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  1. Does anyone know if this would have been a correct color for the 1933 model 67 back in the day ? Anyone here have this model of car ?
  2. Are the 1933 Buick 67 4 door cars good to own ? Do they have a lot of problems ? Does anyone on here own one ? I imagine the parts for these are hard to find .. Thanks in advance
  3. Just wondering why some of the 1959 Plymouth's had a tire on the trunk and others did not? Was it an option that year ?
  4. Must be a powerful engine to pull all that through the mud.
  5. Thank you all for the answers and the great pictures.
  6. It's really nice to see a woman who is interested in finding an antique car and then wanting to restore it.
  7. Here is the Plate that is on the dash and the numbers on the engine..Also is the trunk rack something that came with the car back then? The title says Royal Coupe for a model and the vin is VL128C.Thanks again.
  8. Just wondering if anyone would know the model of this car ? Was told it was a S70. What was the difference in the S70 and G70? There is no badge on the firewall to reference. I was also trying to see the production numbers once i know the model. Thank you in advance for the help.
  9. What car and year ? Also look at the sign on the building.
  10. Could someone help me with a model number for this Chrysler ? Is it an Imperial ? I think it's a 1928 buy not sure....Thank you in advance .
  11. Are the 1937 Packard 115C 4 door pretty common? I was thinking of buying one.
  12. Does anyone know what year and make of a car this might be to ? I sanded some of the black paint of and under that there is a sorta greenish blue color. Thanks in advance.
  13. I saw this on Facebook Marketplace in Michigan. This person is very talented . (in my opinion) It has the following Caption: "The Sentinel" print by Mike Hendrix "The Sentinel" is available now!!! Perfect for that someone who has everything!! Car buffs, dog lovers.....creepy building lovers....... 16" X 11" $35 -Clarkston Michigan or meet up or will ship for additional $7.50. I do not know him ...Just thought you all would like to see the picture.
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