black satin although black gloss is often seen and no one complains.
  6. Further, in the case of Diamond back tires , the rim bead covered part of the whitewall. So if you want actual coverage of 3 or 4" check with the supplier to see if you have to add ww width.
  7. Where did you find this clear vinyl?
  8. BTW, here is a picture of what you would be looking for although your car would not have rear fender skirts.
  9. Centers I believe are available as re pops and a fellow named Mitch Romanowski deals in these. The wheels and rims are a bit tougher to find. One thing of concern is the offset for the wheel. These rims were made in several different offsets and the reason seems to be that without the correct offset, it is difficult to get the wheels and tires onto the rear axle due to the shape of the body. The low wheel welts can interfere with the ability to slip the rims with tires passed it. So you'll need an early generation rim, which I believe is stamped JK. Here is a link to the rally wheel reference on This is from the TEAM BUICK web site.
  10. Also not so vivid memories, but no spring is required. The spring generally serves to separate the horn button from its intended ground. But doesn't that horn bar have two separate switches encased in it? If so, it is attached to the steering wheel with no intended movement of the bar, but just the two individual horn buttons will move. The springs are inside these two cases on the back of the bar.
  11. 16? And that must have been quite the party!
  12. Those were likely 14 x 6" wide rims. But I do not know the code. Does your car have drum or disc brakes? Most rims made today will fit either configuration, but original rims for drum brakes will not fit over the calipers for disc brakes. Many people today use the 15x6 with the smaller bolt pattern. Tires are up to the individual. The good news is if you want to go original style, 1967 was the first year for radials on the Skylarks. The centers would be the red skylark bird with ribs on the circumference.
  13. Maybe there was some shield option available in the time frame?
  14. @dibarlaw Happy Birthday Larry! Our Local Chapter worked with another local car club for a car show fund raiser for Veterans. The event was held at our sponsoring dealership, Goldstein Buick GMC. There was a wide array of vehicles including Morgan Wright's 1917 Buick, which was chosen for the top show award by the dealer owner. Congrats @Morgan Wright I must say, Morgan had that engine fine tuned. He got it running with what looked like less than a 1/4 turn of the hand crank starter. And it ran very smooth! At one point this little Fiat showed up and someone thought it would look best next to Morgans Car! I can tell you honestly, It would be very difficult for me to get into that Fiat! The dealer brought out the 1925 they own. Some of the Chapter member cars present: For my part, I was happy to take the Queen for the event.
  15. I have seen numerous '69's without the decal, or any evidence there ever was a decal, on the valve covers.
  16. I agree with you Bill. I have a similar issue with my '69 GS. No body is sitting back there, and even if they were, 25% of that vent is blocked off in my car. Have you tried a piece of plexiglass behind the front seat back?
  17. Not that much Bernie. We ran through several rinse and dry cycles on the Thruway coming home Sunday, with a final rinse in the driveway before getting it put away. Just looked today and it is ready to go again.
  18. @dei congrats on the award and on making the challenge too. You really kicked butt with the Special this year! It was great reading your posts on this thread!
  19. Hmmn, hidden headlights! Classic!
  20. @neil morseThanks for advising how it is going. Glad to hear it is a bit easier than you expected. You should be driving it again real soon.
  21. Congratulations on your marriage Ben! Good idea to test it thoroughly in the first few Your Buick looks great! Hope the Blazer gets you through.
  22. Thanks Ben. Lets just say it is a few years worth of birthday and Christmas presents. And I have no regrets. I just hope my wife doesn't miss them too much. 😏
  23. I will wrap it up with this group, although there were several more I captured in pictures as well This car sported Georgia Plates Haven't seen a V16 in ages Sweet vehicle! And another GS And in the largest vehicle class: Had to stand way back for that last one! Haha... Anyway, hope you enjoyed the tour.