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  1. Agreeing with Valk! I will probably never have one to deal with, but this was so educational! Really enjoyed the presentation. BTW, regarding the "plug" in this picture: How did Don get these out to disassemble the unit?
  2. That hole for the water pump passage kinda looks like it is the same size as a thermostat housing for a 3800 v6. Maybe it would pay to make a template of the hole and then visit a NAPA To see if they have any of the cast housings in stock.
  3. Thanks Don. I was wondering about reverse since it looked like all were cut in the same direction.
  4. A few years ago my decision about which to drive was "rotation". Unless there was a specific reason to choose one over the other, every opportunity to drive was relagated to the next in turn. Age was the factor for starting the process. '56 1st. I think it made many rides more enjoyable when I didn't have to work through the decision process and it helped ensure all were regularly used.
  5. Neil, the gears look good. But I am wondering which gear is which? 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and reverse? In this orientation it would appear the trans would be in 3rd gear, is that right? But that almost looks like a permanent arrangement. I know that can't be the case.
  6. Sad for me, cause I didn't buy it. But glad for you since it was sold.
  7. What were the car's original colors?
  8. I thought you had a spare head or two laying around to salvage a valve from?
  9. One more The green one in the prior post is the Super.
  10. I think you are free to choose what you want. Here are some pictures from the '56 sales catalog.
  11. It may have been because the Buicks had a switch pitch feature (in the torque converter I believe) starting in 64. I know by 69 they did not offer that feature any longer. That switch pitch did make for livelier performance. Dad's 65 Electra was markedly different when the original trans was replaced with an off the shelf unit that did not have the switch pitch converter.
  12. welcome Bob. look forward to some pics of your purchase
  13. Gotta move the cage nuts on the core support to realign them with the new fender hole locations?