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  1. Flood pictures I took this morning -11Aug. We had 5+ inches of rain Sunday night and 4 Inches of rain Tuesday night in 3 hours. Water is above 1993 record levels. I added three pictures I took of the Buick show field for a comparison. First floor(ground floor) of Scheman is flooded and Hilton has a basketball court floating in 8 feet of water. The 2nd time in the 30 years I have lived in here that we have had a flood like this. I hope the pictures loaded. gnelson
  2. The pdf file of the BCA judges handbook has a typo on p36. p36 starts with the 1925 models then the 1926 models then the 1927 models 27-20 to 27-51. After the 1927 models the page(p36) has the 1926 -20 to 48,1&2 this should be 1928-20 to 48 1 & 2 Since the next page(p37) starts with 1928 48 3 & 4 to 51 and continues with 1929 models etc. Your car looks nice. The color is much lighter than the Parkway Green of my car. Avenue Green was used only on the 1928 50 -a 7 passenger sedan. According to the Buick 1928 models special features and detailed specifications book - the wheels o
  3. Dick, According to the Buick Master Parts book (1916-1931) the 28-20 Buick(115" wheelbase standard) colors are Parkway Green, Atlantic Green, or Highway Gray. The Avenue Green was used on 28-50 Buicks(128" wheelbase master) with red stipe edged on each side with gold stripe on the center of the black moldng. Where did you get the information for Avenue Green on 28-20 Buicks? Gregory 28-20 Buick 2 dr sedan 27-47 Buick 4 dr sedan 27-47 Buick 4 dr sedan
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