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  1. Appears to be freshly waxed...
  2. It being the Queen's evening for a ride, she went just under 30 miles. Thought I'd try some different roads thus wound up in the historic district of Ballston Spa, NY. Not sure the history for this house but it appears to now be an apartment building. Ornately painted I thought it was somewhat picturesque. Then down the road was the Legion Hall. Freshly repainted and impeccably manicured it was quite the sight. I was invited back to have a beverage at the refurbished bar when it is allowed to re-open. All the work was done by the local members of this Hall while the area was in lockdown. It was also quite impressive. Here's the house across the street from the Legion Hall. Again painted with standout colors and beautifully done. This place looked to be a single family home. It was quite the sight to see these places and a few more that appear to hark back to a gilded day and age. Then just cruised some back roads and caught these two photos in a wide open area It was a great evening for a windowless cruise around the area. And here is the evenings sunset! Just a nice quiet ride with a few compliments for the Queen from some appreciative folks!
  3. @NC-car-guy. Horn update.
  4. plus 168 satisfying miles more from the GS = 1,140 sub total.
  5. Been adding mileage on a regular basis to all the cars. But have not taken many pictures. Got a few tonight The Gazebo park in Charlton. Was pleasantly surprised to see how bright the tail lights are on the factory bulbs. This is just the parking lights. Anyway got a shot of one of the creeks in the area And overall I was just ecstatic about how much better the 56 runs! The hesitation at take off has almost completely disappeared. Its so minute that I have to wonder if it is even worth addressing at this point. Time to move on and address some weather stripping I think.
  6. Adding 200 to the total for this one. This brings me to 972 for the challenge so far.
  7. @Grant Z What a GREAT story!!! And a GREAT car!!! I am most envious! Thanks for this excellent post!
  8. Wow! And the whole thing with a smile on your face! LOL... Why did the snauzer want attention?
  9. Ha! Not many here will complain. Feel free to make a Me and My Buick thread and to post in various approprite forums.
  10. Welcome Alex! And a Beautiful Buick, as well as a great picture. Looking forward to more posts!
  11. JohnD1956

    Spam Pie

    How about " completely original, new paint"!
  12. There is a gear that goes in that empty spot. It fell out of yours. You may be able to find it if you can remember where you first noticed the speedometer stopped working, and can retrace your route from there back to the beginning of your run.
  13. For something like this I would get either an old fitting with a small piece of pipe attached, which I would then bend and crimp the end to effectively make a short dead end plug. That way it can seal against the flare of the port you are using.
  14. In NY the DMV rule is you cannot use a "restored" Year of manufacture" plate on a historic registration. Naturally many people think that rule applies to everyone else but themselves. I have not restored the plate on my 56 or GS although I did try to hammer out the dents on the front plate on the GS when I put the re chromed bumper back on. But sometimes I think I should just do them over. But then they hold no specific sentimental value to me. Just plates I've been happy to have found and have used for a long time.
  15. You were lucky that tree missed the air conditioner. I hope no one got hurt in that mishap. Wishing you good luck @Bill Stoneberg
  16. Can you disconnect the line at the MC and plug it there to isolate it and see if it works?
  17. A documentary on how to compromise the famous Buick "ride" in $2000🙃...
  18. I hope he put something under the hitch runners in order to protect the paint on the trunk lid! 🙄
  19. Nice plate Brian! This whole car is really coming ouot nice. I am envious! Unrelated, but I once won $400 on the lottery with that number combination. I don't dare say how much I probably lost playing that same combination too!
  20. @lancemb Must have sat low on oil and then probably accumulated condensation over the years when not running.. Also surprised you hooked up the vacuum pump considering how it seems they were troublesome. Good thing this car will have duel exhaust if the pan has to comedown to disable the vacuum pump in the future.
  21. Hey @dei. Hope everything is okay. Haven't seen a post in a while?
  22. Speedometer cable is the first thought. A stripped speedometer drive gear at the trans is a second thought. Does the car have cruise control? Outside chance that the servo needs attention.
  23. " Gall Bladder green" ? WTH? #99
  24. Unlikely. Check the floor of the trunk for an access panel, but barring that, the tank will have to be dropped.
  25. Looks like the door handles were already drooping too! Probably caused by the excessive winds as they sped away from the scene.