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  1. Aye, preparr thyselves, Satardae (that 'un be the 19th O' Septamberrrrr) be National Talk Like A Pirate Day!! ARRRGGHHHH! Avast and Ahoy! May ye swash ne'er buckle! I reckon that t' ensure good luck 'n ward off th' China flue, hurricane 'n a plague o' locusts, at least one pirate phrase best be uttered on that hallowed day. What in the world does this have to do with antique/collector/classic cars, you may ask? Well, Ransom E. Olds, just
  2. How can you say that it is unimaginative when it's so different? As to whether or not it's ugly, it's not for me to say, but ugly or not, I like it. Well, that's just me, and just my opinion. One thing fer sure, it was a thread starter. Cheers, Grog
  3. Here's a link to the actual report of the study backed by the IZA Institute of Labor Economics: http://ftp.iza.org/dp13670.pdf None of the IZA authors are "epidemiologists" (they are all economists, but some of them specialize in "Health Economics") although their study appears to be epidemiological in nature. The principal overall weakness of the study/report is the lack of peer review. An exhaustive peer review adds enormously to the the credibility of any academic study. Just as an aside, the IZA Institute, seems to be widely accepted as an
  4. I haven't heard about Bike Week or Biketoberfest, but the Turkey Rod Run is on as of Thursday, September 10, 2020. I only know this because I work the event, and we've been told that the event is on. My guess is that both Biketoberfest and Bike Week will happen. So far, there have been mixed analyses of the effect on the pandemic of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the NSRA Nationals. As far as I've been able to determine, there has been no significant spike in China Flu cases due to either of these two events. Yes, I've read the IZA Institute report on the so-called
  5. The last I heard, Honest Charley, Inc. had been purchased by and was a division of Coker Tire. Coker Tire and the Coker Group (Coker Tire's parent group) were sold to Irving Place Capital in 2018. Irving Place Capital specializes in leveraged buy outs of which, my understanding is very limited; however, I think that leveraged buyouts are not too different from pyramid schemes. I don't know what will ultimately happen with Coker Tire and Honest Charley, but I don't feel happy about their survival chances. Just my opinion based on limited knowledge. Cheers,
  6. I don't think that was the intent of this thing since the I.D. of the metal piece on the right is 5/16-inch, which is just enough larger than the average wooden pencil of around 1/4 inch. Of course, there were "special" pencils produced that were of a larger diameter ... so who knows. Certainly not me. But then, back "in the day", what would have been more important ... a stub of a pencil or an emergency cigarette? Cheers, Grog
  7. I ran across this thing the other day. It was a key chain fob with the beaded chain running through the hole at the left end of it. As you can see, it opens up revealing a hidden compartment for concealing secret messages or perhaps an emergency cigarette. Gregg Motors was my Dad's dealership, which was in business in Miami from around 1949 to 1954. He started out selling Crosleys very successfully, but when Crosley went under in 1952, he switched to VW, Hillman and finally Studebaker. The dealership closed in 1954. Cheers, Grog
  8. Greg; I think Mark and 46 are pretty close to what that thing is. Whatever it is, it looks pretty cool. Are you going to bid on it? If so, and you won it, I bet you'd be the only kid on the block with one. Cheers, Grog
  9. California is definitely the place to locate for retirement. One can drive from the beach to the ski (snow) slopes in half a day. World class cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles attract the best of our society ... unmatched by other urban centers. Florida is full of swamps, mosquitoes, alligators, no see-ums, bats, sink holes, hurricanes, tornadoes, red tide, etc. It's a wonder that anyone survives more than a year down here. Florida is hazardous to one's health and well-being ... nobody survives the experience. California's the place to be. Cheers, Gro
  10. The Menasco name triggered a faint memory in the deep, dark recesses of the remains of my brain. A quick look on the interweb revealed that Menasco Motors Company was formed by Al Menasco in Burbank, California in 1926. They built aircraft engines up until WWII, but were out of that business by the end of the war. I doubt that the aviation engine manufacturer, Menasco, has any thing to do with the Menasco Motors automobile dealership located in Grants Pass, Oregon, but I just thought I'd toss in this useless bit of trivia for entertainment's sake. A link to Menasco Motors aircraft
  11. I had the same experience earlier this evening when my "favorites" link failed to work. I was able to access the AACA home page via a "back door" route; however, some of the threads were showing posts reputably made today or in the last few days, which I recall seeing several weeks ago. Everything seems to be working fine now. Technology is great when it does our bidding. Cheers, Grog
  12. That's the way I feel about the thread as well. I haven't looked at it in quite a while. Cheers, Grog
  13. I also get the right hand column on this thread - "The '57 Bel Air is "one of the worst cars ever made" according to this article.." but not on this one: "Got a caption for this photo? " Strange. Technology is great ... when it does our bidding. Cheers, Grog
  14. Peter; The screen presentation in this thread looks just like it always has, without a column on the right side of the screen; however, when I click on the Misc. Humor and Interesting Videos thread, I get the right column as shown in your above example. I'll send a screen shot if you like. Cheers, Grog
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