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  1. @MrEarlBtw. Did you take temp readings with the infared gun during your trip to Jordan's? Just wondering how it compares to the trial tow readings?
  2. Great that you got the gas cap back. Probably cost you a point at judging time ,although damage on the way to a meet ought to not be counted as per previous year judges training. πŸ™‚
  3. Thanks NTX...I need to do that on the Electra. That high speed on recirculate is way too noisy and lack of a lower speed on recirculate is way too much AC for comfort.
  4. That's what torque does... Dad's '65 Electra suffered 3 set of motor mount failures...😜 IT was one reason he wanted to let it go.
  5. may sound silly BUT, you did replace the distributor after the manual priming, right?
  6. Jiggle the fan switch on high. That's been my experience, A little to the left worked on my former '78
  7. To those to whom it may apply, no matter how loosely! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY 2019
  8. I am sure you could buy one of those in the auto parts house.
  9. (hope you don't mind if I borrow that @MrEarl )
  10. With more than 110 cars ( at last count) in attendance, I found a few vehicles I thought particularly interesting. Here is one for @Thriller and @Brad Conley The 31 year old female owner was so proud to have this car here! It was recently pulled from storage, and they had not had the opportunity to run the car yet, so parked it on the trailer. We wished them good luck in the resurrection. Also this neat 36 arrived. Not photographed were the 1940 Century and the two 53 Specials, which have all been recorded in the past on these forums And then this car arrived. And I'm certain you'd say, hmmm,,, so what? Except we then realized: A Wildcat, with 3 speed, on the column! When asked, the driver told us his mom had bought it new in '64, without power steering or brakes. I believe, but don't quote me, that is a Custom level trim package? I gotta think this is among the rarest Buicks I have ever seen! And while we, in this forum, often say: to each his own! I have to ask: Why? Of course it is none of my business but I intend to taunt my two Old's guy brothers with these photos too. lol And here is one more I would house in my garage if I could: Yes, it is a factory 409 /4 speed with bucket seats! The Dealership brought some vehicles too.. Including the '25 which I have also photographed before. . So with that, if you are still reading this, I'd like to wish everyone to whom it applies, a Happy Father's Day!
  11. Yesterday the conducted its 11th annual with the valuable assistance of our chapter sponsor (please ignore the caution sign laying on the floorπŸ™„) This is a Cruise-In open to all, and is run for fund raising purposes, supporting the charity that the Dealership chooses. This and the past several years it has been for the Boys and Girls Clubs. This is an evening event, starting @ 3 pm, and lasting till usually 7-8pm, depending on weather. It features a Chinese Auction and 50/50 with a registration process where the first 100 attendees who make a donation to the Charity receive coupons to use at the onsite food vendors. It has been a fairly successful fund raising effort thanks to the generosity of all who attend. The food vendor did a brisk business, and my Daughter in Law and two Grandsons ( who are also members) came down for the day. They enjoyed several activities, like the well equipped playground in this extensive park, and the music of the DJ. Of course the ice cream was a big deal but they also looked at many of the cars. For them however, none of the activities were more fun than chasing The Chinese Auction had a group of fans too: Anyhow, back to basics, the car of the year was Bob and Marilyn's 41 Super 56 C And for whatever work I did, I had a chance to get a rare picture of the GS :
  12. In addition, i feel compelled to point out that while it may not be illegal in some states, the rule was not changed at the Federal level, as far as I know. If anyone knows more I'd be interested to hear about that.
  13. That is one uncooperative Buick! What did the prior owner do to that to cause it to act up so much? 😁 But now that you point it out, if the Catylitic Converter is still in there I wonder if that is partially plugged and causing the overheating situation? Miore likely it would cause a loss of power when exhaust gases got backed up but there is a chance that it is contributing to the higher engine temps. However, I can relate a story to you about a 69 Olds Cutlass without AC which used to run hot enough to light the light after a one or two hour highway run. It was observed when we got caught in traffic and it was remediated by increasing the engine idle and putting the heater on. But it was eye opening alright. And only to point out it may be the nature of the beast, so to speak.
  14. @MrEarlDid the radiator core fins get flushed? With garden hose nozzele, from the fan side to the front end ought to do it.