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  1. Hello Dr. Thomas, If you cut your price in half you might stand a small chance of selling your car, here is a car in Wisconsin just like yours that is for sale for $4,500. The problem is that the demand for these cars is drying up, most new hobbyists want FLASH & FAST! Sorry to burst your bubble but this is the real world and it sucks.
  2. Hello 35cz8, You might get more results if you posted an image of the piece you seek, I don't have a clue what the item in question looks like. Can't hurt.
  3. Can you post some images of the brackets that are there? How much?
  4. Hello Guys, My most memorable ride in a automobile would have to be self inflicted. It happened back in 1978 when I was a senior in high school and I was driving a totally stock 1970 Pontiac GTO with a 400 cubic motor, a turbo 400 trans and a posi rear dif with 4:10 gears. The car was factory rated at 350 horse but with white wall tires and full wheel covers it was a true sleeper with 49,000 miles on the clock. There was a couple of guys in my high school that were always giving me shit about my GTO and that it had no guts, they proposed to race me out north of town but I turned them down every time because I knew they couldn’t be trusted. I knew sure as shooting they would try to run me off the road. Finally one day I had a grand idea on how to shut them up for good. I offered to take them for a ride if they would put $5.00 in premium fuel in my car (it was 69 cents a gallon back then and with 10 and 1/2 compression there was no choice) and so they agreed. After putting the fuel in at the Texaco station they both got in the back seat and we headed north towards the county park that was three miles north of town. On the way up to the park I warmed the old girl up by taking her up to about 100 miles per hour, at the park entrance I started to do a U-turn in the middle of the State Highway and head back towards town. Directly south of the park entrance was a river bridge then the road started a long 1/2 mile climb until it reached the plateau on top. After getting through half the U-turn at the entrance I stuffed the gas pedal tight to the floor which caused the tires to start smoking and I held it there until we crested the top of the hill when I looked down at the speedometer and it had just pasted 130. At this moment the poor old girl was really screaming and I knew she didn’t have too much more in her but I hollered to the back seat “is this fast enough or should I go faster”. I believe I made my point, I heard something from the back seat that sounded like a whimper “fast enough”. I then brought the GTO down to the posted speed limit and cruised her back to the school and needless to say I never heard a single comment from those two jerks ever again. I must say, that was FUN !!
  5. Hello Walt, The only thing better looking then a town car is a well endowed bare breasted women!
  6. Hello Mr37McBuick, I am one of those anal guys, I am restoring a 1930 Dodge Brothers DC-8 roadster. It is one of six known Budd bodied roadsters that has survived out of a total production of 598. I feel the old girl deserves to be restored as good as I know how. I am attempting to put the DB script bolts and their respective lock washers and nuts back on the car with the bolts pointing in the original direction. I have parted out several DC-8 cars over the years and have saved every nut, bolt and washer. Once I sort them and clean them with a glass bead blast cabinet, then I send them to a plater in Oregon that plates them in the original silver cadmium. I was a concourse judge for 19 years and when this car is finished I intend to show it and hopefully kick some serious ass. It has taken me many years to get where I am today but to me it will be worth it! I know it is not everyone's cup of coffee and most likely not for the faint hearted.
  7. I am looking for a 1929 Pontiac body with good wood, I found a complete chassis and all it needs is a body.
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