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  1. more pictures and info on this if you have some please.
  2. I will be taking out the rear end and doing a complete rebuild, I am not sure if there is a vent on top, I will check, may be something that I have not looked at to see if clogged. I will say that I purchased the Overdrive Transmission from George Asche and have been talking to him quite a bit the last few days, I have seriously learned so much from him regarding the transmission and rear end setup as well as engine mod's that can be done to give the little 230 flat head 6 a bit more umff. He also build's engines "which I am sure most know". I plan to take a call at the local Community college on engine building, however just to have his name attached to it, I may send my engine to him to rebuild so that his name is on both engine and transmission. "well see how that works out in the coming months". I encourage all to call and talk to George Asche, the guy is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to these old cars and has been working on them since 1949.
  3. have you called
  4. to clarify, I have been told the push/pull know that controls the freewheel will work on the OD, not sure about the Electrical part of the Transmission on how that hooks up, but guess I will find out when I get it.
  5. that is great to know. I plan on using it for my OD transmission when George Asche sends it to me.
  6. my freewheeling wire was only a pull with no opposite wire to pull it back when I push. is the freewheeling wire a push pull on its own or is it supposed to have a spring that helps disengage it?
  7. these are pictures of the clutch/brake and I do not see anything that would connect to that rod that is attached to the gas peddle assembly.
  8. spinneyhill, I did read your past thread, I am confused on the wiring part. HOWEVER the free float that came on the car has a cable that goes from the dash to the transmission. I will be using that same cable as a PUSH/PULL for the OD.
  9. This lever is the GAS Pedal, however it looks like the bar on the left should be attached to something, but it is not connected to anything? I am not sure why? the middle attaches to the gas pedal so when I push the gas the whole bar assembly goes down, but what could attach to the left lever that would work with the gas?
  10. i am planning to take out the rear end and either rebuild or replace with a better ratio. I am not sure how to tell what ratio the gears are without counting the gears. either way, having the OD transmission should be step 1 to getting this car a bit quicker on the road. I am curious how the 39 OD is engaged. any ideas?
  11. what is the best way to prop engine up while I remove rubber bushings under bell housing and above on top of the bell housing? should I put a jack under the oil pan with a piece of wood holding it up while pieces get sent out?
  12. I am debating on taking out engine and rebuilding it all.
  14. Well guys, I got my 1933 Dodge 3 speed Manual transmission out of the car, was not to hard to pull out and inst to heavy either. I have found a 39 3 speed with OD I will be swapping in place of it. I will have to shorten the drive shaft to work. I am not sure if I want to swap out the rear end or not. I am leaning towards swapping the rear because I really hate the issues I have had with the outer seals on the rear end leaking oil.