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  1. As soon as I know, I'll let you know. Unfortunately, your car has the right part broken, which is still OK for my car. So there's no saving. Greeting from Switzerland Hansruedi
  2. planned is a casting mould in 3 D technique and then casting. The only part of my windshield frame that's not broken is the one that's broken in your car. Here are some photos from better times
  3. Unfortunately I cannot help with the parts you are looking for. So it is with the windshield frame, it is now at a foundry. I will inform you as soon as I know more.
  4. The window frame is disassembled and dismantled, only 1 half of the lower frame can be used again.
  5. I had an accident with my Buick 1932 56C. The cast windscreen frame broke. Who knows what?
  6. What does this Buick look like today I am owner of a 56 C (photo)