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  1. ACTUALLY! I was thinking Galvanized may be a better / cheaper way to go. it will last as the car is not driven daily and wont look to bad either.
  2. I am Thinking of going with 2" Stainless Steel. I sell the pipe and can get sicks of Stainless Steel 2"x10' for $175.ea then I have to have someone bend it which shouldn't be to difficult. but it will add up quick. My plan is to use the original muffler that came with the car, not sure if that is a good idea or not, but it has worked for 2 years, just needs some clean up and it will get painted. Thought about getting a new muffler, but I like the way the old 85yr old (cherry bomb looking) muffler sounds. (like a tractor)
  3. Jimmy Richer Jr. is the owner and if you tell him Ralph refereed you, he will take care of you with the CAR GUY DISCOUNT.
  4. What pipe size should be used for the dodge 230 flat head 6 engine? I am going to make the exhaust out of Stainless Steel and am thinking 2"
  6. update: have a buddy here in San Diego who rebuilt my original distributor, its back to new. such a great job, I am very pleased with this rebuild.
  7. i want to see the front of your car, beautiful ride. man that's a sleek car, especially with the convertible.
  8. The plan this week is to remove all the parts from the pieces that were sand blasted and make sure the sand is out of the moving areas. then, I will be installing the cross member back into the vehicle with peddle assembly. Next is to take the Radiator to S&S in Oceanside and have them flush it to see if I need to have it re-cored or if it will be fine. I dont want any junk blocking the engine water way's
  9. was not planning on it, there is nothing wrong with it.
  10. are you speaking of the throw out bearing? clutch/flywheel/pressure plate/throw out bearing are all restored to new.
  11. Over the weekend I took a bunch of parts over to a buddies shop to sand blast and paint. figured since the engine is now off my plate, I can focus more on the car and get it ready for engine to be put back in when I get it back.