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  1. all of this is great info guys, I never knew a lot of the info you posted in the comments above. I appreciate your input and if anyone has more to add to keep history alive and correct. please post more.
  2. 1933 Dodge Brothers offered options on there vehicles. what class would these options be considered back in 1933. -exterior: dual side mounts, painted luggage trunk, fog lights, dual windshield wipers. -Interior: Mole Hair, Fo-Wood painted dash/door trim, rear seat foot rest bar that goes forward or backward, interior heater engine: 230 flathead 6, I think it was offered with a 218 flat 6 also. just curious, I have been looking into Dodge Brothers history and cant find much on the status that these cars carried compared to other high end 33 cars.
  3. I am going to try and soulder a wire to the existing wire and pull it back through the headliner. otherwise I may need to figure out how to pull the interior pannels out. I think they are mostly held in by nails.
  4. car has been running good, It starts whenever I need it to. however the dome light does not light and I know it needs to be rewired. can anyone tell me how to rewire this light and DOES THE HEADLINER NEED TO COME OFF?
  5. I do wish that the box was able to be adjusted off the car, but ya, the car has to be lifted, the bottom 4 bolts have to be loosened, then the top and side bolts adjusted. but no matter what I do, it seems to be a lot more shitty than it was before I had it rebuilt. (I regret rebuilding the box)
  6. They are able to be adjusted in the vehicle with the front end and tires lifted off the ground. per the manual.
  7. The 1/2" -1" of left/right play stays the same. as the engine warms up, the steering gets more sticky and harder to steer. it allows me to steer but still becomes worrisome at points. still debating if I should put gear oil i n the box, or maybe it needs more grease. not sure what measures to take yet. I have played with the gear box and got it to a point where, when I turn the wheel left to right, it is a lot more responsive. but I think it can be better. p.s. shop that rebuilt the box only rebuilds them, they do not adjust while in the vehicle.
  8. My issue is the steering starts out fairly ok, but as I drive the car more, the steering gets more stiff and sticks from left to right. not sure if that is due to grease warming up or maybe gears in steering warm up and expand. maybe I will ad some Lucas gear oil to the box and see if it smooths it out.
  9. had my steering box rebuilt about a year ago, since getting the vehicle back together, the steering starts out smooth then as the vehicle is driven longer distances, the steering gets harder to steer. I popped open the steering box cap where you would put fluid/grease and found the gear box filled with grease. I am not sure if the steering gear box is supposed to have grease or gear oil. also, there is about 1/2" of play in the steering that is driving me crazy. how can I make the steering box more smooth and ensure I have the correct fluid/grease in the box?
  10. This is when we were on our way to the local speakeasy (shhh dont tell nobody)
  11. Her name is #HARLEAN and she has been a great car to bring back to life.
  12. Now for the pictures of the work to bring the car back to live (Paint, Interior, & Chrome)
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