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  1. I like Hemmings Motor News. I can keep a few issues, maybe six months worth, for reference, whereas, if I subscribed to an electronic "publication", it would be difficult to find a particular article amidst all of the other electronic "noise". I have neither the time nor the interest to scroll through meaningless information overload. Just my opinion. Cheers, Grog
  2. Just to add to the wording that Locomobile extracted from the rant: " ...they don't have the intelligence to understand the unstated obvious." I offer for sale this 1944 Zoopermobile with full description of its condition except for "the unstated obvious". Buyer beware! Cheers, Grog
  3. Why don't you try shooting an email to Petty's Garage: https://pettys-garage.com/ Or maybe a phone call: 877.498.3745 Good luck. Cheers, Grog
  4. I'd read somewhere that there was never a failure, due to over revving, of an engine with a 5-bolt main bearing cap. As a matter of noncertitude, these engines never experienced failure of any sort ... except, perhaps, to start. Cheers, Grog
  5. Do you mean the "ENIAC"? A link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ENIAC Cheers, Grog
  6. No, pulse jet, which operates under the principles of the Lenoir Cycle. The Otto Cycle includes compression of a fuel/air mixture; however, the pulse jet at rest never compressed its fuel air mixture. Even at speed, the pulse jet did not compress its fuel/air mixture beyond the pressure of the ram air at the intake. This is MIT's description of the Otto Cycle: https://web.mit.edu/16.unified/www/FALL/thermodynamics/notes/node26.html Here's a brief description of the Lenoir Cycle on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenoir_cycle In my misspent youth, I had a "Dyna Jet Red Head" pulse jet engine which I flew on a U-control system (model aircraft attached to wires, circling the pilot at the center of the described circle). It was quite loud and made what I can only describe as an extremely eerie, resonant din (if you've ever heard one, you'll never forget its sound). I still have that thing around here somewhere (all I have to do is find it), and I may break it out some day and fire it up ... just to amaze my friends and dismay my enemies. Cheers, Grog
  7. Yes, it was a pulse jet. Cheers, Grog
  8. I agree. Due to the lack of competition, feebay perceives no need to respond to customer concerns about many of the recent changes made (often by the afore-mentioned MBAs) to the website. For ten years or so, I was a frequent purchaser of items listed for sale (or auction) on feebay. I even purchased two cars (a 1947 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery and a 1950 Crosley Station Wagon) which I still own. I can't remember the last time I had anything to do with feebay. Cheers, Grog
  9. The state of mediocrity into which feebay has descended, is, sadly, not at all unusual in corporate America. For example, look at the chaos of Boeing, whose disastrous handling of the KC-46 and B-737MAX development programs, has seriously damaged their image as once the world's premier designer, developer and manufacturer of fine aircraft. Unfortunately, Boeing's problems extend beyond the mishandling of those two programs ... I just use them as prime examples. Much of the blame for the mediocrity of corporate America I lay at the feet of many MBAs who seem to know all about the "bottom line", but little or nothing about the "product line". They don't even seem to grasp the concept that the "bottom line" is almost entirely dependent on the "product line". Now that I've managed to insult all of the AACA MBAs out there, please note that I said "many MBAs" not "all MBAs". Cheers, Grog
  10. Yes, they do. Cheers, Grog
  11. That's a great image; however, the Great Pyramids of Giza are about 85 miles from the closest artificial cut of the Suez Canal. I also strongly suspect that sailing vessels would not be allowed within the canal unless under auxiliary power and following approved traffic separation schemes. Cheers, Grog
  12. Although I've never sold anything through eBay, in the past I had been a frequent buyer, and usually used U.S. Postal money orders, and occasionally PayPal, for my transactions. Is the new "Managed Pay" system the only way to pay for an item now? Cheers, Grog
  13. The operator may be based out of Israel; however, this job is being done in a Spanish speaking country. The stop sign reads "Pare" which in many Spanish speaking countries means "Stop". The language being spoken by spectators in the background is Spanish. Judging by his many false starts and misjudgment of the geometry of the operation, the operator has not performed the "tractor lift" maneuver too many times before. I do, however, rate the operator A+ for effort, perseverance and courage to "give it a try". Cheers, Grog
  14. Having been born in Florida, that story just reinforces my instincts to remain here ... at least during the winter months. The only ice I have to deal with is that which I place into my adult beverages ... or pour over, "on the rocks". Cheers, Grog
  15. That tree must be a popular photo site. This photo is from a current ebay listing for a '72 Suburban located in Santa Rosa, California. Cheers, Grog
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