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  1. Whoa ! Anti-squeak ?? Wait a minute. I thought all wooden bodied cars are supposed to squeak. You want that Olds to sound original, don't you ? My '32 Chevy groans and squeals like a pig going down the road. Leave that fancy hockey stick tape on the shelf. Let the car sing to you. ðŸĪŠ Seriously, superb job ! Charlie
  2. If it's anything like my '51's, loosen the set screw on the inside knob and remove it. There should be a brass lock nut having 2 recessed notches on the exposed wiper shaft. Possibly that shaft needs to be tightened. I had to make a "special" tool out of a bottle jack handle that would slide over the shaft and fit into those notches to tighten it down. I removed that nut with a couple of screwdrivers but nearly ripped the headliner in the process. That's why I made the tool. I just ground off enough metal to get a grip on the nut. I snugged my new antenna up nice and tight.
  3. Update on my "lost" speedometer. Miraculously I just received it back Priority Mail from Alan. It looks beautiful, not yet installed but I'm sure it will work fine, just needed lubrication. It was a frustrating 2 months not being able to contact Alan and he still didn't cash my check. He hinted at a health issue but that's all I know. Sometimes we just have to trust and accept some of us have issues , not an easy thing in this scamming, insane computer driven world. Alan Kriss came through. Sadly there's fewer capable repair guys out there every year. I wish him well. From what I've learned, there was none better.
  4. That is his address in PA. Except for a personal emergency or medical condition, I can't understand why a professionally repaired instrument by a reputable person won't be returned or even able to contact. Don't know if I should be looking for another speedometer or cancel my check. It's unfortunate since I heard there was no one better. His fine reputation was well established in the antique car community.
  5. Anyone know the exact original location of these 3 decals on the 263 cu in engine ? I can't find an image anywhere. I affixed the Buick Fireball decal to the drivers side valve cover. I believe this is correct due to the cross over air filter. Thanks !
  6. That's what is was. Plain old stuck. Got it out and modified an old bottle jack handle with a bench grinder to replicate that official special GM wrench. Worked great. Bob's Automobilia did have one for $17.00 if all else failed. Thanks guys.
  7. Does anyone know what happened to Alan Kriss, longtime reputable repair man for clocks, radios, speedometers, etc ? I sent him my '51 Buick speedometer for a repair in April, he fixed it, I sent him a check weeks ago, he didn't cash it and I can't get a return call. He said he'd ship it weeks ago, but that was the last I heard from him. All I have is his phone number 570-376-3952 (and address), no email. I'm normally very patient but I'm getting worried. Anyone know if this is normal for Alan ? Thanks all !!
  8. Great. I had no idea anyone would make such a tool. I did manage to remove that nut with a pair of screwdrivers but the assembly still won't budge. Maybe I need to give the shaft a hit with a hammer to dislodge it from the roof.
  9. I'm having trouble removing my roof antenna. I'm reading the manual and have the brass lock nut and toothed washer out from the inside but can't see how or where a wrench would go to remove the control assembly. They mention a special wrench J-1340 but I can't see any nut, just a round washer looking thing. Any help appreciated. Thanks guys !
  10. I simply pressed the carpet against the seat belt attachment point and carefully cut a 2+" slit with a utility knife. I then passed the belt end through the slit and bolted it down. It's close enough. The carpet raises up a little when the belt is used bit not a big deal. I suppose the slit could be hemmed but I don't have that kind of patience. Upholstery work is not for the faint of heart and mistakes can be expensive to fix. 😖
  11. Another choice not too far away from you, Mike's Carburetor . Great customers service and fast shipping. Cool tee shirts too for only $8.00 😎
  12. Thanks Tank. I like the slit idea.
  13. As much as I hate drilling holes in a perfectly good floor, not to mention a nice carpet, I'm ready to start looking for floor attachment locations for new front lap belts. Floor pans appear solid. Any tips or difficulties from others would be appreciated before I go crawling under the car. I have the hardware and drill ready. Just need a push. Thanks guys !
  14. I'm no expert here but from what I've read on prior posts, its certainly possible to remove the entire tranny with engine attached but only with adequate lifting power. Your average shop crane would be pushing it. Rigging experience with heavy objects would be helpful as well. Search old posts on this site and you should find all such information. Others with actual experience may chime in as well. Good luck.
  15. I didn't think to lube it . Thanks. With the wife on one end and me on the other, it came out rather easy. Floorboards were rusted but at least no daylight was showing through 😃 The old padding turned to dust in my hands. I'll sand and apply a rust encapsulator before laying down the new insulated pad and carpet.