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  1. Matt, dont give the guy too much credit! Everything that "dealer" (and I'm using that term loosely) has on his site is grossly overpriced.
  2. I cant find it on CL. Where did you see it for sale?
  3. Elderly driver gets pulled over and the officer asks: sir did you drink? Driver: yes I did drink.....a lot. But not alcohol I think. Officer: let me do a sobriety test. You see those 2 lights coming at us? What's that? Driver: that's easy, it's a car Officer: that's half right. Driver: half right? Officer: yes it could be a Mercedes, BMW or a Ford. Let's do another test; what's that 1 light coming at us? Driver:that's easy, it's a motorcycle Officer: that's half right, it could be a Harley a honda or a Kawasaki. Driver: can I ask you a question? There comes a blond down the street, high heels, low cut top, mini skirt (that's a little too short), bright lipstick. What is she? Officer: that's easy, shes a prostitute. Driver: that's half right. Officer: half right? Driver: yes, it could be your mom, your wife or your daughter ...
  4. Needs the interior finished. Optimistic price. https://elpaso.craigslist.org/cto/d/alamogordo-1935-packard-window-coupe/7296007104.html
  5. Sealed bids are a great recipe for given it to someone that doesn't have the highest bid. What are they trying to hide?
  6. Looks like a rattle can paint job https://amarillo.craigslist.org/cto/d/canyon-1953-dodge-pickup/7293513561.html
  7. If they would of gotten rid of the rear doors it might of been easier to sell as a "roadster"
  8. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/cto/d/long-beach-hudson-four/7289490662.html
  9. Another reason why not to give drivers licenses to 16 year olds
  10. There floated a Packard V12 engine around on ebay for a while with a buy it now price of $79k, so compared to that it's a steal.
  11. I guess it had some Delorean in its DNA 😄
  12. I had one of those call today. Sir what's the year and make of your vehicle? Me: you call me that my warranty is about to expire, so you tell me. Her: just verifying Me: 1936 Packard Her: you have a newer car? Me: yes a 2087 Ford... She hang up 🤣
  13. Until you realize it has english thread 😄
  14. My eyes keep telling my brain that I have double vision.
  15. Google Translate isn't helping either. All of a sudden everyone can type in "English".
  16. You why they do that right? That way they can find their vehicle back at Walmart 🤣 This bumper sticker made me laugh: If you ride my @$$, I'd like to get my hair pulled
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