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  1. update: sent the front engine bushing, rear bell housing bushings, and lower transmission cross member bushing to so they can be re vulcanized. that should cost about $180 + shipping. I also have the fly wheel, clutch, and pressure plate being rebuilt at a local shop in San Diego.
  2. local Transmission shop said they can do it all local, so I will update when
  3. found the part number on the old bearing, MADE IN USA (SEE PICTURE) it came off in 3 pieces so the bearing was toast. also, the flywheel is kind of beat up, I will need to source a new one due to heat cracks. if anyone has a source for flywheel and clutch I would be appreciative for the help.
  4. BEARING FOUND: I am hopefully going to pick up the throw out bearing today after work and then I will have the part number to post for everyone to have for future.
  5. the large 360 engines I get cheap from my family wrecking yard, I will do a lot more to that later. I recently spoke to George Asche regarding the 230 flat head 6 and was talking about adding a Cam and larger pistons. he stated that I would need to add headers and dual intake knowing that, I may just keep the 230 completley stock, maybe regrind the cam back to spec and seal the engine up for a quicker easier rebuild. my initial thought was bore 230 with .60 pistons, cam, and go all out, but after hearing George say it would have to go with the dual carb/header setup. knowing I want to keep the stock look of the engine, doing all that seems like both a waste of money and time vs HP Gain's of about 100hp.
  6. I would be ok with doing 1 or 2 engines a year for people. my hope is to build my next engine, a Mopar 360 or larger for a rat rod project.
  7. really close to new. all interior is good, the exterior paint/body are great. once the drive train and suspension are done, this car will be good to drive anywhere I think.
  8. This weekend was fun, had some buddies over and we got the engine out of the Harlean. took a good 4 hours, the lower cross member that sits between the engine oil pan and clutch/flywheel is what makes it a pain in the butt, that will get fixed, I plan to grind off the side rivets and make them into bolts for easy removal and reinstall when we put engine back in. I found the engine had blown a freeze plug from rust, and oil dripped out of a few areas. but now the engine is on a stand and I have confirmed with my instructor at the engine building class I will be taking at the local college that I can rebuild the engine in class (3 month class). so all in all it was a good productive weekend for Harlean. stay tuned.
  9. The only real issue I had with the back of the engine so far is when I took out the starter and had it rebuilt. the starter is VERY TIGHT. and was a b*tch to get in again. but it fit. I plan to take out engine with bell housing/clutch/starter all together. when I put it back in, I plan to have the transmission on already to make it a smooth install. the larger pistons would be kind of a "while I am there" thought. but I am not sure yet, I will know more when I tear engine down.
  10. update: I have torn down most of the engine parts (generator, oil filter, all wires & mechanical items on engine, carb, etc) and will be removing hood, radiator and grill shell, from the vehicle tomorrow and removing the engine. I have confirmed I can rebuild the 230 flat head 6 in my upcoming engine building class at the local college where I live. I will be decking the head, possibly adding a new cam, not sure if I am going to go with a bigger piston, and painting engine. stay tuned.