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  1. http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2019/08/1941-ford-bus-with-marmon-herrington.html
  2. https://barnfinds.com/tank-tough-1941-ford-marmon-herrington/
  3. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/d/jurupa-valley-1941-ford-marmon/7285634633.html
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/332124717995860/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search
  5. https://www.thedrive.com/news/39600/did-you-know-the-original-ford-explorer-was-a-mid-engined-pickup-truck-with-a-tent
  6. And the car is medium rare. Time is of the essence, do not delay.
  7. I found a sedan for sale. The automotive sedan ecosystem could put that three window back to factory. I bet the build/ restoration would be less than a Pierce Arrow, or a Packard. Only you alsancle can save this car. For just 35 cents a day, you can make a difference in a young three window Pontiacs life. Now is the time, the need is greater than it has ever been. Look into those head lights. Act now.
  8. The whole thing looks to be in good condition. Would be fun to do some BBQ at a football game in the parking lot. Would get a lot of attention.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/643942796269696/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search
  10. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/d/san-bernardino-1956-dodge/7284820523.html
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/717430895596056/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search
  12. Not sure when Hudson matched engine numbers to body numbers. Step downs do match. Numbers matching does not have anything to do with value in my opinion. Replacement engines on older Hudson's is very common. Most are upgraded with step down engines. Post a picture, 1940 coupe is a good looking car.
  13. They are nice driving cars. My dad had a 1960, I do like the tail lights in the 60 better. These cars had power steering and then some. And the instrument cluster looks great at night.
  14. I lived in Washington State for 4 years. I like it up there, my brother still lives there. What same thing is Washington doing?
  15. https://hudsonrestoration1948-54.com/Hudson Parts Interchange.htm
  16. Hudson made a factory sun visor. Here is one on ebay right now. They go for around 500.00. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-53-HUDSON-FACTORY-EXTERIOR-SUN-VISOR-AUTHENTIC-COMPLETE-EXCEPTIONAL-COND/193932461609?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D180bf1a6bcf54a0b996c05621fb525c6%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D265074799060%26itm%3D193932461609%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A3aebad70-7d0e-11eb-b485-8268d677df29|parentrq%3Afe435d191770a44e23ee8bf5fffeba3c|iid%3A1
  17. The bumper guards on the Wasp and Hornet are different. The Hornet has nicer bumper guards/license plate frame, and they will fit your car. Some of them are open on the back side. It is getting harder to find nice used bumper guards. Rear bumper center section is different, and is needed if you want to run the frame around the license plate.
  18. I have pictures of a 57 DeSoto a friend bought that was walled off in a building. A wall was taken down, and the car was on the other side. Police were called, they thought it was a stolen car at some point. Long story short, it is a beautiful car. In amazing original condition. I think it was shown at the DeSoto national meet. No matter what story comes with the 36 Chrysler, you can see it is a solid looking original car. That would be a great one to start with. Does not look like it has been taken apart. Just a respray on the outside. Faded original paint would look good on that car. And mig
  19. https://redding.craigslist.org/cto/d/cottonwood-1936-chrysler-streanliner/7282601759.html
  20. If I bought that car it would look like this. Sitting on a trailer, might have a tarp on it. Here is a good picture of the type of covered parking I have. With out a location to put my shop in, and a building to work out of. Purchasing a project might be a bad idea. As far as god speaking to you. I was surrounded by people who believe that very thing. Those people have a back ground from all walks of life. And are pretty plugged in to the system, and how it makes things work. No good deed goes unpunished. That is true, and some people do not answer for what they do. And they hide behind an ima
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