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  1. Just park it at your business with a full tank of gas, the keys and the signed title document on the seat, and I am sure someone will make it disappear. 😉
  2. Keep in mind that this vehicle has some factory options that I believe make it exceptional. Factory A C, factory bucket seats, and I see power vent windows in there too. Who knows what else it has? Meanwhile it was not a factory correct restoration which compromises its value to me. I hope he finds a buyer that loves that car. If money was more plentiful to me it would be a car I would pursue.
  3. Thanks Willie. I can't rely on Park either so I carry a big wheel chock. But people used to rely on Park and parking brakes. So I must have something mis adjusted.
  4. Will your parking brakes hold on an upgrade if the vehicle is in neutral?
  5. The factory service manual says to take all four tires off, tighten the star adjuster till you can just turn a drum with a bar, and then to loosen the anchor pins, tap on the backing plate, and retighten the pins then move on to brake shoe adjustment. Two questions: * What type of bar would be used to turn the drum with the tire off? * Is there really a need to do all four axles at one time? I can see doing both rear axles at the same time but can't the fronts be done independently of each other and the back axles? ( I only ask cause access space in my garage is so
  6. Just " for fun " Poll. I racked up close to 20 miles in the GS. What about you?
  7. a limited opportunity today. A new thread tonite:
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