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  1. Could someone help me with a model number for this Chrysler ? Is it an Imperial ? I think it's a 1928 buy not sure....Thank you in advance .
  2. Are the 1937 Packard 115C 4 door pretty common? I was thinking of buying one.
  3. Does anyone know what year and make of a car this might be to ? I sanded some of the black paint of and under that there is a sorta greenish blue color. Thanks in advance.
  4. I saw this on Facebook Marketplace in Michigan. This person is very talented . (in my opinion) It has the following Caption: "The Sentinel" print by Mike Hendrix "The Sentinel" is available now!!! Perfect for that someone who has everything!! Car buffs, dog lovers.....creepy building lovers....... 16" X 11" $35 -Clarkston Michigan or meet up or will ship for additional $7.50. I do not know him ...Just thought you all would like to see the picture.
  5. My favorite part is how the car blocks both doors so the wife can't get here car in.
  6. I have a 34 Buick too and like Grimy said, i can go about 40 MPH and feel comfortable . I don't understand why Buick put that big V-8 in the cars and a 4.88 rear end . I would love to go at least a little faster.
  7. I googled the phone number and it came up with this address : 180 Works Ave Cadillac, MI 49601-1048 I googled the address and it came up A UHAUL Company. You decide from there.
  8. There is nothing like cruising down the road in your favorite old car and having people look at you like your crazy and wondering ," Why is he in my way with that piece of junk car ...slowing down traffic, listening to an AM radio station" ?
  9. I am in Clinton Twp., Michigan,,, I would like to restore back to new , but i don't have the power and speaker connection. or the cables that lead to the controls that are already on the dash.
  10. Hudsy, YES, Sell all your toys and put pictures of them on here so we can have first choice.
  11. Will the Modern Radios work on 6 volt ? if so , Will they drain the battery?
  12. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good quality person to restore a car radio?
  13. I just drained my trans and putting it back together and i can't seem to see where the bracket on the trans dipstick attaches .it wasn't attached before so i can't figure it out. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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