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  1. I have been asked to do 2 weddings using my 1929 Chrysler 75, the bride and father and then bride and groom rode in the rumble (dicky in G.B.) seat. It's always the most popular seat to have a go in at the car shows. 2 adult passengers means less room for picnic items though. 🙁
  2. Hi, 1929 75 Locke body dickie seat catch. let me know if you need anymore.
  3. Hi Pete, I had the same problem on a Lockheed master cylinder I overhauled. I switched to silicone brake fluid as it seemed a good idea however the new old stock seals I used swelled up in service and as has already been pointed out blocked the tiny compensation hole when the master cylinder was at rest causing the brakes to drag after a few applications. As I couldn't get any brand new seals I went back to dot4 fluid with some more old stock seals and haven't had any problems since. I also have a 1929 Chrysler 75 happy to chat if needed. John F
  4. Hi not sure if this helps or if my understanding of the position of the felts makes this info relevant.
  5. The coil will work either way round but as the link below explains will work better if correctly wired. My 1929 75 was round the wrong way, starting was much better when corrected. http://mgaguru.com/mgtech/ignition/ig104.htm
  6. Hi All, You need to find a willing volunteer for a start and it always causes a laugh. I drove for a wedding last autumn where the Bride and Groom were happy to hitch up and climb in. And yes we call it a Dickey seat this side of the pond. Yours John F
  7. Hi bevans077, i have used Australian made water jacket covers they fitted fine. Used stainless bolts to fix them. I believe jay astheimer has the steering wheel control levers for sale. My 1929 75 has three levers as per sasha39's earlier posts. Happy to get photos if needed. John F
  8. Looks the same as my 1929 model 75. Wooden wheels as suggested. You are a clever chap keiser. John f
  9. Hi Brian, Photos hope they help. Shock snubber strip supplier as well. John
  10. Hi , it's a 2 door convertible with rumble seat, guess most of the mechanicals will be similar ? Happy to help if I can. John
  11. Hi, if you need anymore photos to go with keiser's let me know and I can take some of my 1929 75 conv. Yours John f
  12. Hi, my 75 has done this to me twice. I know my radiator has a few blocked tubes if it boils up the crud that is pushed round the system blocks more, even a short run will have it overheating. Last time it happened I filled the rad with vinegar for a few days. It was slightly better after. Decided to go for broke and filled it with toilet descale that seems to have fixed it for now. It did reveal a few leaks though. Time to start saving for a new core. Yours John f
  13. Hi all, I am looking for a choke cable & knob for my 1929 75. The one currently fitted doesn't look right for the style of the dash (and is broken). Also the replacement carb. fitted has a spring loaded mechanism to hold the choke off, did the original have a locking or stiff operation ? Any suggestions on a supplier great fully received. Many thanks John F
  14. Hi Fernando, Finally found the time to take the photos. Serial No. reads 822491 Hope they help. I will measure the length of the link and let you know. Photo of car taken in Aug 2010. I can email you the original files if needed. Yours John
  15. Hi fernando, More than happy to have look for the serial numbers will post photos in a few days. yours john