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  1. By the way, I just want to point out that the Buick Club of America ( BCA) will be having their 2021 National Meet in Charlotte NC. You may want to attend even if your car is just running, or not even together. The BCA is about all Buicks, and National Meets often have swap meets where the preponderance of parts are Buick oriented. I recommend joining the club at the link above.
  2. Wow! I used to work with a fellow named Sinatra. And his father's name was Frank. However no one would ever think the two Frank's were one and the same. With nothing else besides that registration I would be highly skeptical. And for that car I'd suggest the decimal point in the price is placed two positions too far to the right.
  3. Daniel, Do you have a vacuum gauge for testing the engines vacuum system?
  4. Wow! That's amazing! In the photo it looks like dirt, almost as if the unit was living in a dusty environment for all it's life.
  5. A "like" might be in order except it is sad to think such a nice car needs a ride, or worse that it is trailered rather than driven. πŸ˜ͺ
  6. What for? If it fell off the truck it could be an enhancement to the style by crash concept already employed. πŸ˜™
  7. I have never seen it in person. And I do not know the owner either. Plus it says to CALL ONLY for details and I don't see a phone number to call. But it does show nicely in these pictures. I am pretty certain the interior may have the correct seat pattern , but the wrong material. I am sure someone in our chapter may be able to look it over if it is worth exploring.
  8. Been for sale for a while now.
  9. The 53-58 decal would seem to apply to the V8 engines. The 50-53 would apply to the straight 8's. I would also guess the blue filter canister applied to the straight 8's too.
  10. That is really nice! Wish you good luck with it! Have you driven it far?
  11. Some beautiful Buicks ! Looks like you ARE a lucky guy!
  12. 29 miles for breakfast today. Supposed to be another big snow storm this coming weekend so that will bring us back to Northeast US reality.
  13. Good luck @Rusty Heaps. Thats an iconic era for Buicks.
  14. @The 55er That's a sweet Pontiac! Looking forward to your posts along the way!
  15. Sure. Why not? Enjoy what you have and feel free to join this challenge. BTW, what might that vehicle be?
  16. Sweet Biscuits! That's the way to rub salt in the wounds Neil! 😒 🀒with envy! πŸ˜‰
  17. Not to belabor this, but just to clarify: I am not saying there is, or should be, a restriction at the end where the upper tube attaches to the exhaust manifold, which appears to be this end: . Instead, the opposite end of this lower tube as shown here: This end of the tube is capped off. I scraped it to make sure it was a plug and not just some debris. At first I thought maybe this was a ball bearing intended to block part of the opening to cause a restriction. I now see it is a solid end and it appears impossible that air could be drawn into the lower tube at this location. A probe in the hole in the center of the manifold ( the hole just below the letter M in the word Workmate) showed that this is a chamber of sorts, not just a piece of tubing itself: And one can see the subject tube inside the manifold running from the last port to the area where the plug is. So my original comment was, if this lower tube is plugged, and it seems to be plugged from the factory, then how does the vacuum draw air into the lower tube? That's why I thought the tube Lance showed may have had perforations under the label. That labeled area appears to fall inside the chamber behind the center hole. And that would be consistent with the description in the manual saying that the choke stove chamber is outside the exhaust port area. And if 56 Buick blew compressed air into the exposed part of the lower tube and the air exited from the center hole than obviously there has to be a perforation in the lower tube to allow that (or he just blew a hole in it by trying). At any rate, I would definitely agree that one does not want exhaust gases inside the choke housing.
  18. F---ing mice! They are everywhere it seems. Good catch Adam!
  19. in section 3A, page 3-5 there is a description of the right side exhaust manifold. It says, in part, the carburetor choke heat stove consists of an alloy steel heating tube mounted in a drilled hole in the manifold and a heating chamber "located on the outside of the manifold". So it would appear that the hole in the center of the manifold (on the engine side) is an opening into the heating chamber. section -3-16 sub section a: describes the choke system for the Carter 2 bbl. It says, in part, that there are two slots in the choke piston cylinder that allow vacuum to draw heated air up from the choke heat stove, and around the thermostatic spring, past the piston , and into the intake manifold. In section 3-20 sub section g: the manual says that except for some minor details of construction, the choke on the Carter 4 bbl is identical to the choke on the Carter 2 bbl. For the Stromberg carb, in section 3/23, subsection h: it says there is no vacuum employed in that carb's choke system. The choke is controlled manually. Then in section 3-28 sections a and πŸ˜„ it talks of the Rochester 4 bbl choke using vacuum for the piston and "restrictions" 'in the choke housing are the source of the vacuum to draw air through the choke heat stove. What is not in the book ( that I can find) is talk of the plug in the end of the alloy metal heat tube. But on my spare manifold it looks for certain that this was a factory plug. Maybe a stainless steel ball. I will try to get some good pictures of that tomorrow but I wonder if that ball is there to slow the air flow in the heat tube in the choke stove system. Perhaps to prevent the choke from opening fully too soon? At any rate, the one I can look at does not appear to be merely a plug from a rotted tube. @56 Buick If you hooked your choke heat riser to that hole in the center of the manifold, then I think that is incorrect. But it may work okay. I can't imagine either port would result in a hotter air temp in the choke stove system. However, on my car, the heat riser pipe runs from the choke housing down to the manifold, then turns to run parallel with the inside edge of the valve cover to the rear of the engine. Then loops around the back of the head and comes forward to connect to the alloy metal heat tube at the rear of the exhaust manifold.
  20. I just looked at my spare '56 manifold and saw that tube, just like you said. However, the end of the tube is plugged just like @56 Buick said. That hole on the engine side does appear to be the air inlet, but the tube appears to be solid. So I am wondering if the tube is perforated in the area underneath the label. If not then how does the air get drawn into the tube to be heated?
  21. Now THAT's a challenge! Will be fun to watch!
  22. According to my 1987 parts manual,yes.
  23. Just reminding myself of my starting point: The Super : 138,432 The GS: 59,502 The Electra: 109,094 And, although not part of this mix, the Century: at 186,237. Also not part of the challenge, The Regal, which is at 44K right now. We'll see how this progresses this year. Looking forward to everyone's posts.