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  1. Mr. Earl, I'll be the first to ask that the picture be returned. It is probably worth educating folks on how these cars fared in major accidents. It is a fact of life, and it was likely photos similar to these that have lead to the improvements we see in vehicles today. Still, with the fact that many of these cars are on the road today, it seems to me that it is a good idea to let folks see just how much they need to pay attention to the risks when using our cars.
  2. I believe that woman is gone! look at the bend in the steering wheel. That's a very upsetting picture!
  3. 2K miles saved on the Regal GS so far! And it just seems to be better all the time. I recommend buying one if you find it. Although I'd try to stick with 92-93 for the 3300 engine. It has amazing pep and pickup and that's with a 180K reading on the odometer!
  4. oh man! Are they giving it away? Might be a cool car with a later 1995 Supercharged 3800 transplant!
  5. @Centurion Well, Ed's pictures makes the car look a totally different color. But it is a beautiful combination!
  6. @95Cardinal check out the post above this. Not sure if you were in Portland in 2014 or not but thought you might be interested in the one 57 pictured.
  7. A "run log". That's something I never would have though of. Having so many cars does have it's own set of problems. Meanwhile I have been revisiting pictures from my trip to the Portland National meet in 2014, which now includes some pictures from Ed Allmond's camera as well. Here are two 57's you may be intrigued by from the Portland meet. These have not been edited and as such I think the 2 Dr is the salmon color, but cannot be certain. Anyway, just thought you might enjoy looking at these.
  8. Oh boy, is my face sunburned! My experience is trying to fit a 65 Buick Electra wheel onto a 66 Olds Dynamic 88. In this case the Buick has a smaller hub and the Buick rim would not go on the Olds. Both cars did have the 5 x 5 bolt pattern as evidenced by the fact that the Olds had a set of '53 Kelsey Hayes Wire Wheels on it. None-the-less, this is why I cautioned not to overlook the center hole diameter. Sorry for any confusion!
  9. This question would be best answered by the Chief Judge, John Steed. He does not participate here but his e mail is listed in the Buick Bugle. I know he uses his e mail.
  10. I believe the engine is a non interference motor, so unless you changed original specs with taller pistons and thinner head gaskets, there should not be a problem. I assume that you have primed the oil pump and perhaps primed the oil system before the first try to start the engine? If not I would recommend priming the oil system now to make sure there is some lubrication everywhere it should be on start up. Also the comment about the timing gears by @pont35cpe above is spot on. Without the factory description many folks would automatically line up the timing marks on the timing gears, but that is not correct for a Buick of that age.
  11. French Lake Auto? In Minnesota?
  12. I've never seen a bracket like that one for the generator. And that generator looks huge! Considering the carb is a marine application I wonder if this came from a boat? I have no direct experience but one a competent mechanic told me that the Buick engine in his boat ran the opposite direction of the car engines. ps: That generator bracket looks like a shoe in for an AC compressor.
  13. That's a nice car with some positive points from this view! #1, no vinyl roof! Have you looked closely at the body near the trim underneath the rear windscreen? That area usually holds water and rusts through underneath causing leaks into the trunk.
  14. Do not overlook the diameter of the hub opening. Some Buicks have larger hubs than other GM's of the same year, and not all rims will fit.