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  1. Here's the electronic flasher you'll need. Bought from Y an Zs.
  2. Thank you. Yes a '51 Super. Wife actually found the car, not me. A well cared for, low mileage (27,000) car that mainly needed heavy degreasing, undercarriage derusting and paint. New brake lines, cylinders, shoes, rear wheel bearings, core plugs, manifold resurfacing, and basic component cleaning, and engine detailing, new roof paint. Interior is original except for floor rugs I installed. No Dynaflow leaks or issues....so far. You'll get there. Enjoy the process.
  3. If you need headlight/parking light harnesses, Rhode Island Wiring www.riwire.com sells a nice repro set. The terminal blocks can be found through various venders. My originals were shot. Other than that, I replaced only what was needed, for now. Full harnesses are $$$.
  4. I simply click and drag a photo from my Photo app on my Mac directly into the reply field here that says "Drag files here..." No other steps needed and it seems to work. For some reason this photo of my rear torque tube's "tranny fluid inspection screw" is upside down. I drilled and tapped this today after reading how important it can be. No red or brown fluid ran out. The seals must be working. Yay !
  5. In legal terms it means a court has suspended someone's execution in the final hours. In your Buick' s case, your seller, his friend, and you saved it from the junkyard's crusher. 😊
  6. A stay of execution !! Perfect.
  7. As M1842 mentioned above, check out the Buick 1950 Buick Roadmaster series Part 21 through 24 You tube videos. They show in perfect detail what to expect when opening up the drivetrain, torque tube affair. The book can be confusing reading unless seen first, for me anyway. I have a 1951 Buick Super and am sure it is basically similar to the 1950 models. I'm waiting for a leak before I pull mine apart.
  8. Thanks old-tank. The shoes were professional re-lined and drums turned by a reputable shop that specializes in brake and suspension systems. I'll keep it adjusted to just where no drag exists and then go for some test drives.
  9. I have approx 200 miles on a new set of brake shoes and wanted to re-check all wheels for proper adjustment. I noticed it pulled to the right somewhat so I figured it's a good time to check especially the left front one. Tire pressure is even, alignment good. The shop manual says, after expanding each adjustment screw to create drag on each wheel, to "back off adjusting screw at each wheel 15 notches." . Well, I get them free of drag at about 6 notches. Question: Why the additional 9 notches (stars on the nut I assume) ? Wouldn't that result in unnecessary pedal trave
  10. Good information. I'll give it a try. I'd hate to discover a leak after all the bearing work and new brake shoes.
  11. Thanks Roadmaster_56. I replaced both rear wheel bearings , inside and out last year. The brakes were wet but I suspected it was from escaping differential gear oil caused by worn axle seals. Didn't know about the spline shaft seal, but all is dry now, no issues after a few hundred miles. Question: If the spline seal was leaking as well , wouldn't ATF fluid or a mix thereof, come pouring out the differential fill plug when removed ? I haven't checked it since the replacing the gear oil last year. Also, at what position did you install your " inspection tube" ? Bottom,
  12. Just curious here. How did you first notice the rear was filling up with tranny fluid ? Leakage around the differential cover, fluid oozing out rear axles onto drums ? Or just low reading on the dip stick. I was thinking of tapping in a short 3/8" pipe in the end of the torque tube to intermittently check for fluid passing the spline shaft as other owners here have suggested. Thank you !
  13. Neil, Did you look for any access holes in the frame's cross members ? My '51 Super straight 8 has 4 holes in the forward cross members, 2 per side, to allow access to the 4 forward pan bolts. I used a socket and extension like Daves1940 Buick5 described above. You can't see the bolts but can feel the socket grab 'em.
  14. Before you start pulling the tranny, did you check to see if either of the 2 torque converter drain plugs are loose ? Remove the bell housing cover and you'll see them, 180 degrees apart. Maybe that's the leak source, if you're lucky.
  15. A day after my above post, I miraculously found a never used Trico pump, bottle, and bracket from an Ebay seller in Wisconsin. Could someone describe or post a photo of their manifold vacuum hose connecting the Trico motor and the pump's vacuum hose ? The shop manual has a blurry diagram but shows a Y shaped splitter somewhere close to the Trico motor. Probably a 1/4" x 1/4" x 3/16". My original connection is long gone. Thanks all !
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