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  1. Here are two pictures of the 67-69 Riviera rims for disc brakes, from which you can compare to your rims. The inside "step" of the rim for one designed for the disc brakes is squared as opposed to the picture you posted which showed the same area as on an angle. The squared "step is there to provide clearance for the disc Brake caliper. The disc brake design will fit on a brake drum. The brake drum design will not clear a disc brake caliper. Yes, the ring in the center is called a Register Ring. But I cannot say for certain that the register ring will, or will not, interfere with the brake drum hub on a '65.
  2. Kinda looks like a scam to me. Too good a price to resist based on the presumption the car is as nice as pictured. Still, worth checking further if someone is in the market.
  3. What about back spacing? Do you need some washers or spacers between the hinge and the doors to set the doors out a bit further thus changing the angle they arc in when opened?
  4. Is it possible the doors are upside down? Or on the wrong sides of the car?
  5. Last time I messed with wire rims my shop put talc inside the tires before installing the tubes. Not sure if that was absolutely necessary, but does provide for some "lubrication between the two. As for the radial tubes, are those radial tires or bias ply?
  6. I know the ad did not originate here but If the asking price is too high for a particular advertised item, then the seller will find out eventually when the item languishes in the market. I hope he finds a purchaser.
  7. Agree with Ben and Barney. You may get cooled air from the heater vents but you would not get any dehumidification, so chances are you would not feel much cooler.
  8. here is a 53 Special 4 dr. The curvature looks closer except that in your picture the skirts look to be on the wrong side of the car.
  9. If those are on the proper side, I might suggest a 49 4 dr Super, although I wonder if they will also fit a 53 4 dr super?
  10. And probably a few more besides!
  11. Went for a 15 mile ride around town. Gotta get a video set up like @Matt Harwood. But till then took advantage of the late afternoon shade at home.
  12. I guess it is an air conditioner Bernie.
  13. @NativeIt may help to see the skirts in the wheel opening. Can you prop one up and get a picture?
  14. That will help turn that ac compressor! 😄
  15. In later years ( like my 1969) there are cables that run along the outside edge. Were there any on this top?
  16. Thanks for finding this one Matt. I have always wondered what the convertible seat pattern would look like in a hardtop. I like it!
  17. Uh !!! Not sure you want to ask for this!!! 😲 Meanwhile, don't forget to send your picture to Pete by August 1st!
  18. Interesting picture. Makes me wonder if it was taken in 1960? That is because of the whitewall width. I thought the 1960 Buick had a wider one from the factory?
  19. Adding close to 180 more to advance to 1,320 for this year. So far, the more the '56 is used the better it seems to run. And the horn is really awesome now
  20. Ouch! Sad for the Buick but, glad they were okay!