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  1. It looks like the first post on here about information on the cars location. Was on Tuesday at 8:00am. Cars location was suggested on Thursday around 11:00 am. Location confirmed Thursday evening. That's fast. Most missing cars are not located in that time. My guess is a lack of communication, and misinterpretation of intentions. Are what this involves. Car should be safe. Ownership should be very easy to prove.
  2. I have never met Carl, enjoyed reading his posts. Very well spoken. I think he would laugh at this thread. I do not believe it has been highjacked, or is in any way disrespectful. His car was found, a lot of eyes are now on a 1927 Cadillac. Everyone involved in the situation, knows the truth about ownership. It can be resolved quickly, or people dig their heals in. And it drags out in a court. I do not think anyone can get away with funny business with this issue. Should be pretty easy to find ownership. Glad the car was found. People on here still look out for each other. Even in difficult times. RIP Carl.
  3. I have called the FBI four times. If my phone calls even go there. Guess somethings take time. https://youtu.be/tFADFSI7Z4Q
  4. Do we all get another badge and some more points to spend in the AACA store?
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/329596145347298/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A05a2eaa5-59bb-4825-89ef-b28b4a9ac657
  6. Maybe it is the same one, looking at your write up.
  7. It was facebook market place not craigslist. Must not be the same one. Just remembered the 27 cad parked in a garage. went looking for the ad.
  8. This is the one I was thinking about. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/763700201158104/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A696d9eca-35bb-4a5f-9e9d-bfbfeed3b0fe
  9. https://www.topspeed.com/cars/car-news/meet-the-jerrari-a-jeep-wagoneer-ferrari-365gt-hybrid-ar191976.html
  10. 31 Hudson 8 is a nice car. The problem I have with them is the wheel size looks to small. Makes them look out of proportion from the side. I would check it out if in the market for a car. Would rather have a rear mounted spare. Cars have to be big enough to carry side mounts. This car looks better with out them.
  11. I do not have any info. Just was surfing cars everyday on the web. A car matching the one in question was listed for sale in Pahrump. I do think that I posted a link to it, because it was an original car. I am not down in that area anymore. Can not give anymore info on it. Craigslist would have a record of the post, a place to start. Hope your in the shade down there. That heat is crazy.🥵
  12. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/d/sammamish-1931-hudson-super/7334875555.html
  13. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/d/redmond-1931-hudson-super/7334883284.html
  14. I think that car was on Craigslist while I was down there. Not sure if I posted a link in the not mine section. I think it was in Pahrump NV, not 100% sure it is the same one. But not a 100% sure it is not. Craigslist will have a record of the listing. This would have been 3-4 months ago.
  15. A lot of collective knowledge on here about cars in all forms. And a priceless wealth of knowledge from the backgrounds of the owners of these cars. I have made a lot of comments way off topic of cars. And I thank the moderators for not pulling them down. Love seeing pictures of members cars. Some of those cars are never seen in places like Idaho. Exposure to cars like that, is what will increase interest and membership.
  16. Not to get off topic, where is auburnseeker?
  17. I just got my fourth badge, would really like to cash out now. Do not want risk it all. https://youtu.be/ZnhhxxtVj2I
  18. My badge looks like a snow cone spilling.
  19. I have not had a shop in years. Some pictures are older, that might show my old shop. All my cars and tools are stored. My father has been in and out of the hospital. So I am staying with a family member while I look to move to a different area. I doubt there is any future for my business in this State. All pictures of the hardtop, are taken at my dad's shop. He is not using it because of health issues. So while I am here helping out both my parents with their properties. I can work on my stuff, get things ready to sell and move. Idaho seams to be ok with targeting people and businesses, and covering up crimes exposed in that process. A free swing at pushing people into fraud, and then acting like they know nothing about it. Strange thing to witness what people put in motion. I think part of this story ties into some of these mass shootings, you would think the local police would talk to you. Just more concerned with making a story go away with the passing of time. I heard that annexation is back on. I wonder what angle they are going to try this time. My old house and shop has really gone up in value, good deal for the new owners I guess. Hope they straightened out all of those incoming phone lines, what a story. I might even still be black listed in Idaho. Is there a time limit on that? I think I might be getting out of the serial killer age bracket, still do not know what happened to my shirt. Maybe captain knows, he did say to call the hotel. Whatever, here is the old shop. I repainted the inside, some 47 pictures show it before it was painted. Will start a new website, move to a different State, and find a small shop to lease and start over. Doing the right thing matters, that's what they say. You could make a movie out of this story. Still kool aid free, and not pushing a snowball.
  20. Drip rails will go back on right before it is sprayed in primer. Did not want to try to sand behind a drip rail.
  21. Where are you located? Parts car has a complete engine and transmission. Low miles on the odometer. Not sure condition of engine? Only missing the generator. And the roof.😆
  22. Are forum points excepted everywhere the Discover card is excepted? I might want to hang on to these points.
  23. Sold, I will pull the part today. Any other fine Hudson made parts you have an interest in?
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